30 April 2012

HP introduced five new desktop computers based on Intel Ivy Bridge

The company HP announced five new desktop computers, equipped processors Ivy Bridge Intel Core family of third generation. Models HP Omni 220qd, Omni27 qd and TouchSmart 520xt made ​​in monoblock form factor. PC «all-in-one» is ideal for use in offices and apartments with limited workspace.
HP Pavilion HPE h8t and HPE Phoenix is ​​a powerful workstations to work with "heavy" software applications that consume a lot of resources. This applies to games and video editing. Models HP Omni 220qd, Omni27 qd, TouchSmart 520xt and the HP Pavilion HPE h8t go on sale June 24. Model HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix debuted on April 29.

The price level is as follows: $ 999, $ 1199, $ 999, $ 649 and $ 1149 for the model HP Omni 220qd, HP Omni27 qd, HP TouchSmart 520xt, HP Pavilion HPE h8t and the HP Pavilion HPE Phoenix, respectively.
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iTV threatened by competitors before entering the market

Effect of Apple's consumer electronics market is huge. That is why any new "apple" product attracts attention even before the official announcement. So it was with the mysterious TV iTV, which is supposed to come to market later this year.
If Apple does release his TV, other manufacturers - even today's leaders - will have easy, writes BFM. A large number of owners of TV Sony, Samsung and LG said they would buy a new product from Apple.

According to a recent survey conducted among residents of the U.S. and the UK, many are ready to take the money to the store to get a TV with a logo as a bitten apple. Among the 6000 respondents users get the idea Apple-TV seems attractive for 25% of Americans polled and 30% of Britons. Among those who are already using a device manufacturing Apple, more people are willing to buy a TV the same brand - 38% of Americans and 43% of the UK.

About the same devotion to customers in relation to other producers, however. Among Britons 38% of the current Samsung TV owners and 36% - Sony - are ready to "run across" an army of fans in the Apple, as soon as she put up on the shelves of their products. In the U.S., the main victims of the competition will be LG - 31% of the current owners of this brand TV said buy a new TV Apple.

Numerous rumors about iTV run from October last year. Getting them to put the biography of Steve Jobs, Apple founder of which said the device, which should change the existing ideas about television. Since then, the market is rife with rumors about what will be the same brand new TV. Earlier it was reported that the device could be ready this year. Other sources claimed that he should not expect early in 2013.

Many experts have stated that the product will be in demand in the market if its price will not exceed $ 1,000 - $ 1,500. However, later there were assumptions that the iTV will be focused, like the other products in the "elite" segment and the price could range from $ 2,000 - $ 3,000.

Even in this case, the buyers for the goods there. Most likely, the TV will be integrated with other products of the company. But the main bet Apple will do to the excellent design and quality of the product.

It is unlikely that sales will be for the Apple TV as an important area of ​​business, as the implementation of mobile devices - iPhone and the iPad. However, provided the interaction between the products themselves, including the integration of various services, such as games, movies, music, iTV (or a product with a different name) will be able to find its niche in the market.

Apple itself has traditionally does not comment on rumors about the upcoming products. The only product at the moment Apple, referring to the television - the prefix Apple TV, was sold in the last quarter in an amount of 1.4 million units.
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Play "Diablo III" need what graphics card?

Looking forward, looking forward to the spring to "Diablo 3" is just around ...
So many years, "Diablo God 3" beta has finally come, from the official release also the remaining half of the time. Game engine and PC configuration than a few years ago, "Diablo 2" The time is long in the same category, so now what configuration to be able to play "Diablo 3"?
Recently, the participation of "Diablo 3" global beta users give relevant experience description:

Here today, "Diablo God" global beta, the actual game he discovered that the game graphics really low in the Intel Core i5-2430M plus the NVIDIA GT550M (2GB DDR3 memory, core and memory of the silent electric small ultra 10%) with the hardware environment, open 1366 x 768 resolution (common laptop resolution ), open the anti-aliasing and all effects, the single-player game frame rate remained above 30 , more smooth; four game fell to 15-20 fps in intense fighting will Caton feeling (aside the screen on the speed in terms of U.S. service itself sometimes Caton phenomenon).

