31 May 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge 3770K overclocked to 7.03 GHz on Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H (Video)

This was another record for Gigabyte announces that it has reached the highest frequency in overclocking an Intel Ivy Bridge 3770K. During the session was used to overclock a motherboard GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H , a motherboard that under the hands of the famous overclocker HiCookie clocked a CPU frequency of 7.03 GHz .
The cooling was obviously used as liquid nitrogen, the voltage supplied to the CPU well 1.956 volts. The following screen shows only the validation of HWBot.org and then for the moment no benchmark was performed at these frequencies.
HiCookie clocked also the maximum frequency for DDR3 platform Ivy Bridge reaching 3280MHz with all 4 memory slots occupied, in which case we used a GA-Z77X-UD5H and memories G.Skill Trident X.
Here's a video that portrays the overclocking session:
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Silvia here is the new assistant intelligent voice for Android

In 2012 we do not speak with our mobile phone we're probably not cool! This is what successful brands such as Samsung and Apple would have us believe pushing interactive voice recognition software and able to respond naturally to our questions and requests. We are succeeding? The answer is basically NO. Though efforts are appreciable and the Syrians and interfaces allow a decent S-voice interaction failing to respond to direct questions (the first), actually manage to have regular interaction with these programs is quite difficult. Open the program (however fast it may be), speak your command post, waiting for an answer , dictating the text of SMS, waiting for an answer , indicate the number or name to which to send it, wait for an answer and then send the SMS ( assuming that everything is done under 3G coverage and you speak the same language of the program) is definitely not as fast and seamless hand-write the text with new predictive keyboard now very refined. Although the inputs can be faster than described, we believe technology Voice, for as has been proposed to date, is far from being used in everyday life in a constructive way. If we are outside, then, the chances that the phone really understands what we're saying is still reducing and eventually, after the initial enthusiasm and testing, we realize that it's quicker to unlock the phone and to do two clicks to speak directly.
That said, however, appreciate the efforts made ​​by both manufacturers developers to go to voice interaction with a device. Trying to offer something truly "intelligent", SILVIA arrives, the new assistant voice in development for Android .

The project has landed on the familiar platform  kickstarter.com  in search of the necessary funds to disclose the project in full. The $ 150,000 needed to reach the goal within the next 34 days are surely many, but SILVIA promises more natural interaction with the person who uses your smartphone and may be the key to reading right to try to really use this type of software .
The demo we see that at the end article, shows a part of the potential of the software. Unfortunately, the voice synthesizer native Android is as far removed as possible from a hot female vocalist named Silvia. What matters is, however, the interaction, although it's a demo, the resolutions are more than positive.
SILVIA is able to interact with most of the applications installed in the phone and allows to perform so many different operations. There is also an SDK and a lot of features that may see the light if the funds collected will be sufficient to give rise to this commercial project. will be the right time?

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Visual comparison of the front panel 4-inch iPhone 5 iPhone 4S [video]

Previously, all the accumulated rumors and speculation about the new iPhone we could compare only with the first unofficial photos of the device. They published a blog 9to5Mac , which specializes in analyzing the "apple" products.
Now the Japanese site Macotakara posted on the web video, through which you can personally compare the front panel of the hypothetical iPhone 5 and the current model iPhone 4S.

Judging from the video, the sixth generation of smartphones Apple really will be bigger and leaner all the previous ones: screen size will increase from 3.5 to 4 inches (10.33 cm). In the video, you can clearly see the difference between their displays. The length of the glass panel, according to bloggers, is 4.5 inches (11.52 mm).
According to experts, new screen resolution should be 640 × 1136 points: at the same width of 1.94 inches of display height increased and came close to a "widescreen" aspect ratio of 16:9. Thus the number of pixels per inch is 326 ppi (like the iPhone 4 and 4S).

Bloggers also reported changes in the size of the technological holes for the light sensor. The new version of the iPhone, it has become noticeably smaller.
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Download Windows 8 Release Preview 64-bit and 32-bit

Microsoft has released a version of the Windows operating system, codenamed 8 Release Preview. According to developers, Windows 8 Release Preview is nearly completed version of the new operating system developed in the bowels of the Redmond company.
Previously, Microsoft has officially unveiled two preliminary versions of "eight." In September of 2011 left the assembly for developers of Windows 8 , and at the end of February 2012 - User,  Consumer Preview . Now available for the third and final version of the new OS. The official release of Windows 8 is expected before the end of 2012.

