30 June 2012

HD lockscreen theme: LS Nexus (interactive lockscreen) Download Free for iPhone

Do you know the Nexus and the Nexus S? The "Google Phone", I bead of this phone because I will introduce today the first lockscreen for iPhone and iDevices HD directly inspired by the Google Phone!
LS Nexus is a beautiful lockscreen interactive, animated by a constant ballet of streaks of color, you'll be able to enjoy yourself by simply touching the lockscreen! You will generate four colored lines that intersect randomly!
Nexus LS (interactive lockscreen) by deviantart
The package contains a version Nexus LS white and colored!
To couple with Lockscreen Clock Hide to hide the time bar higher!
Installing the Theme :
Compatible with iOS 4 & 5, iPhone 4 - iPod Touch.
Download Theme LS Nexus by cTn
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Analysts appointed for iPad mini output in October

Ongoing rumors about  iPad mini  suggests that Apple is indeed close to release a compact version of the popular tablet device. In the light yield the 7-inch Nexus 7 analyst Andy Harivas of the company's Pacific Crest believes that a miniature iPad will be released in October, while its cost is $ 299 for a version with 8 gigabytes of memory.
In May, there were details that Apple has partnered with LG Display and AUOptronics to supply the first batch of screens with a diagonal of 7.85 inches. It was noted that the screens are manufactured in the factories of these companies have passed strict control by Cupertino. Currently, partners are supposedly deploy the necessary capacity to start mass production of these components.

According to the analyst of Pacific Crest, before the end of 2012 will be sold around 10 million iPad mini, but for the entire fiscal 2013 Apple will be able to sell 35.2 million of these devices. High degree of cannibalization "pills" from a miniature version reaches 25%, and the total number of tablets Apple, who will find their owners in the designated time period will be 91.6 million.

Thanks to the decision to use  the display technology G/F2 , the company can reduce the cost of the device, making the iPad mini thinner previous models iPad. In this regard, the expert believes that Apple will stop selling the iPad 2, which sold for $ 399, in favor of the 7.85-inch gadget with 16 gigabytes of memory on board.

Earlier it was reported that in October, a California Corporation will release an updated version of the new iPad, which will receive an improved display IGZO, will be provided with easier battery and will boast a new position the camera.
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One out of five for any money not part with Apple

21% of owners of Apple products are so obsessed with "apple" brand that they have in mind there is no switch to a different platform, Analysts say the company Goldman Sachs.
It has long been known that Apple has the most loyal fans. According to a recent study, the most loyal of them - 21%. Every fifth owner of a Mac, the iPhone or iPad tablet does not want to part with their gadgets under any circumstances.

These are the people who stand in long lines and hatch in the streets of cities around the world (with a supply of food and drink, sleeping bags, folding chairs hiking and other necessities) before the opening of stores Apple Store when new models on the market, experts say.

Another 23% of users said that, in principle, willing to "betray» Apple if any other manufacturer, while maintaining high-quality devices will give them a discount of 20-30%. There are some 10% of the holders of iGadget who loves and agree to jump to another platform, and a discount of 2%.
Almost all the adherents of products Apple (96%) have two or more devices of the company.
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EVGA Precision X 3.0.3 Download Free for Windows

Convenient tool for managing video cards NVIDIA, the only one which supports Frame Rate Target (dynamic overclocking GeForce or decrease the frequency of 600 to achieve the desired quantities FPS).
List of changes EVGA Precision X 3.0.3 overlaps with MSI Afterburner 2.2.2 :

  • Increased the limit of power for some extreme versions of the GeForce 600.
  • In the separated graphs can now specify the minimum and maximum values.
  • Corrected LED fan speed on systems with passive cooling.
  • Updated to version 4.3.4 OSD-module (On-Screen Display):
  • Fixed calculation of frame rates in some applications, DirectX 10/11, including the «Max Payne 3."
  • Fixed bugs:
  • incorrect frequency on GeForce GT 640;
  • incorrect frequency when switching to a GeForce 600 video card prior to «Kepler» generation;
  • incorrect display of frequency and voltage after the change of skin. 
EVGA Precision X – A utility for overclocking and tweaking NVIDIA video cards with a simple, convenient and colorful interface. RivaTuner is based on a video card with support from the manufacturer EVGA (works with any video cards from GeForce 6000 to 600 except for mobile). Allows you to control the frequencies and voltages manually set the fan chart, depending on the temperature, up to 10 profiles with switching on the hot keys. Knows how to save screenshots of the games (BMP, PNG, JPG with a given quality). Keeps track of monitoring data (temperature and frequency, fan speed, load the GPU and video memory), can output indicators in its box and in the tray, the LCD screen keyboards Logitech, as well as the top of the screen in games (including the value of FPS). Download EVGA Precision 3.0.3 X (Windows, Freeware)
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Rule the Kingdom apk v2.06 Download Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Game Insight, a global leader in the development of gaming applications for mobile platforms and social networks, has released a new "Empire of Heroes" for the iPhone and the iPad.