This point of view, the "Diablo 3" graphics requirements is not too low, the notebook platform, open the mainstream 1366 × 768 resolution at least needs more than the GT 550M graphics card, if you want in the 1080P resolution run smoothly, then estimated at more than the GTX, 570M graphics is essential.

Back to the desktop platform, I estimate that the GTS 450/HD 67 a class graphics card will be able to run smoothly in 1680 × 1050 resolution , 1920 × 1080 resolution group, GTX, 460/HD 6800-level graphics card.

These are just the author's estimation, the next few days we will build a test platform for all practical test "Diablo, Diablo 3 really need what graphics card.
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Windows 7 official theme of the most warmth

Whether human or animal, and maternal love are so selfless and great. To pay tribute to maternal love, add a ray of warmth for your desktop, Microsoft announced a the Windows 7 theme: "Furry Families.
Hug a polar bear, the lion with the intimacy of friction, the embracing of the otters snuggle together Penguin ... everything is so gentle, people can not help but disturb time freeze at that moment. If you like the warmth of style, so do not hesitate, and quickly download this theme.
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Dell started selling gaming notebooks Alienware M14x, M17x and M18x processors Ivy Bridge

Three models of Alienware gaming laptops updated their inclusion in the configuration of Intel Core third-generation (Ivy Bridge).
Model M14x, according to the manufacturer, is "the most powerful 14-inch laptop in the universe," is designed for gamers who are looking for a balance between mobility and performance. At the same time as an option offered equipment M14x two drives, and the maximum amount of RAM is 16 GB. Equipped with a laptop on a processor Intel Core i7-3610QM, i7-3720QM, i7-3820QM or Core i7-3820QM includes the Blu-ray and 3D-card NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M memory type GDDR5. Product dimensions are 37.8 x 258.4 x 337.0 mm Weight (with battery) - 2.92 kg.
M17x models feature the processor Core i7-3610QM, i7-3720QM or i7-3820QM is the presence of a stereoscopic display WideFHD size 17.3 inches diagonal with a frame rate of 120 Hz, proposed as an alternative to the normal display of the same size (NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses are supplied). Picture it can generate 3D-card AMD Radeon HD 7970M, NVIDIA GeForce GT 660M or 675M. The maximum amount of memory is 32 GB. Dimensions are 44.5 x Notebook 304.3 x 410.0 mm Weight (with battery) - from 4.26 kg.
M18x laptop on a processor Intel Core i7-3610QM, i7-3720QM, i7-3820QM, i7-3920XM (two variants - one with a processor operating at a frequency of 3.8 GHz, the second - overclocked to 4.1 GHz) in the company considered the most productive 18-inch model, which is suitable for those who put performance above the mobility. Flagship Alienware can be equipped with two 3D-card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M, operating in the mode of NVIDIA SLI, the total amount of memory which is 4 GB. In the coming weeks, the manufacturer promises to add a version of the M18x with two 3D-card AMD Radeon HD 7970m. According to the press release, the configuration of the mobile computer can include HDD up to 750 TB and three SSD total volume up to 768 GB (3 x 256 GB). The description on the website Alienware are even more impressive data: 1 TB and 1.2, respectively. Dimensions are 53.0 x Notebook 322.5 x 436.0 mm Weight (with battery of 12 cells) - 5.41 kg.
The common features are the new products support Intel Turbo Boost 2.0, the presence of interfaces, HDMI 1.4, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0, the presence of surround speakers to the speaker output, certified by THX.
Base price M14x - $ 1100, M17x - $ 1500, M18x - $ 2000.
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With the NVIDIA GeForce Experience will be set optimum settings in games