New features in Windows 8 is mainly associated with regular applications: e-mail client, address book, photo album manager. Also a lot of changes represented in the Windows Store, App Store for the new OS. Finally, a number of new developments found in less visible areas: support for multiple screens, technology, Adobe Flash, and Parental Controls.
The final version of Windows 8 will come in four basic versions , three of which (Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise) designed for systems based on x86-processors, and another called Windows RT focuses on Tablet PC. Download Windows 8 Release Preview, you can officially listed below (the localized assembly).

Download  Windows 8 Consumer Preview (64-bit)
Sha a hash - 0x10F9F738593BC740561DA8AB247F5CEF3ABA65BB

Download  Windows 8 Consumer Preview (32-bit)
Sha a hash - 0x7A473B0D7F5DB3E949915D2A2F361FAE92A52538
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Assembling the iPhone and the iPad - still "sweatshops"

Corporation Apple, has repeatedly been criticized for poor working conditions in factories in China, failed to improve the situation of workers collecting iPhone and iPad. This is the conclusion of British journalists publication The Guardian, which published a detailed account of the lives of employees of factories Foxconn.
In the course of inspections by observers found that bullying, physical exhaustion and violation of labor rights are the norm for hundreds of thousands of collectors iPhone. This is despite the fact that Apple has doubled its efforts to improve their working conditions.

According to the newspaper, interviews with 170 employees Foxconn in Shenzhen and Zhengzhou have confirmed that the penalties are the basic tools of management plants Foxconn. The report, prepared by human rights group "Students and scholars against corporate violations," says the workers tenth largest employer in the world makes cleaning toilets, sweeping lawns and write "letters of repentance," which are then placed on a bulletin board, or read their colleagues.

Living conditions in hostels Foxconn are terrible. In the two-bedroom living rooms of 20 to 30 people. They were forbidden under pain of confiscation of using energy efficient electrical appliances such as kettles and laptops.

Among the improvements in human rights defenders noted that some collectors have provided chairs. Previously, most of them had to work standing up. But even the workers are allowed to sit on the edge of his chair, so they do not "relax" and did their job well.

The report also indicates a high level of trauma workers in the factories. Another problem - the 12-hour working day, and even more. In an interview, chief executive of Apple, Tim Cook has assured that the company is taking measures to reduce the number of working hours. A company spokeswoman repeated earlier statements that Apple cares about each of its employees worldwide. However, as the newspaper writes, the efforts of one of the most popular brands of the world have not yielded tangible results.
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Microsoft Office for the iPad will be released November 10

According to the website The Daily, referring to an unnamed "reliable source" Microsoft is actively preparing to release a full-fledged Office suite for the mobile platform iOS. At the moment the team of programmers to code optimization transgressed, user interface design application has been approved by management.
According to Matt Hikeya, corresponding portal The Daily, external appearance Office for the iPad is consistent with the concept of interface Metro, presented by Microsoft's operating systems Windows Phone and Windows 8. Release the final version of Office for iOS is scheduled for November 10, indicate the source.

"We learned that the Office Mobile team has completed work on the project last month, followed reported a willingness to design branch of Microsoft.

Now the application is a usability expert, which should confirm that the corporate style interface Metro. After that the program will be sent to the Apple App Store for approval, which may take several weeks. "

As previously reported , iOS-edition package of office applications is likely to be working not only on the iPad, but also on the iPhone with iPod touch. The latter fact stresses and the loading screen, which indicates that this product is a «Office for iOS», and not just for the iPad.

The source site Boy Genius Report, is said to have been able to assess the personal experience of Microsoft Office on "apple" tablet and says that he looks almost the same as in the leaked photos, of The Daily a few months ago. And though now for iOS-devices have a number of applications, "office" orientation, where the appearance of the development of the famous Microsoft, will undoubtedly contribute to their popularity as a corporate decision.
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When Jobs was not like this: 10 things you never would have made the founder of Apple

Speaking at a conference All Things Digital, acting Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he was not trying to be the new Steve Jobs. Cook was replaced by Steve Jobs as CEO of the company in August 2011.
Steve Jobs, who was one of the founders of the company, died on October 5. As stated by U.S. President Barack Obama, this man is among the greatest of American innovators - bold enough to think not so, as all strong enough to believe in their ability to change the world, and quite talented to do it.

"Steve was a visionary. I never tried to replace him, "- said in an interview with Tim Cook, an American newspaper Wall Street Journal. The head of the company several times rejected a question about how Apple will change under his leadership, but he added that he is trying to replace Steve Jobs, and wants to be just a good general manager for Apple.