In many games we offer to build his own kingdom, a fantasy, or raise the current from the ruins. "Empire of the Heroes" is no exception, but the only difference is in how to be doing it. "Empire of Heroes" - is a striking blend of role-playing games, and urban strategy, which combined have a huge charge guise of fun and positive.

Download the game from the App Store, launch it and enter the name of his hero. Now you can at any time and anywhere to join the fun of the inhabitants of his kingdom, to check how things are going in the extraction of resources, and to repel the evil monsters who have lost all fear.
At the beginning of the game you are given a small plot of land on which you build houses, barracks, and the necessary buildings. In addition, you can hire a regular staff, which will help replenish the resources such as wood and stone. Thanks to them, you will build a farm on which to grow corn and other products. In turn, with these products in bakeries created you to prepare meals, which will be able to feed their soldiers. To ensure that you have been able to obtain more resources to build a warehouse, and to hire new workers will have to build houses.

An important role played by the characters in the Empire Castle. Each of his improvements will include more people. Over time you will have the opportunity to expand their holdings and improve the building. At the beginning of your soldiers have a small amount of life and level of damage done. With the development of your possessions, you can build a barracks and hire the service of a more powerful warriors. Since each house is going to tax, the more houses, the more you can earn money. You can also sell the manufactured products and earn as much in taxes to the city's residents.
In the battle you will be able to use magic. But you can not use spells often, so we recommend to buy balls of fury and protection, which will increase your strength and defense. In the Empire of heroes has a huge number of bosses, murder which will give you extra experience and money, and sometimes the new armor and crystals. With the help of crystals you have the opportunity to improve their weapons. Also on the way will meet with the treasure boxes in which you can find crystals, gold, balls of fury and other useful things.

Watch for this great country - a pleasure. Thanks to the stunning game engine, which is very convenient in terms of use and provides excellent three-dimensional graphics, each novice who wants to join the ranks of gamers, "Empire of the Heroes," is doomed to become a slave to the application. It draws not only beautiful graphics, but also what is inside. You are waiting for hundreds of interesting quests to find items, to the destruction of the enemy, and additional bonus missions. Simultaneously accessible mini-games that help to relax and gather my thoughts.
Novelty is very good in its genre. You can deal with growing food, creating warriors, to build and improve homes. However, all this takes a very long time, and accelerate the process is only possible for crystals. But if you have a full time or money available - feel free to download and enjoy, especially if you love the original mix of several genres that are so rarely found on mobile platforms. Rule the Kingdom for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Download from iTunes App Store
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MacBook Pro Retina: over the edge of your video card

"All is not gold that glitters" . The resolution of a display is not a parameter as aseptic , an end in itself, an absolute value that depends only on the display as many of us might think, is not so! It all depends on the underlying hardware, we must always reckon with it, and also the resolution of the display depends primarily on one component , as well as the display technology itself, of course: the graphics card , a component pushed almost beyond the limit of its potential in these new MacBook Pro Retina .
These new laptops fitted with an internal onboard video Intel HD 4000 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M flanked by the unit to which is delegated the task of managing the now  famous resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels . AnandTech  review has developed a technique that shows how much these two pieces of hardware in the new MacBook Pro are pushed beyond the limit , in fact, just think that already handle a resolution of 1920 × 1200 would be a daunting task even for desktop GPUs.

Using suitable software tools AnandTech has decided to "see deeper" and found that with a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels on the new MacBook Pro Retina, most interactions are fluid, but things change when you try to do a zoom rather than scrolling a web page, in these case frames per second drop dramatically below 30 . Just for comparison, in the 2011 MacBook Pro to do the same operations will be safely above 50 frames per second .

The second thing the guys at AnandTech should improve slightly in Mountain Lion with the new Core Animation , though, as we have stressed several times, we are already beyond the limits of the underlying hardware. They have played around with the Developer Preview is currently available and the results are not quite satisfactory, in fact - see image in the opening article - the above operations are performed at about 20 frames per second.  by
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New video shows the features on the Google Glass shooting and video

Yesterday by going to Google+ , the Mountain View giant has released a new video on the characteristics of the glasses prodigy who made ​​a lot about if this Google I / O , where finally the beginning of next year we will see them into action through community development waiting to buy them presumably by early 2014.
Called Sessions Glass , from time to time be issued these short videos lasting a few minutes where we can get to know what we can do with these glasses by simply looking through the glass lens. This first part shows how Google Glass can be used to capture all those special moments of our lives, and to easily share live video through a video call with one or multiple people, all this through the lens of the HUD.
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Galaxy S III burst after drying in a microwave oven

The incident with the flagship phone Samsung, Galaxy S III, which caught fire in the car a resident of Ireland , was a curious sequel. The study showed traces of fire gadget only on the body, while the test electronic components showed no abnormalities.
Samsung experts believe that the fire was the fault of the owner of a smartphone. According to one version to the company, Galaxy S III could be dried in a microwave oven that runs on the same frequency as the interface Bluetooth. Thus, this module is overheated phone, and then quietly began to smolder, which is what the owner did not notice it. Continued use of the smartphone and led to his fire.

