31 July 2012

Sony Xperia Tablet with Tegra 3 processor! Pricing and Availability

The successor to the Sony Tablet S is coming and we know through internal documents virtually every detail. This is a slightly revised editions of Tablet S in terms of aesthetics and a new processor and more powerful performance. A classic Tablet Android renewing the 2011 range of the manufacturer while maintaining those features of design and uniqueness that made ​​the fortune (not particularly) the Tablet S.

You should simply call Sony Xperia Tablet and will come with Tegra 3 CPU, Android 4.0 "or higher;" 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal memory, 3G connectivity and a 6000mAh battery from over. Extremely thin due to only 8.8 millimeters thick, is made ​​with a splash-proof shell thanks to aluminum is thinner than the Tablet S.

No shortage of interesting accessories like the cover that turns into a Microsoft Surface-style keyboard, or other products and accessories for the various adapters and connections with other external hardware for a complete multimedia.  I prices start from $ 449.99 for the 16GB model for switch to 549.99 and 649.99 for the 32GB for the 64GB.
A device then surely interesting that in all probability will be presented at IFA 2012 later this month, namely on August 29. You just have to see him live to appreciate the beauty and quality improvements over the previous model. Output in the market towards the end of summer.
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Word 2013 new multiple features release [Figure]

Today published a blog post about Word, Microsoft said the integration of multiple new features in Word 2013, then it will bring a different experience for the user. The first thing to say is the layout of a Word document. In the 2013 version of Microsoft to improve it.
For example, in the document when the user click on a picture or a dialog box or SmartArt in the new version of Word, the page will click on the right side of the object to display a dialog box (see below), this very easy to hide the text in the document.
In addition, in headers, footers, and other Microsoft have done some adjustments. Then Word's Windows features, specifically for Windows 8 build Word software, including the Metro-style touch-screen interface. In addition, is has been mentioned several times the SkyDrive integration.

In addition, Word 2013 also added a "simple standard" (Simple Makeup) of the function keys. Microsoft said the feature will be hidden in a separate bar red conversion, users simply click on it you can let the function keys to display or hide. The main purpose of the function keys in order to be able to track changes done by other people on the user's Word documents.
The last new feature is that Word no longer limited to static text, pictures, charts, and read the contents of their reading experience, it can join the video from a website directly viewing the Word document, and after accession.
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Korean cosmetic method: Galaxy S III twin brother Galaxy S Duos debut

If you are planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S III, we recommend that you do well to remember that it's appearance - not just the outline, even the screen size, button location, where the microphone and even external sensor window, we must all remember. Because cosmetic Dafa in Samsung's Korean production under similar faces will soon be bad Street, I believe we.
 Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Galaxy S Duos is so new, it was called "GS3 is the twin brother, strictly speaking, this statement is not accurate - because the hardware specifications of the Galaxy S Duos are considerably lower than the Galaxy S III. Galaxy S Duos use a Qualcomm the Xiaolong MSM7227A 1GHz processor (Cortex-A5 architecture), built-in 512MB memory, with 4GB of ROM, VGA resolution front camera 5 million pixels and rear camera. As always, the highlight of the Galaxy S Duos with dual SIM card design, it supports both GSM / HSDPA SIM card.
Galaxy S III 
More surprising is the appearance of the Galaxy S Duos is a 4-inch WVGA display, but its positive and negative shape is almost completely copied the GS3 - metal material side of the large arc over the four corners and below the physical design "Home" button. The specific model of the Galaxy S Duos is the S7562, we do not quite clear its price, do not understand Samsung why let a positioning single-core mainstream smart phone has the same appearance with its own quad-core flagship product. Perhaps this is the essence of Korean cosmetic method, right? / Music live net
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In Facebook for iPhone now has a pending read

The world's largest social networking site Facebook has got a feature that allows friends to mark posts for later reading. The button "Save» («Save») has already appeared some users social network application for the iPhone and iPod touch, notes iMore.
According to the blog, Facebook mobile client for iOS appears warning that users can hold down your finger on any part of the post and thus save it for later reading. In the application menu, you can add the item «Saved» («Saved"), leading to a folder with the selected records. The content of the folder will be available only to the account holder.

Later it became known that Facebook plans to launch a similar function on the social networking site. As evidence has been published a screenshot, which displays the contents of the folder «Saved» section «Favourites». When exactly this feature will be available for users of the web service, not reported.
The menu "Favorites" can be customized at will. In particular, it points available to "News", "Messages" and "Activities", as well as any other of the side menu.
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With the Galaxy S III Samsung W1 stylish MP3 player will sell for $ 498!

The market most of the smart phone has a large capacity, and supports playback of different types of files, should be able to completely replace the MP3 player, but the same as many of my friends still want to have a separate MP3 player, in addition to reduce smart phone consumption outside the general MP3 player sound quality than the smart phone.
Today, Samsung announced a new MP3 player-the Samsung W1,. This player both in appearance and function, specifically with Samsung Galaxy S III design. Samsung W1 MP3 player is simple to use, through the USB connection on the Galaxy S III automatically songs from the phone sync to an MP3 player.