Despite the fact that, in his official address to the staff of Tim Cook promised that all the principles of Apple will remain unchanged , the corporation has undergone several changes. Gizmodo published an edition of 10 things you would not have happened if it was at the helm of Apple, Steve Jobs. After all, they are completely contrary to his principles and beliefs.

A. Siri

Jobs did not take an active part in the creation of a personal assistant to the iPhone 4S. In the book «Apple inside" Adam told a story about how Jobs is taking part in the last meeting, which was a question about iPhone 4S, he asked a question and Siri, "you're a man or a woman?". Siri said that she can not gender. Jobs like this answer, and he gave the nod to the continued development. However, knowing how much dissatisfaction among users will Siri, is unlikely he would have approved of her appearance in the iPhone 4S, even in a beta product.

Two. 4-inch screen

According to rumors, the new iPhone will get a 4-inch display that would be another reason for the discontent of the founder of Apple. Jobs was convinced that the 3.5-inch - is the ideal screen size for a smartphone. Even once joked that the 4-inch Android phones look like skateboards.

Three. Managers point out techies

In a recent article, Fortune appeared negative feedback control on the way Tim Cook: "It seems that the heart of the new Apple are conservative managers, not engineers and innovators - said author Max Paley, who left in 2011 as vice president of technical issues in Cupertino . - When I worked there, the tasks defined by engineers and management to manufacturing and supplying required to provide them with everything you need. Now, the priorities have changed.

4. The talks with Samsung, a puppet of Google

This is where Jobs was adamant, so it is that the developers' stolen product »Android should not conduct any negotiations. Can only be one outcome: Samsung to admit defeat. Especially because the South Korean company - one of the major manufacturers of hardware platforms for Google.

Five. Apple TV interface

If you believe the words of engineers working on set-top box Apple TV, then the interface is used today was rejected by Jobs even five years ago. However, after he had left someone in the company came up with the idea that the existing development and would be back. What was actually done.

6. The deterioration of the characteristics of new products

The thickness and weight of the new iPad a bit more than the iPad 2. And time has decreased by almost an hour. Of course, these differences are not too significant, but it's a step backward, a compromise that Jobs is bitterly hated.

7. Support for charity

It is known that Jobs is extremely reluctant to engage in charity. The only time he went to such a support for non-profit organization, owned by Bono, lead singer U2. But in this case pursued the commercial interests of Apple. Today, Apple gets bogged down in a deeper charity. Not that it was bad. Simply Jobs from this obviously would not have come into raptures.

Eight. Dividend payments on equity issues

Jobs has never paid dividends, preferring the money to invest in further development of the company. He believed that it is very important - always ready to have a strategic reserve, the amount by which you can be really useful to make a purchase. And recent developments in the payment of dividends is contrary to his convictions.

9. Disclosure of insider

Gizmodo staff are confident that with a live Jobs no one would have dared to divulge the secrets of the company, as it did recently head of Foxconn, Terry Gou. The latter told the public about what Apple really wants to start producing its own model of the TV. And even enumerated a list supplied to the plants Foxconn components for this.

10. Features user interface iOS

Interface iOS increasingly cluttered sorts of small, annoying users nuances. But Jobs is known for having paid much attention to detail, times to the most detail, and thus bringing development to the hysteria.
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The Chinese have created an exact copy of the 21.5-inch iMac with Intel Atom

Rarely anyone surprised by the Chinese clone mobile phones Nokia, Vertu and Apple. They are sold at ridiculous prices and the only thing they have in common with the original - is the appearance (and even then not always).
But what do you say about a Chinese clone of a computer? That is: iMac in the interpretation of engineers from the Middle Kingdom can be purchased much cheaper than "apple" on your computer. From the original candy bar he took only one - the form factor. Everything else - his own, native, China.

Built computer for dual-core processor Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz and has 4 GB of RAM, hard drive 500 GB, the graphics subsystem GMA3150 c option to switch to the Intel GMA 3150. Widescreen 21.5-inch diagonal boasts a LED-backlit 1920 × 1080 pixels. Weighs a miracle of Chinese thought 5.4 kg.

A set of interface ports "impressive": Four USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, and a slot for memory cards SD, headphone and microphone. Available DVD-ROM drive. To the device can "catch" any keyboard and mouse interface using Bluetooth.

Finally, and most importantly - the operating system. In the car right on the factory set - Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
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Insiders have confirmed the authenticity of the photos the iPhone 5

Apple really increase the size of iPhone, strengthen the body and change the dock connector. Informal photos latest gadget have been published on the Internet yesterday.
The latest version of Apple's smartphone will be larger than previous models of the gadget: the diagonal of the phone to increase to 4 inches to 3.5 inches. The first unofficial photos of the body of the new iPhone in black and white published a blog 9to5Mac , which specializes in analyzing the characteristics of the products of Apple. Later, in the network appeared engineering drawings of the device , which confirmed the change in the next iPhone.