In the words of the same user, there are no objective reasons for the Galaxy S III fire, he does not remember. Communicator Samsung just suddenly turn on a white flame and sparkled, there was even something like a small explosion. The fire has burnt melted plastic and a small but significant part of the housing. At the same Galaxy S III continued to work, even though signal strength he had not "seen." Anyway, then it became impossible to use, in addition to his own body, the smartphone also damaged plastic in the car.

Samsung has announced the official results of the audit after the work completed by independent experts.
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Apple wants to update the new iPad before the end of summer

According to industry publication DigiTimes, Apple is preparing to launch an updated iPad tablet with a third-generation 9.7-inch display. New product will be released before the end of summer and will receive a new display of the company IGZO Sharp and high-capacity battery.
Such uncharacteristic step for Apple - update release for the new product during the year - a source of pre-history explains the appearance of iPad 3G. The company originally planned to use the new tablet technology owned by Sharp IGZO, able to reduce the power consumption of the LCD. But to the scheduled start of the Sharp sales failed to deliver the required volume of components, and Apple went to a forced compromise: a marker of a new building iPad, than its predecessor.

At present, 60-70% of panels produced for the iPad Samsung. The rest is released LG Display and Sharp. After Sharp received investment from Foxconn, the share of Japanese companies in total sales volume displays will increase to 50%. As a result, the manufacturer will be able to provide sufficient supplies, and Apple will return to the original plan.

It should be noted that after entering the market of the new iPad, its predecessor, iPad 2, remained in the ranks, and Apple sold at a discounted price of $ 399. However, the company updated the tablet , in particular, has used an improved chip A5, created on 32-nanometer process technology. The new iPad 2 was run on 15.8% longer than when surfing the Internet, by 29% when playing graphically intensive games, and 18% when watching videos.

It is assumed that the new third-generation iPad will get a more sophisticated silhouette, enhanced Retina-IGZO display and increased battery life.
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29 June 2012

Google Accessory Development Kit: Another surprise from Google I / O

The surprises are not finished by the Google I / O 2012 and the last day of conferences, meetings and presentations, Google has unveiled the new  Google Accessory Development Kit , a tool capable of concentrating in a unique, special and really cool, everything the need to appease developers who want to experiment with Android. In practice, Google introduced a "super alarm clock".
What you see pictured in the photo is actually an alarm clock, but for the happiness of the most imaginative developers, may be something much more thanks to a huge number of sensors and the ability to interface with Android and be managed remotely. The Google Accessory Development Kit opens fully with magnets that allow access to internal components in an instant. We find accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope and many other sensors which can be exploited depending on your imagination and skills.
An object is certainly not for all that you see in the video below. The worthy end of three days devoted primarily to developers. by
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Apple accused of spying for the users using the Siri

The publication Technology Review warns smartphone users iPhone 4S that Siri record voice commands and sends the collected data on the servers of Apple, said SecurityLab.
According to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Voice Assistant to Apple, has the function of recording the user's voice and speech samples collected by it, is as unique as fingerprints, can be an excellent target for various attacks. On them you can easily identify any user's iPhone 4S.

Researchers believe that a smartphone should pass to Apple only "features of speech, not the speech itself." Despite the fact that this decision will create an additional burden on the processor and the battery device, it should not affect the quality of the recording. Only by refusing access to the full voice signal, the company will be able to avoid charges of unauthorized collection of confidential data.

Apple, in turn, states that does not collect data about their users and servers that corporations do not store the names, photos or fingerprints of the owners of "apple" gadgets.

However, according to Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller, Siri writes it really user, but only if you pronounce a specific sentence, "What are the weather." This entry is used only for testing assistant to understand and recognize the Siri requests.

With regard to the collection of samples to vote, Mueller said that Apple is committed to protecting the security of user data, and Siri Assistant is not able to collect samples of speech, let alone send them via the Internet in an unencrypted form on the company's servers.

According to representatives of Apple, Siri actually gains access to the contact list the user specifies its location and scans the list of audio and videos, but this is done solely in order to be able to respond to requests for the owner of the device as much as possible and faster.
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Nexus 10 in the air? May come in the near future!

If the Nexus 7 is the Tablet of the moment, many have turned their noses to the choice of the small diagonal adopted. But it seems that Google will also begin offering a solution of 10 inches, in all probability, will be called Nexus 10 . A real range of products that could see the arrival of new hardware soon and maybe the new Nexus Rumors 5 later this year might not be so far from the truth.
The information would come from a source inside the panel, and LCD of 10 inches will be manufactured by AU Optronics and Wintek, which already deals with the production of 7-inch display.

If everything is confirmed, Google Android could really bring the world to another level both with Jelly Bean, both with a range of products with excellent features and attractive price. Galaxy Nexus today is one of the best value for money products, Nexus 7 is the most economical and powerful Tablet soon and a Nexus 10 could be completely the trade awaiting the successor of the Google smartphone. Do not just have to wait!  by
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Microsoft Windows 8: new details on how to upgrade

In recent weeks there has been much talk of Windows 8 and above all the promotion from Microsoft designed to "capture" new customers; note that this promotion provides, for those who buy a PC with Windows 7 hours, the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro with only 14.99 U.S. dollars . Speaking of upgrades, the site ZDnet.com today reveals new information about how to update possible for those coming from Windows Operating Systems on the market today.
According to the report, users coming from Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate, will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 while maintaining the existing Windows settings, personal files and applications.