The event GeForce LAN Shanghai NVIDIA presented its new development. This development does not apply to single-chip graphics processors, or systems for mobile devices - categories in recent years are the most active generators News NVIDIA with the word in the title. Although a definite relation to the first of these categories has a new product. It is called the GeForce Experience is a technology and optimal tuning graphics performance PCs for gaming, implemented by means of the "cloud" computing.
The principle of the GeForce Experience seems pretty simple. The system sends to the server details of your configuration, and in return receives the optimum settings. The interesting part is that, allegedly involved in the elaboration of the optimal settings supercomputers that can take into account all the nuances of possible combinations of GPU, CPU, motherboard and device drivers.
The need for such an instrument, according to NVIDIA, is very high: statistics show that 80% of gamers do not change the settings, not resulting in the highest quality graphics, which are capable of their PCs.
The work of the service in a test mode to start in June.
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LG "abandons" spotlight on Android Phone for Windows

Bad news for the Windows Phone: LG Electronics today in an interview with the Korea Herald reported the absence of plans for the Microsoft OS for the foreseeable future.
The reason is simple: the manufacturer wants to focus on Android for new models after realizing that

The amount of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not significant

LG ensures that the partnership with Microsoft still enjoys good health, but the plan to focus on Windows Phone did not work (although there seems to date from 2009, the company is "focused" on this very OS). If the poor sales of the platform plus the loss to the producer (in a positive return only now after nearly two years) and the resulting reduction in market share against Samsung and HTC, it was easy to imagine a move like this.

The interview with the Herald, however, continued reassurance by LG will continue its efforts on research and development for the Microsoft system.
From these words it can be assumed then a long pause where LG will not launch any Windows smartphone, probably jumping the launch of Windows Phone 8 and waiting for a "silent" eventual success of the OS made in Redmond.

LG then leave in the hands of Nokia, Samsung and HTC (the main) the fate of Windows Phone, a major loss for the mobile OS whereas the cheapest devices were precisely those of the Korean manufacturer.
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KegDroid: the mobile phone with Android dispenses beer with Arduino

Maybe the phones of the future "will also make the coffee," but right now we have to make the technology available that allows up to us to drink beer. How? Simple, with KegDroid, a beer dispenser automatically controlled by an Android tablet.
The project combines three of the passions of the geek world: Android, Arduino, and, of course, beer! To create the KegDroid developers have created a mega android which is placed inside the controller Arduino programmed for the occasion.

The interface used is the one with the Android tablet that scans information from an NFC reader (using a card that enables the machine) and give us a screen selection of beers of the day and allows you to set the amount delivered.
The beer "flows" from the foot of the droid (connected to the refrigeration machine with the barrels) and the spilling of the mount arms. Then simply place the glass, open the tap and choose the amount of beer to be dispensed with progress shown in real time on screen.

Obviously the system can be used with any drink and micro payments via NFC-enabled ... we will see the birth Android bars in the future?
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NOVA 3: May be on Android and the first video of gameplay

Gameloft has already piqued our curiosity a few days ago  with a teaser of NOVA 3 that did not show the actual game, but that will surely come your mouth water lovers in the series, the dose is now from the first (spectacular) trailer of the game, announcing its release in May imminent, both for Android that IOS.
Aliens, grenade explosions and swarms found in the short video below, set along the streets of a city plagued by war that our futuristic alter-ego will naturally be called upon to unravel.
Further details are currently unknown, but at least from the point of view and feel the work done by Gameloft seems to strive for excellence  and, if everything goes as it should, within a month or so we will know little if indeed (as some say) Crysis has landed on Android . Or at least a relative.
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Notebook manufacturers go behind Apple abandon optical drives

Apple consistently refuses to optical disc drives in their computers based on Mac OS X. To date, the "apple" product line has two computers- MacBook Air laptop and a miniature Mac mini - do not have this component. Steve Jobs' company is confident that the software distribution online services these days was better than the physical media.
According to some reports, in 2012, Apple plans to eliminate the optical drive and the default configuration of the MacBook Pro laptop new , making it optional. The same assumption is consistent with the message of the discontinuation of a 17-inch MacBook Pro update , as you know, equipped with an optical reader 8x SuperDrive with slot-loading.

As it became known to DigiTimes, the major laptop manufacturers - Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell and ASUS - are planning to follow the example of Apple. They're going to release laptops with screens 15-inch and more that will be devoid of internal CD-ROM drive.

