03 January 2013

How to install Windows Bootcamp on new iMac models with 3TB drives

Users of new iMac release in 2012, decided to install Windows on a computer with the software Boot Camp, faced with a problem. Modern versions of the operating Microsoft systems support large hard drives, but Apple Boot Camp Assistant does not work with hard drives that are superior to 2.2 TB.

Clearly, this problem will be solved in the next update Boot Camp, but for those who do not want to wait for the update, can use way that experts have found the company TwoCanoes Software. The trick is that the hard drive, you must first be divided into sections, and so that the Windows-partition is at the end of the first four chapters, but within the first 2.2 TB.

Thus, you can work around the limitation Boot Camp for a maximum amount of hard drive and install the iMac, for example the latest desktop platform Windows 8. Storage capacity of more than 2.2 GB can be used to store information, as OS X sees 3-terabyte drive completely.

By the way, along with the updated iMac introduced a new technology Fusion Drive, which combines conventional HDD and SSD into a single logical volume. For the automatic movement of data between the operating system responds immediately. Apple's innovative technology has allowed a 3.5-fold increase in speed Macs when performing different tasks.

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