Coming from Windows Vista without SP1 and Windows XP SP3 will be able to upgrade to Windows 8, but in this case will be maintained only personal files, the rest will be lost. With the SP1 of Vista SP1 will be able to keep all personal data and system settings. Finally, those wishing to migrate from 32 to 64 bits will be forced to proceed with a clean installation.
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Modbook Pro: The world's first tablet-based OS X Mountain Lion

The American company Modbook Inc. announced the world's first tablet PC-based operating system, OS X Mountain Lion. The device is a plastic laptop MacBook, which engineers have turned into a tablet with a touchscreen that allows the device to work with an electronic pen.
When you create a gadget called the Modbook Pro, developers have the basis for Apple's typical of the last generation. The latter has lost the keyboard has a modified body panel and Wacom, having the 512-level pressure sensitivity.
E-filling device borrowed from laptop Apple: the Intel Core third-generation up to 16 GB of RAM, hard drive capacity up to 1TB of SSD or 960 GB, wireless adapters Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth 4.0.

Resolution 13.3-inch Modbook display is 1280 × 800 pixels. The device sports a port Thunderbolt, Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire 800, USB 3.0 and SDXC-card reader.
Out in the Modbook sale is scheduled for autumn this year. The price the developer has not yet named.
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Microsoft will release before the end of the year “killer” iTunes

Microsoft is going to the end of the year to launch its own music service, which should become a full-fledged competitor to both the online iTunes store and streaming music service Spotify, says news agency Bloomberg.
It is reported that the software giant is now in talks with four major record labels Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony and EMI to obtain the necessary licenses to distribute their content.

Launch of new musical proposals in the Xbox-service is scheduled for the second half of 2012. In its new music service Microsoft plans to integrate the most popular services are competing with it Apple.

Community Xbox Music will have the opportunity to purchase music tracks directly from an online store similar to iTunes, or listen to them streamed over the Internet, paying a monthly or annual access. In addition, Microsoft is going to allow users to store music on their servers, getting access to it via mobile devices based on Windows 8. The same principle works service iTunes Match, which allows you to stream music from the cloud on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.

Previously, Microsoft has tried to expand its presence in the market of online music services with the help of the player Zune, which, in general, was not very successful and will be closed and its members will transfer to the new platform.

It is expected that all the new features will be launched in the framework of the existing music service Xbox Music, intended for users of video game console from Microsoft.
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Download for the first ROM Jelly Bean Galaxy S3!

Early yesterday on these pages, is now available for download the first experimental Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3 . This is an update based update OTA Galaxy Nexus and filled with a modified kernel. Needless to say there is a firmware experimental and that the work done by the start of porting. At the moment we do not recommend installing it because the limits are so many.
Below is a list of currently active features and departments that do not work (virtually all connections ) and downloading.

What Works:

Hardware Acceleration
Notification LED
Cellular Rado (But No Audio Calls not know)
Physical Buttons
Maybe More
What Does not Work:

Maybe blackberries
As we can see yet the work is at first, but surely it is a positive response from the developer.
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Platform Developers Kit (PDK): the solution to eliminate the fragmentation Android

For Android there was no effect of "butter" the softness of the UI and texture of mature and stable ecosystem. Jelly Bean With all this seems to have arrived. For Android lacked the assistant voice and advanced voice features. With all Android 4.1 has arrived even if only in English. What is still missing in Android? An update system that allows all producers to shorten development time significantly. In this regard, during the Google I / O was presented the  Platform Development Kit (PDK) , a system that will enable OEMs to have the new distribution system 3 months before the announcement.
This is basically the equivalent SDK for developers but for manufacturers who can thus begin compatibility testing up to three months before the release of the new distribution and thus shorten the time for the propagation of the update and certification of updates.

An important step in reducing the fragmentation in the short term and a system that appears to be effective. Unfortunately, we know how the manufacturer uses months to update the device to the latest versions and ICS is an example because at 7 months of the submission is about 7% of the devices that have seen the update (and among these we find also the Nexus).

The  Platform Developers Kit (PDK)  is therefore proposed as the "solution" to fragmentation. Of course alone will not be effective and the houses will have to commit themselves to test and updates in a timely fashion.

When all this will be a reality?

The PDK Jelly Bean was sent to OEMs only 1 month before the official presentation of Jelly Bean and thus do not have particular benefits with this distribution. Obviously, for producers who have already released the ICS will be easier to move to JB but the commitment and the necessary work will still be high.

The  Platform Developers Kit (PDK) , therefore could "come up" the next version of Android, a hypothetical 5.0, which could come in 2013. In this case the producers might receive KDP 3 months before the announcement and begin work on the development and porting of their interfaces and drivers to make it compatible with your hardware renewed their device. 3 months, however, will not be sufficient to release any update, but waiting 2/3 months of the announcement official, so bring your development time in 6 months, could be a longer than acceptable to users.