Speaking of photographs published before, blogger Mark Gurman confirmed their authenticity. Citing informed sources within the company, he said that the images presented a prototype of the iPhone 5, which is currently being tested at Apple.

Headphone jack really will be located at the bottom of the smartphone, says blogger (in the previous models connector located at the top). A back panel is made of metal. This innovation will significantly increase the strength of the system: users previously complained about the fragility of the plastic back panel.

The blogger notes that the second phone's microphone to be moved to the rear panel in order to improve the sound quality when shooting video (now - on the top). A front camera is located above the speaker, which will also be modified.

Speaking at a conference D10 All Things Digital, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company is preparing to release new products and "prepares some incredible things." Perhaps the iPhone a smartphone that will be the sixth generation of technical innovation that users "can be seen in a few months."
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Order & Chaos apk v1.1.1 Download for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Gameloft marks the first anniversary of the release in the App Store a popular multiplayer game of "War of chaos and order." In honor of this event for players, developers have prepared a few surprises.
Recall,  Order & Chaos  - a full-scale multiplayer online-RPG, available to owners of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. She is a successful example of a network project on the platform iOS. In this case the game itself is not free: for $ 6.99 you get access to the application and the opportunity to play for three months. Further extension of the subscription will cost $ 2 for the next three months, or $ 2.99 for six months.
The main goal of the game - "pumping" of the character by performing a variety of interesting and different missions. Yes, missions are not all interesting, but it is understandable - after hundreds of them. In general, the various types of orders: "Go and finished 10 wolves" or "Collect 10 hides of hyenas." But the diversity still present.

Many gamers have been compared with the Order & Chaos World of Warcraft, saying that it is - a good port on the hit W0W iOS. There is a sale of weapons, skills, magic, professions, PvP battles in the later levels - all as adults. You make your character, choose the server and forward - toward adventure!
As already mentioned, in honor of the anniversary project, Gameloft has released an update, which provided an opportunity to run the game via 3G.

Among other innovations in the Order & Chaos 1.1 marks the company improved graphics for the new iPad, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 as well as optimization of the server code, which according to the developer, has increased the speed of loading of new locations. In addition, fixed some bugs in the program.
Order & Chaos for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Download from App Store
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Samsung Galaxy S III 2 GB of RAM in Canada

Do not live in Canada means essentially two things: not being part of one of the nations most teasing in American TV (and this could perhaps be a good to a certain point of view), and never see models like the ' SGH-i747  ol ' SGH-iT999 or the Galaxy S III will arrive in Canada next June 20th , which differs from the smartphone on the market for us than to reveal the title of the article.
So let's not waste time talking and see immediately what will benefit the Canadian cousins:
  • Processor:  Dual Core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Qualcomm MSM8960
  • OS:  4.0.4 ICS
  • Mobile network:  LTE (SGH-i747) and HSPA + 42 (SGH-iT999)
  • Memory:  2 GB of RAM
  • Dimensions:  136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm
  • Weight:  133 g
  • Storage:  16/32GB (SGH-i747) / 16 GB (SGH-iT999) expandable via microSD up to 32GB
  • Display:  Super HD 4.8 inch AMOLED 720 x 1280 (306ppi)
  • Connect:  NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, WiFi 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n, MHL Video Out
  • Camera:  8 MP Rear, 1.9 MP front
  • Battery:  2,100 mAh 
The more careful you will have noticed the difference: the macro-processor, which runs from international Exynos 4412 quad-core Snapdragon still very good at S4 Dual Core, now herald variants of LTE famous smartphone, through the different radio, and finally arriving to the disputed 2 GB of RAM , which we knew only in Japan . To mitigate some 'envy comes the bitter consolation of less storage space , which is at most only 32 GB in the SGH-i747. Unfortunately we do not have precise information on price, but when even the Galaxy S III with 32 GB from us costs only $ 966, perhaps in Canada do not regret much. What do you say, better to double the RAM, or twice the ROM?
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30 May 2012