In addition, Samsung W1 uses Samsung exclusive SoundAlive sound technology, bringing the wide range of broader, deeper bass, more clarity and detail beautiful listening experience.
Samsung W1, built-in 4GB capacity, with boulders of blue and marble white to choose from, will be officially on sale in early August, the official suggested retail price of $ 498.
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iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, Apple Presentation on September 12 (Updated)

Apple has not yet officially revealed the date of presentation of the new sixth-generation iPhone, but rumor is from authoritative sources, begin to circulate in the network. X The date should be Wednesday September 12 , and between the new products should make their appearance the long-awaited iPhone 5 and the brand new iPad Mini . After the first rumors of this date spread by iMore , the blog AllThingsD  of the WSJ, the site  TheVerge and Jim Dalrymple of TheLoop confirmed the choice of Apple to hold an event date for this autumn. According to sources, Apple is preparing to launch a "big cycle of new products", confirmed by increased investment in industrial production observed in recent months. The reliability of sources is now a fact and the date indicated only awaits the official announcement from Apple .
This great event may collect different types of products: 5 iPhone iPad Mini, but does not exclude the appearance of the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano. The launch of the new iPhone should already be set for September 21 , probably only a small number of countries and may also coincide with the start of sales of other products shown. At the launch of the new iPad earlier this year, Tim Cook had announced a 2012 full of news and "innovation": after the MacBook Pro Retina, the bulk is expected by year end!

Regarding the ' iPhone 5 (entirely unofficial name yet), we already know many details and technical specifications: the rumors  and the first images suggest an aesthetic slightly renewed, a 4-inch screen and 16:9 aspect ratio, a dock connector smaller and perhaps compatible with the Mini-USB, and the probable presence of new nano-SIM . For the ' iPad Mini we can rely only on speculation: would be an easy iPad from the smaller screen , between 7 and 8 inches (maybe 7.85 "), from about $ 250-300 price in direct competition with the Nexus 7 Google and Amazon's Kindle Fire. After a poor year for novelty, the range of cool new iPod will enjoy with the renewal of the ' iPod Touch and iPod Nano : according to Oriental sources, the first screen will adopt a plus and a new design, while the second will know a totally renovated !


Even the famous British news agency Reuters hasconfirmed September 12 as the date chosen by Apple for the presentation of his new "redesigned iPhone" means the product will find accommodation from store shelves in time for the winter buying season, and will present a Small screen and a dock connector smaller.
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Here's the original cover for Nexus 7 on video!

If you are about to buy the Nexus 7 or are you still waiting for the European market the product, definitely a good case could be very important and, in addition to the unofficial holiday, Asus and Google offer various cover and flip houses is one of the most opaque .

unluckily, despite this the magnetic sensor, Asus did not exploit this feature and then closing and opening the cover will not occur on and off screen.
We can only hope to see it marketed in Europe in the near future or maybe just to coincide with the launch of the Nexus 7 in the peninsula.

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Sony LT29i Hayabusa: Photos and video of the prototype model!

Scheduled for August 29 at IFA 2012,  Sony LT29i Hayabusa is the new top range Sony that combines the new Xperia line of the range 2012 to that of Arc's also integrating the navigation buttons on the screen as the Galaxy Nexus. What emerges is one stylish, beautiful, nice and compact despite the large 4.6-inch screen.

Equipped with a processor Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz with 1GB of RAM, outperforms S Xperia although a device is not vastly different to general characteristics. We always have a HD display, a 13-megapixel camera slightly higher and, in addition to the 16GB of internal memory, MicroSD support, we find the much acclaimed.

Pictures taken by Sony LT29i Hayabusa (other site on the source):
Here are videos of the prototype pending the official launch later this month.

We put above some benchmarks you can see also on page Eprice review of China.
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DeviceWear released covers for iPad mini on the eve of release of [photo]

Following numerous reports of preparations for the release of iPad Mini reputable foreign publications Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and New York Times on the Web appeared images of covers that the company has released DeviceWear.
The developer of accessories has taken into account all the expected features of iPad mini - size, a smaller connector, a hole for the camera, microphone and even a separate volume control buttons. Almost immediately after posting, the pictures were removed from the resource.

As noted by 9to5Mac, release cases for iPad mini resembles last year's situation with the covers for “iPhone 5” from  Case Mate . Then the company a month before the unit opened a section on the site dedicated to the further enhancement has not yet released for the Apple smartphone with great designed and placed for sale a series of colored casings made ​​on the basis of the leaked specifications of the device. As you know, all the accessories have been forged since the appearance of iPhone 4S fully consistent with the iPhone 4.
Meanwhile, we can not exclude DeviceWear and receive insider information about the iPad mini form from one of the parts suppliers, says 9to5Mac. In the first days after the launch of "apple" Recent demand for additional accessories are very high, and therefore obtain reliable information can bring huge profits to producers.

Earlier, the web came images of engineering prototypes iPad mini. Comparison with the actual device model iPad makes it clear that the gadget will have a thinner body, and approximately two-thirds in size. According to unofficial information, the upcoming mini-tablet from Apple will be equipped with 7.85-inch display, the current model iPad equipped with 9.7-inch touch screen. The cost of the device, which, according to some sources, will be released in September in conjunction with the new iPhone, will not exceed $ 300.
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Apple released dozens of early prototypes of iPhone [photo]

The fact that Apple has a long and carefully worked on iPhone, known to all. However, many have been working or non working prototype phone with a touchscreen, it is not known to anybody. But it is obvious that such models have been the day before some of them got into the network.
Dozens of layouts and all sorts of photos, sketches and frames from the 3D-models for future iPhone models have been promulgated as a result of the preparation for the final trial between Apple and Samsung. Employees of the site All Things Digital brought a vast collection of images slideshow.

As you can see, for years the development of iPhone design has undergone considerable changes. Most of these prototypes have not gone into mass production. So that they can be left to the Museum of History at Apple, where would these unique products. I wonder how many more prototypes hidden in the bowels of Cupertino labs?

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