We hope that this will mean an end to the fragmentation of Android.
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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean says goodbye to Adobe Flash Player

Last year, Adobe announced that the development of Flash Player for Android would be terminated within the platform supporting the plugin only for bug fixes and stability. This year the situation will probably quit forever with the arrival of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the tablet Nexus 7 , Adobe has officially confirmed that there will be no version of Flash Player for Android and the confirmation comes just from the first hands on the tablet that just does not integrate it into the operating system.
In addition, Adobe also announced that the component would withdraw completely from the Play Store from next August 15 , this means that you can not install it to find it through the usual window of available applications within the Google store, while for those who continue to have on your device, the company does know that it will continue to issue updates even after the closing date of stay in the Play Store.

This move to some extent unexpected is the direct consequence of the non-compatibility of the last distribution Android, Adobe would therefore urge users to uninstall it before upgrading to Android 4.1, since Flash Player will not work properly and will not be supported at the level of upgrades safety. It then closes the era of Flash Player for mobile devices, hailed the arrival of the good old distribution  Froyo 2.2 and praised as the key point lead over Apple, now betrayed by his own partner first with Chrome and now permanently from the central system. The times seem finished the Flash and the Web seems to be adapting to the language HTML5.

Needless to say that Apple has been instrumental in bringing this change in favor of standard HTML5 which has since gained experience and maturity with developers and webmasters who increasingly are adapting to the new standard.  by
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28 June 2012

Google Chrome apk v19.0 Download Free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

In the second keynote at Google I / O 2012 was today officially announced Chrome for IOS and to drive Google 's browser is now expected in the App Store arrived. I've just looked at me once Chrome on the iPad and the first version is already making a good impression on the stability, functionality and speed.
IOS would allow the possibility of a different default browser to use Chrome would be a good alternative for many, it remains (at least for me) is a nice addition to the balance with Chrome on the desktop. It is, of course, Google Chrome is a universal application for both the iPhone and the iPad was adapted.
Google Chrome Price: Free Download from iTunes App Store
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The new tablet Google - not a competitor to iPad

200 dollar tablet  Nexus 7 , which Google announced on June 27, does not threaten Apple leading position in the global market, an expert said on Thursday the market and analyst Topeka Capital Markets Brian White.
According to White, Apple has a strong ecosystem thanks to which "apple" gadget will remain the leader. Thus, out of 650,000 mobile programs in the App Store 225,000 intended directly for the iPad. Tablet computers running Android offers about 600,000 programs, but only a small fraction developed with an eye on the plates.

The main competitor Nexus 7 - "pill» Kindle Fire companies from Amazon, released late last year. Both devices sold with a minimum margin to allow manufacturers to reduce the price to 199 dollars. Both companies trade in the devices is a key business, and they can sell the plates almost at cost.

Google Nexus 7 has a 7-inch display with 1280 by 800 pixels and is built on the platform, Tegra 3 with 4-core processor. To connect to the Internet is a Wi-Fi, but there is no built-in cellular module. There NFC module for wireless payments, as well as interface Bluetooth, front camera, gyroscope and accelerometer. Nexus will be able to work 7 to 9 hours battery life in video playback.

By the start of the sale Nexus 7, scheduled for July, the competition could get worse - there are rumors that Amazon is planning to release a second version of Kindle Fire.

According to analysts from IDC, in I quarter of 2012 Apple tablet in the world market was 68%. However, the company significantly strengthened position in comparison with IV quarter of 2011, when it controlled about 55%. Experts IDC predicts that by year-end segment of the share of the iPad tablet is approximately 62%, while the combined share of Android-devices - about 36%.
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Jelly Bean on Galaxy S3: developers already working on porting

Jelly Bean, which will sooner or later on Galaxy S3 we know for sure though of course there is no official communication from Samsung. At the same time, however, we can say with certainty that Android 4.1 will see the very very early on S3 with the community. In fact very few hours, the final distribution of Android has just been presented has been carried on Galaxy Nexus around the world (or almost) and many other smartphones are receiving the first experimental Rom ( HTC One X for example ). 
As for S3, we also see the work is started and the image you see is the confirmation:
It only remains now to wait and wait for the first downloadable ROM hoping maybe in a good optimization from the start. Before a few weeks, however, it will be difficult to have a rom completely stable and the same team Cyanogen, in these days to work on the Release Candidate-based ICS, will face another challenge by releasing CyanogemMod 10 !
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HTC One X with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is shown on video!