Submitted by gaming headset Razer Battlefield 3 BlackShark

In gamers focused innovation company Razer, shown in the illustrations. It is a gaming headset Razer Battlefield 3 BlackShark.
According to the manufacturer, the developers of Razer Battlefield 3 BlackShark inspired the look of typefaces used by military pilots.
Among the advantages of Battlefield 3 have a high degree of sound insulation is achieved by using a closed structure, and the presence of detachable microphone.
In the headphones used 40-mm emitters. Claimed frequency response - 20-20000 Hz. The impedance is 29 ohms, Sensitivity at 1 kHz up to 105 ± 3 dB. Headphones are designed for a signal power of 50 mW. Go to the source of the signal they connect cable 1,3 m
The frequency response is limited by microphone 50 Hz and 16 kHz. Microphone is characterized by the signal / noise ratio 50 dB. Sensitivity at 1 kHz is -37 ± 4 dB.
Price gaming headset Razer Battlefield 3 BlackShark is $ 130. Sales of products will begin in July.
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Sony announces waterproof Xperia Go and Xperia Acro S

Sony has just announced, for the European market two new models which will be released this summer, which will make them resistant to water and dust of the ideal companions for beach holidays. If they can get out in time.
Xperia Go is a compact smartphone with 3.5 inch processor with 1 GHz dual-core , and a scratch-resistant panel with a " wet finger tracking "or capable of capturing the touch of our fingers, even with a little 'd 'water . On the back we find a 5 megapixel camera, but unfortunately the version of Android will still be present at the launch, 2.3 , to which Sony seems to be too "affectionate", though it had already promised to update Ice Cream Sandwich. Last note: Go to America will be known as the Xperia Xperia Advance , but it should be the exact same phone.

Xperia Acro S is instead a larger smartphone with 4.3-inch display at 1280 x 720 HD , processor dual-core 1.5 GHz and Playstation certification to confirm that his talents are not limited to resistance. The rear camera is also well to 12 megapixels  and the preinstalled version of Android will be the most attractive Ice Cream Sandwich.
Prices are still unknown, but video to follow in abundance.

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How to Permanently Delete your Facebook Account

A question that many Internet users are asking is:
"How to permanently delete your facebook account?"
This is a problem that many people ask and that is not answered, by us, we dug into the intricacies of social networks and were able to find the page that ultimately leads to the elimination of your account.
My advice before you delete your account, you save images, videos and whatnot, you have shared in the popular social network and then, delete the data that was previously made by editing your profile.

Once done, just go to the following link: " https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account "and confirm.

A little trick:
For canceling the account of facebook, it takes about 14 days, in the first place, then your profile is disabled, do not access facebook with your credentials, otherwise the operation will be canceled and you have to start all over again.
I hope this guide will help serious people with facebook accounts found themselves in difficulty.
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Delays in the marketing of the Galaxy S III Pebble Blue because of this problem

Since yesterday the news that circulates on the network version of "Blue Pebble" of the Galaxy Samsung Galaxy SIII will suffer delays due to a problem present in the back cover of the device.
The problems would be known during the mass production of the piece in question and the concern materials and the metallic blue paint used to make the device. These official statements of the company.

"Samsung Galaxy SIII Pebble Blue uses a shade of new-concept by integrating it with a special glaze that gives shine and luster to the cover.
In an attempt to provide the highest standards of product quality to our customers, we are trying to accomplish in the shortest possible time supplies provided by the first part of pre-orders, bringing the waiting time for the next unit within the 2 - 3 weeks until complete resolution of the problem. "

So who wants to buy the smartphone of this color not only wait and hope the problem will be resolved shortly.
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The concept of the new MacBook Pro: ultra-slim design, display Retina, USB 3.0 ports

Brazilian designer Guillermo Shasipen, known for his love to the creation of concepts for future products Apple, introduced his next creation.It is known that in the near future, Apple will release a new generation of MacBook Pro , so the artist decided to offer his vision of how a company can please the fans in this area.
Concept Release MacBook Pro 2012 is an ultraportable laptop, equipped with a super fine screen Retina. The device is running an operating system OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and boasts a large comfortable keyboard and touchpad. According to the description of the device, MacBook Pro received a glass button with LED backlight and is available in four versions: in black and white version, as well as the screen diagonal 13 and 15 inches.
According to rumors, the laptop is equipped with three high-speed USB 3.0 ports, and FaceTime-camera for video with a resolution of 1080p. The body has an updated MacBook Pro is thinner, and has a wedge-shaped, tapering profile thickness from 1.9 cm to 0.5 cm at its thinnest point.
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Dell has released a clone of the 27-inch iMac for Windows 7

Dell has released a direct competitor to the 27-inch iMac c IPS-matrix 2560 x 1440. Monoblock is cheaper Apple-analogue $ 300 while the processor is equipped with the latest generation.
XPS One 27 is an analog of the older model Apple iMac, which has a display with a diagonal and a resolution. In addition, and in fact, and in another case, the matrix is ​​the technology IPS. Similarity of computers adds a metal casing, as well as wireless mouse and keyboard.