After having early in the morning the availability of the first custom ROM for HTC One X-based operatingsystem Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , we show the first video that shows her in action on the flagship Android device from HTC. As already noted, the work to get a fully functional port is still long, but you can already begin to imagine what the end result.
Without further delay we leave you to the video ROM with Android 4.1 on HTC One X Jelly Bean after the break.
After a fast start not exactly the new UI starts to take its first steps at HTC One X. The operation of important features of the device as a WiFi interface is also to improve, but the project continues and we are confident that will not be long to cut further goals. Please note in this circumstance the official topic dedicated to the development of ROM.  by
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The Amazing Spider-Man apk v1.0 Download for iPhone and Android

Somewhere is now available in App Store, as universal, the new episode spider man,  The Amazing Spider-Man , created once again by the developers, Gameloft, as universal and thus compatible with iPhone and iPad. We have got to try to preview, and waiting for our first impressions of the Gameplay we speak had game in hand.
To break the news for a moment at the Google I / O 2012, Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7, we indicate the output from a few hours of the new game The Amazing Spider-Man also on the Android platform. The title comes almost simultaneously with the IOS version that we tried to preview a few hours from the output and which is very nice and a step forward from the previous chapter while maintaining gameplay similar to the type of game and amplitude patterns. 
The Amazing Spider-Man for Android Download from PlayStore
The Amazing Spide-Man for iPhone Download from iTunes
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The Amazing Spider-Man apk v1.0.8 Download for Android

To break the news for a moment at the Google I / O 2012, Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7, we indicate the output from a few hours of the new game The Amazing Spider-Man also on the Android platform. The title comes almost simultaneously with the IOS version that we tried to preview a few hours from the output and which is very nice and a step forward from the previous chapter while maintaining gameplay similar to the type of game and amplitude patterns.
The graphic detail is really well looked after and the line with the latest headlines from Gameloft. Very beautiful scenery and the navigation between the buildings which is nice (test iPad) and very realistic.
Shake off the thugs from New York into this superhero. Get ready for action in the shoes of the incredible Spider-Man with the official game of the most awaited film of 2012! Play follow the story and the film deals with the Lizard and dangerous gangs. Use the web to move to New York in a fully 3D and uses your incredible powers to save the city.


  • Lizard Face and his henchmen to put an end to his evil plans.
  • Play over 25 exciting missions, inspired by the film's story.
  • Jump, climb and use the webs to swing between skyscrapers in thrilling sequences!

  • Explore 5 districts of the city (Central Park, financial district, downtown, marina and residential area)
  • So many exciting fights: melee, distance shots, combos and more
  • Many upgrades to customize the style, attacks and abilities

Freely explore Manhattan and find out what random missions, the collectables and many more secrets in the city that never sleeps!
Fight in New York City with a full 3D graphic art
Stunning visual effects that make Spider-Man more realistic than ever!
The Amazing Spider-Man Developer: Gameloft Price: $ 6.99 
App Install from PC Download from PlayStore
See also: The Amazing Spider-Man apk v1.0.0 Download for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
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Google I / O 2012: Keynote 2 Live Video start 19:00

Although the news of Android, the Google Glass, Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7 and Nexus Q have already been unveiled, will begin in a few minutes Keynote 2 that will feature once again the services and Google products.
Today, attention should be paid to the system Chrome OS  applications is related but is not yet clear whether other topics will be addressed. Following the live streaming event that you can comment via the comments below (we will not live blog today).
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The Amazing Spider-Man apk v1.0.0 Download for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Somewhere is now available in App Store, as universal, the new episode spider man,  The Amazing Spider-Man , created once again by the developers, Gameloft, as universal and thus compatible with iPhone and iPad. We have got to try to preview, and waiting for our first impressions of the Gameplay we speak had game in hand.
The graphics and playability are factors that take strong cues from the previous chapters, but at the same time can be improved in various facets. The title begins with a sort of mini-tutorial that will accompany us in the first mission and he will explain the functions of a few keys on the screen.
The fighting with the enemy out fascinating and well cared for, even if we think in some cases are a bit 'too hectic, as regards the environment, however, Gameloft has done a great job taking care of every aspect of the surrounding town. Our freedom to move around the map will allow us to come across quests that will earn extra points.
These points will serve to enhance our spiderman various facets of his "armor", as the power of fighting, the defense, speed and so on.


The missions will exceed 25, all taken from the main story of the movie and we will bring in 5 districts of the city of New York: Central Park, financial district, downtown, marina and residential area. The Amazing Spider-Man is still a great game, beautiful and durable, we will definitely glued to the screen of our iDevice for now. The price is almost standard for titles like this: $6.99 for about 700mb of play.
The Amazing Spide-Man Price: $6.99 Download from iTunes App Store
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Mike Rayfield: "We will build in other tablets like the Nexus 7"

How has Google in partnership with Asus to produce a tablet on the market and to launch Tegra 3 for only $ 199? According to Mike Rayfield , Chief Engineer Nvidia Tegra 3, the greatest effort that brought down the price covered the cost of components. Nvidia Kai , unveiled a few months ago, using memories DDR3L relatively less expensive than other solutions and if We combine all of a less complex chip Tegra 3 classic, here is that the price is lowered.
Nvidia is trying to tighten acccordi business with several partners to bring to market low-cost solutions such as the Nexus 7 and try to further expand this market in an attempt to take off this area and create a greater competition, which in turn will lead to a degradation of the component prices and then a final cost that will further lower.