Model XPS One 27 has display 27-inch 16:9 WLED backlit and a resolution of Full Quad HD. According to the company, this screen is well suited for working with digital content, photographs and computer games.
Depending on the configuration, XPS One 27 is equipped with memory up to 16 GB, 3.5-inch hard drive with a speed of 7200 rev / min up to 2 TB, along with SSD-drive capacity of 32GB technology and Intel Smart Response Technology; video processor Nvidia GeForce GT 640M c 1 GB of memory and Blu-ray-driven c slot-loading.

In this standard configuration includes a 4-core processor Core i5-3450s with a frequency of 2.8 GHz (with a dynamic increase in frequency to 3.5 GHz) or Core i7-3770s with a frequency of 3.1 GHz with up to 3.9 GHz (third generation, code-named Ivy Bridge), with integrated graphics controller Intel HD 4000 4 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive on; DVD-drive with a slot-loading, LAN controller with up to 1 Gbit / s Adapter Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0 four USB 3.0; two USB 2.0; line-out; HDMI-input and HDMI-out (1.4), 7.1-channel optical connector SPDIF; microphone and headphone jacks, card reader and remote control.
In addition, standard equipment includes a web camera with Full HD-resolution and a microphone, speaker Waves MaxxAudio 4 with support for surround sound 7.1 and built-in speakers Infinity. The computer comes preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium.

Cost Dell XPS One 27 in the standard configuration is $ 1399. In some Asian countries, the model "all-in-one" is out now on the market.
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iPhone 5 Latest drawings leaked through official network engineering

Author of Japanese portal ilab.cc claims to have received at the disposal of engineering drawings iPhone 5. The scheme, according to the blogger, shows a new generation of smartphone Apple, Which is expected to release this fall.
In the hands of the journalist got the drawings of those parts of the body of the future iPhone, which can make decisions about the changes that have occurred in the layout and characteristics of the device compared to the iPhone 4S.

According to them, iPhone 5 will receive an updated form factor: Smartphone extended in height, while maintaining the same width of the device. According to the schematic representation, the main difference from all the predecessors of the screen is larger - at the same width of 1.94 inches of increased height of the display and came close to a "widescreen" aspect ratio of 16:9. At the same time moved to the front camera on the other side of the speaker. In other designs the iPhone 5 is almost completely repeats the shape of iPhone 4/4S.

"Insiders gave me a engineering drawings of the new iPhone. They are used by developers in the factories of Foxconn's main partner for the production of ready-made device "- writes the blogger.

According to previous rumors, the next iPhone should get a brand new form factor, but these images, along with photographs of the body, published yesterday, 9to5Mac , proved almost a complete line of design buildings iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, except for the size of the displays.
It is expected that the serial product of this series will be presented by October this year, so time for further discussion of the possible characteristics of new items we have plenty.
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Samsung officially introduced the mini-PC Chromebox and second-generation laptops Chromebook

Despite the fact that the nettop Samsung Series 3 Chromebox, and laptops Samsung Series 5 Chromebook have been demonstrated even at CES 2012 earlier this year, before their official premieres (and even then only in the U.S.), it came just now. But now know the exact specs of devices and prices.
Full name of the line of notebooks - Samsung Series 5 Chromebook 550. The series includes two models, designated XE550C22-A01 and XE550C22-H01. The specifications of the same, but the difference lies only in that the first adapter is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, and the second - another module and 3G.
In the configuration of each laptop is dual-core Celeron 867 1.3 GHz, 4 GB RAM, SSD 16 GB and 12.1-inch display 1280 x 800 pixels. Among other things, equipping Series 5 Chromebook 550 - built-in web-camera, slot for memory cards, two ports USB 2.0, DisplayPort, and a connector for the headset. Claimed weight for each model - 1.48 kg, the maximum battery life - 6 hours.
The production index nettop Series 3 Chromebox - XE300M22-A01. It is equipped with dual-core CPU Intel Celeron B840 (1,9 GHz), 4GB of RAM and a SSD of 16 GB. The product is also fitted with an adapter connection Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, six USB 2.0 ports and three video outputs - two DisplayPort and DVI. Weight nettop - 1.11 kg. Interestingly, with the computer keyboard is not included - it is, both wired and wireless, assigned to the category options.
All three products are running Chrome, in this case - the nineteenth edition with an improved interface and support for several new features such as Google Drive and Remote desktop.
Sales of Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and Samsung Series 3 Chromebox in the U.S. starting today, May 30. The cost of a laptop that supports only Wi-Fi, is $ 450, a version with support for Wi-Fi and 3G is estimated at $ 100 more expensive. For comparison, during the announcement at CES 2012 was assumed that the laptops will cost $ 400 and $ 450 respectively. As for the price of Series 3 Chromebox, it is lower - $ 330. Devices can be purchased only at major online retailers like Amazon, NewEgg, and BestBuy.
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Keyboard Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for the Mac, iPad and iPhone is powered by a solar battery

Unlike other similar devices, wireless keyboard Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 does not need batteries or accumulators. The input device, designed for use with Mac, iPad and iPhone, powered by built-in solar panel.
According to the manufacturer, the battery is able to feed the keyboard battery from any source of light - outdoors, indoors and even in low or artificial light. A full charge allows you to work within three months - even in total darkness (at the rate of eight hours per day).
To a computer, tablet or smartphone keyboard is connected to interface Bluetooth. There are fast switching from Mac to iPad and iPhone (while you can "fix" to the keyboard for up to three devices). The layout of the keyboard includes keys Command, Brightness, Eject, and other keys, which are used to the presence of computer users Apple.
Sales of Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 should begin in the U.S. and Europe in early June for a suggested price of $ 80.
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29 May 2012

HTC One X using as hammer

At the presentation of the line HTC One Peter Chou (Peter Chou), executive director of the corporation HTC, talked about the many wonderful features of the new smartphones. In general, emphasis was placed on their audio component, which is promoted by the brand Beats, as well as that at the request of Mr. Chow's superior to those of the iPhone 4S - thank you for this new camera module, a unique software and chip technology Image Sense. However, for some reason did not Peter Chou said that the flagship, the smartphone HTC One X, you can hammer nails .
As you know, the case HTC One X, the flagship of the new line is made ​​of durable plastic, which the manufacturer specifies a polycarbonate. The body is solid and it has only two recoverable items: slide for SIM-card (MicroSIM) and the protective glass that covers the body. HTC say that the glass is made ​​by the Corning Technologies and define it as Gorilla Glass. The first test of strength and glass, and the case passed from users, journalists and even the most inquisitive sellers . It was found that polycarbonate is really resistant to crashes, and the glass does not let us down. However, you can break all would wish.
At this time, the desire to smash HTC One X arose among residents of China. They undertook to check whether you can use the HTC One X for some types of household chores - namely, for nailing. And the nail in a tree is not boarded up housing smartphone, and protective glass. After a lengthy strike a nail, he was finally beaten in the tree, and it turned out that the flagship of HTC has stood the test with flying colors - the glass remained intact. Certainly, some scratches on it still, but the video quality does not allow them to consider. Once again, it was confirmed that handset manufacturers knowingly pay British company Corning for this technology. True, HTC One X was a serious disadvantage, which will prevent you from using the smartphone as a hammer - it's too easy.
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Will look like three-dimensional maps in iOS 6 [photos]

The fact that Apple plans to give up Google maps on smartphones iPhone, media players and iPad tablet iPod touch, replacing them with its own mapping application, became known in early May . Just two authoritative publications have received this information  from different sources. The new maps in the operating system iOS 6 will be used a revolutionary three-dimensional view based on technology from C3 Technologies , which Apple acquired last year.
Swedish C3 develops 3D-maps from 2007, after being separated from SAAB AB, which specializes in the manufacture of aerospace equipment and military electronics. Three-dimensional images made by combining several images taken at different angles from the aircraft, equipped with digital SLR cameras.

Design mapping program, Apple will be different from Google Maps, which are used in iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and thus will be faster, clearer and more reliable. A distinctive feature of Apple's own applications will be a new, 3D-view mode.
According to BGR, who managed to get hold of spy photos of new applications in the main interface of the program will be a special button to locate the device. At the same time to cause a three-dimensional mode, you need to "bend" the lower-right corner of the application. After that, next to the button to turn on geolocation will switch «3D».
According to BGR, the application icon from Apple and will differ from existing icons Google Maps, in particular, will change its colors.