Rayfield has confirmed that a version of ' Acer Iconia Tab A110 will arrive on the market with chipsets Nvidia Kai , as well as a kid-friendly tablet called Nabi 2.  Not all devices can take advantage of Nvidia but Kai proprietary technologies. Nvidia refers to the fact that Nexus 7 is powered by Nvidia Prism to extend battery life by reducing the screen brightness, compensating for the chromatic and easing the transition of data from the touchscreen to the processor , but this was only possible using memories DDR3L then in the presence of diverse hardware could also change the optimization software.

According to Mike in the near future will see more and more solutions of this type identified by a price particularly aggressive but able to guarantee optimal performance.  by
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Facebook apk v4.1.1 Download Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Google not only pays attention to Apple users, who wrote as he prepares to launch a renewed view of its popular Google + Social Network on IOS devices, but Facebook already "awarded by Apple" with a perfect integration into the new iPhone OS 6, still in beta, is working on a new update, according to some rumors, will be released next July and will be critical to optimizing performance.
To disseminate the news are two anonymous engineers who are working in the project and reported some details to Nick Bilton of The New York Times.

The new official application will be rewritten from scratch, from the point of view of the code, and will be used only Objective-C programming language used for creating iPhone OS applications, instead of HTML 5, as is the current release. The first tests, this new app is noticeably improved in terms of speed and new features will be to fill the numerous bugs and lag than is currently available in the App Store. We just have to wait another 30 more days to see first hand this new creation.
Facebook Developer: Facebook Inc, Download from iTunes App Store
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HTC excited about Android 4.1, but it still expresses update the current line-up

The Taiwanese manufacturer said the hot presentation of Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean , which took place yesterday at the Google I / 0. The new release of the Android operating system returns the current issue of updates of HTC smartphones at a stage where the transition from with Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich is still in place for several models. A company spokesperson announced that the Taiwanese manufacturer , always at the forefront in supporting the Android platform, has welcomed the news of Jelly Bean , stressing at the same time, which for the moment HTC has not yet no announcement to make regarding the update of the existing terminals on the market . These statements about:
We're excited for Google's unveiling of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean today, but do not yet have an announcement about the new HTC devices running OS version. Stay tuned

HTC, until now, has proven not to neglect the issue of updates of its terminals and the recent update procedure to Android smartphones ICS 2011, without delay respecting the road map, represented a further confirmation to that effect. It 's safe to assume that HTC will make available in the coming months, the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Beans for One recent HTC devices, not to mention that the hardware of some 2011 smartphone is able, at least on paper, without much difficulty to support the 'latest release of Google's operating system. Let us recall that Android 4.1 will be released for Jelly Bean The Nexus S, a terminal single-core arrived on the market at the end of 2010.

Echoing the statements of the spokesman of HTC will say "Stay Tuned". We are confident that the news regarding the Android 4.1 update for the HTC smartphone line-up will start showing up. source
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Samsung Galaxy S3 USA will support better Jelly Bean with twice the RAM

According to some sources, the delay in the release of Samsung Galaxy S3 in the U.S. market would be part of a strategy by the Korean manufacturer linked to the arrival of its new distribution Android 4.1 JellyBean . Doubling the RAM would not therefore be attributed to the implementation of dual-core SoC S4 Snapdragon but rather to a more prudent management and optimization of the workload that Android 4.1 will bring with him on the new flagship of Samsung.
The source said the engineers would not be 100% sure that a single bench 1GB is enough and have therefore opted for a double, which could create some motivation mongering among the holders of the international version of the smartphone. Although there are still no details on these statements, what seems certain is that Samsung is already busy working on the latest Android distribution, this time hoping that the expectations are lower than in the past and that the hardware optimization plays a role even more important.
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Play new price Store USA, now at $349!

With the arrival of the first tablet in the Google brand and the new distribution Android 4.1 , the Galaxy Nexus that the company has now received its first rom based onJelly Bean , is preparing to see a price cut for those who decide to buy it in Play Store USA.
From a few hours because the price dropped to $ 349 at the exchange rate that we are approximately € 279 , a bargain if we could just enjoy the showcase of hardware now only reserved for residents of the United States but that may soon spread to other countries, considering that the sale is not subject to contractual constraints and works on all frequencies, then used around the world.
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HTC One X: Download now the first custom ROM with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean!

The house in Taiwan has not yet commented about the current HTC smartphones One last release of the Android OS, but a few hours after the presentation of the operating system, the independent developer community has already made ​​a very strong signal: Android 4.1 HTC Jelly Bean One and coming on the end to emphasize the desirable circumstance has already made ​​available the first custom ROM for HTC One X based on Android 4.1.
The state of development, as is easily understood, is in its early stages, but the ROM is already bootable and allows you to properly handle some features of the device, although being still unstable. Sent an important signal to the community that once again the great attention given to the current top of the range of HTC smartphones by independent developers.
The main feature is not yet functioning include the WiFi interface, audio and camera. The ROM is obviously not suitable for everyday use and has many instabilities. The project remains worthy of attention and represents a first significant sign of the arrival of HTC X One of the Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean. For more information on ROM , please consult the official topic .
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27 June 2012

Stark for iPad 3, the theme of the iPad 3 Download Free for iPad 3

This is the first theme iPad 3 high-resolution Retina display or HD presented on the blog! Stark for iPad 3 is composed of icons (50 +) very well finished, the user interface UI including a LockScreen, Battery, Notification Center , Pop-up and 4 wallpapers blue, gray, red and purple choice, it retains as you can see a simple aesthetic, but with the addition of different colors.
Installing the Theme:
Go to Settings> Wallpaper and select your favorite. 
Or theme for those not working PRESS "Optimize Themes (v1.0)" in Winterboard!
Compatible with iPad 3, iOS 5.
Download Theme for iPad 3 by Stark meesebyte for only $3
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Theme Dock HD: Mountain Lion iOS Dock Download Free for iPhone and iPad

You know that Apple's new Mac OS will be known as Mountain Lion, the GUI is evolving with the Dock, Andrea Fedi had the great idea to recreate this iPhone 4 dock for  and 4S over iPad 2 and 3 in IOS 5.1 .1, I'd like to introduce iOS Mountain Lion Dock , a beautiful dock that comes in two versions, Grey and Black! Already one of my favorite docks!
Installing the Theme:
Or theme for those not working PRESS "Optimize Themes (v1.0)" in Winterboard!
Compatible with iPhone 4 & 4S, 2 & 3 in iPad iOS 5.
Download Theme iOS Dock Mountain Lion by Andrea Fedi
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Google Earth apk v7.0.0.7386 Download Free for Android

A wonderful surprise unannounced at Google I / O waiting for us in today's Play Store: Ladies and gentlemen, here comes Google Earth and its 7 maps in three dimensions !
Updating the application before we find ourselves with a revised interface and very minimalist: we are greeted with a quick 3-step tour that explains how to zoom, tilt and rotate.

But the real news, which was waiting for a while ' , is obviously somewhere else: in fact, come the first three-dimensional reproduction of some cities.
By tilting the image with two fingers, in fact, we can see some beautiful aerial photos that zooming , introduce some elements of 3D elements such as houses and trees.

We will not detain you further: go and up to date, you do not forget to come back here and comment letting us know what do you think of this new and exciting features.
Google Earth Price: Free Download from PlayStore
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Google Voice Search: The answer to Siri and S-voice integrated in Jelly Bean

If Apple has focused heavily on its voice recognition system called Siri and Samsung has responded with a voice of Galaxy S-S3, Google surprised introducing among the many innovations of Jelly Bean improved and revised version of voice search, which is called Voice Search . Viewed from the first image and after the opinions of the heat seems like a less waiting features that most impressed those present.
Although this first version will be available only in English (but a planned future upgrade to other languages) it seems that the improvement of speech is very good, giving a voice very natural and less robotic than both S-voice that Siri. Consider, however, with the tongs hot PRMI opinions if we consider that the demonstration of Voice-search lasted a couple of minutes.

Voice Search.

Rather Sometimes you'd just speak your search query. Or just ask a question. Android lets you search the web with your voice, and it's convenient for getting quick answers on the fly. It speaks back to you and is powered by the Knowledge Graph, Bringing you a precise answer if it knows it, and PRECISELY ranked search results, so you can always find out more.

The news is mainly from the graphic that will accompany our targeted search of information, designed to be simple, intuitive but powerful because in addition to displaying the results complete with pictures and links to sources will be accompanied by vocal response from the terminal. Google called the GUI supplied with the vocal response " Knowledge Graph . "
The news is then in a voice system evolved and improved performance in speech recognition and synthesis, together with Knowledge Graph will intervene in specific research offering the desired information quickly and accompanied by links to further investigate.

We just have to wait to try Jelly Bean officially Voice Search and Knowledge Graph. Dates are obviously not been disclosed on a possible European update with new languages, so we have to wait a bit to try the new feature voice of Jelly Bean.
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Google Glass Explorer Edition preorders starting today at $ 1500 (Video)

So many irons in the fire that made ​​the giant Big G ​​during the first day of the Keynote Google I / O over a few hours ago. He spoke not only of minor / major update Android 4.1 , the tablet Asus Nexus 7 and the new media, style Apple TV, Nexus Q , but also the well-known social network Google + and coveted Google Glass , the unusual glasses integrated camera and display of augmented reality.
Announced version Explorer Edition, were shown to the general public of the Google I / O 2012 still as prototype , but was finally set a date and a price: it speaks of a generic 2013 and set at a cost of $ 1,500 .

These special glasses, remember, are equipped with three sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer and compass), the camcorder / camera, a microphone for voice commands, wireless radio antenna, a speaker and a touchpad, all managed by a cpu and an undefined amount of ram anonymous. The version put forward a few hours ago is not going to mass , but will be used to start application development project dedicated to Glass by Google.
The small display that will display the various information that is at the top so as not to obstruct our view in "normal" and, thanks to a weight lower than that of a pair of sunglasses, do not bother to give any person who wears them. Lucky i found that at the end of this day will try them directly to Google I / O. Again next year for a wider availability.
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