It is expected that the new platform iOS 6 will be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2012 , which will be held from 11 to 15 June in San Francisco. If Apple can create a revolutionary product that "will change the world" in the field of mapping services, it will be really powerful competitor to Google Maps.
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Apple posted the schedule of the conference WWDC 2012

Programmers World Conference  Worldwide Developers Conference  - a special event for any developer for iOS and Mac OS X. Those wishing to enter at training sessions and workshops to discuss issues with Apple engineers and make useful contacts galore.
Today Apple posted the schedule WWDC 2012 , which will be held from 11 to 15 June 2012 in the exhibition complex, San Francisco. Learn about upcoming sessions are lucky ticket holders a $ 1599, who managed to book a place at the conference  two hours after the discovery of virtual offices . The implication was that everyone who wanted to attend the event, was quite enough time. However, information about the WWDC 2012 was released at 8:30 am North American Eastern Time, and the tickets ran out at 10:30, when developers from the U.S. west coast is just beginning to wake up.

Also in support of the WWDC 2012 the company released amobile application for the iPhone , which allows you to see the schedule, book a place at the sessions, the latest news and view photos from the event.

According to official information, at the annual developer conference WWDC will be held over 100 workshops, training sessions, question and answer session, and will be awarded prizes Apple Design Awards, which nominated the most outstanding applications last year.

In this year's WWDC 2012 is expected to debut mobile OSes  iOS 6  and desktop platforms  OS X Mountain Lion . Despite the fact that Apple has officially invited developers to discuss issues related only to the future of their operating systems, it is likely that the conference will be presented to "apple" next-generation smart phone. Each year, Apple announced at WWDC new versions of their smartphones, with the exception of iPhone 4S, the output of which was postponed to October 2011.
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iPhone 5: This is the new back cover with dock thunderbolt | Rumor (Updated: New Photos leaked)

The popular Web site 9to5Mac , specializing in news about the Apple world, reports that the company iFixYouri  known in the repair parts for iPhone, would receive information about a new component that seems to be the back cover of the next generation iPhone 5 .
As reported by the sources, the component would be realized in aluminum alloy and complement both the back panel that all four sides of the housing of the device. As you can see, the component seems to respect the voices that have been chased up a few weeks ago who wanted the back cover of the sixth generation of the iPhone pretty solid and refined .

According to the last entries, in fact, this would have to incorporate a metal panel in the central section of the back cover of the device, although the panel appears to be merely a final part to be hooked to a portion of houses much more robust.
The cover shown by the American website also includes the edges of the device, a port for a smaller dock connector (probably with free thunderbolt) is clearly visible, as well as speakers and a larger grid for the microphone. According to the source, Apple will benefit from the space freed by the adoption of a smaller dock improving the performance of next generation iPhone speaker .
The source says, finally, that the feature will be available not only in the now classic colors white and black, but in two other colors , although it is not yet clear which colors will be chosen to "decorate" the final product.
Update - New detailed photos:
From the new picture emerged it seems that the headset jack 3.5 "has been placed at the bottom of the device, the side of the new dock connector. The same provision found today on the current iPod Touch. Other pictures show, instead, a probable white version of the device with a central part in metal. Will this really the new iPhone 5?  by
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[Flash Drive] PNY Transformer Attaché has a rugged steel housing and a carbine swivel

The range of PNY Technologies added to the flash drive Transformer Attaché, shown in the illustrations. The drive model is similar to PNY Attaché Hook , but differs from it in that rifle mounted on a hinge. Swivel hook provides the ability to rotate 180 °. Due to this drive PNY Transformer Attaché is better suited for external attachment to bags, backpacks, etc. Drive Enclosure is made ​​of steel and able to endure hardships associated with outdoor seating. It is waterproof and dustproof.
Go to your computer hard drive is connected via an interface USB 2.0. The amount of "flash" can be equal to 4, 8, 16 or 32 GB. The speed record of 16 models and 32 GB up to 10 MB / s read - 32 MB / s. Recording speed models with 4 and 8 GB up to 8 MB / s read - 24 MB / s.
Device dimensions are 4,5 x 13,9 x 47,7 mm, weight - 8.78, the manufacturer provides the "transformer" five-year warranty.
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RAIDMAX bring at Computex four "radical" new models of housing for the PC

The company promised RAIDMAX show at the exhibition Computex, which will be held in Taipei from June 5 to 9, seven new models of housing for the PC. It will also show the newly released model AGUSTA (in the illustration), RAPTOR, and ORION.
New housing company expects to include in its product range in the second half. It is alleged that four of the seven models "are radically different in design" from the fact that the company RAIDMAX released earlier.
In particular, the model, which will become the flagship of this year, the manufacturer calls "a real breakthrough." Chassis server-level width of 245 mm equipped with several fans, including two 200-millimeter fan. 
At the same time show RAIDMAX new power supplies that are certified 80 Plus Gold and Bronze.
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