Exit "non» MacBook Pro is expected in the current quarter. Implementation of the plans of other companies will depend on how the new product will meet the market Apple. If the new MacBook Pro «not go," that other vendors will adjust their plans and return to models with optical drives, said a source.

According to information received by DigiTimes ODM-partner, by removing the DVD-ROM drive, producers can make Windows-laptops are thinner than 1 mm, and $ 20 cheaper. On the one hand - a little bit, but on the other - many people are becoming aware of the fact that from the "optics" it's time to give up. So let the producers will make their move, and the reaction of buyers will show whether it was timely.
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Dropbox and SkyDrive: true paladins guarding of our files?

A few days ago we peeked in the licenses of three popular services cloud storage and the location of Big G ​​has slightly concerned but also other services are just so? To answer this question, we submitted in the conditions of use of two of the most famous, Dropbox and Skydrive, and other details have emerged not exactly reassuring .
Starting with Dropbox , one of the first lines states that the company will not provide our content to anyone ever , even in legal cases:
No matter how the Services change, we will not share your content with others, Including Law Enforcement
which one part is reassuring, but the other very credible, so we would expect his side to a lot of asterisks, ready to conceal "the catch".
A few lines later, we discover that in fact we are the sole responsibility of the account and the actions derived from it, whether or not expressly authorized by us, and that if we want our data is safe with us we have to worry about building a secure connection the server.
You are Responsible for any activity using your account, Whether or not you Authorized That activity. (...) It is your responsibility to use a secure encrypted connection to communicate with the Services.
Continuing, we came across another sentence rather enigmatic , which seems to refer in a contradictory way to the first point:
We Will Respond to Alleged notices of copyright infringement If They Comply with the law and are properly provided to us.
or, in case of copyright infringement, Dropbox could provide the required data .We end the tracking on this service with a fairly obscure last paragraph:
We may share your information with a third party application with your consent, (...) we are not Responsible for Those parties do what with your information.
In a nutshell, Dropbox can share our data with other applications, but the company is not responsible for what third parties do with this information. What is legitimate in the sense that it will only against our consent, but if we want to be sure it is better not to give it regardless.
Moving to Redmond, the old story does not change much with SkyDrive promises the same things as Dropbox, only to emphasize that
The user is responsible for backing up data files in the service. Following the suspension or cancellation of service, it may permanently delete your information from their servers without any obligation to return the data to the user.
Report also the possibilities for the company to automatically load information on the user's computer and using the same service is offered by Microsoft, allowing himself the right to change the contract at any time, especially:
Microsoft may access information about you, including the content of your communications, or to disclose: (a) comply with legal requirements or comply with legal requirements or with legal process, (b) protect the rights or owned by Microsoft or its customers, including the enforcement of contracts Microsoft or policies governing the use of Microsoft's service by the user, or (c) protect the personal safety of employees, customers or users Microsoft, in good faith belief that such access or disclosure is necessary for that purpose.
But what is meant by good faith ? We ask this because in the end also contains a clause similar to Google Drive.
Consulting with Big G, we note that Google does not attempt to dispose of property of you, but simply a warning, with the most colorful tones , that if you load something on their servers, something that could be used, but only for services that Mountain View is interesting: a kind of suggestions box implied that looks very much like a mirror for larks or at least to  a hook is not too inviting .Through the text, we note an interesting clause that the company arrogates the right to show our content in good faith , just like Microsoft.
Apparently, however, is not all that glitters is gold , and none of the three services seem free from objections and "data leakage": what do you think?
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Thunderbolt interface will become popular until the end of the year

Standard Thunderbolt, developed by Intel as a replacement for the current interfaces, while not widespread among the owners of Windows-based PCs. While only one Apple in droves introduced a promising technology in their machines. But the situation by the end of this year, essentially unchanged. At least, so says Intel in the face of the vice-president of the company.
Thunderbolt was first introduced more than a year ago , participated in its design engineers at Intel, in collaboration with Apple. This interface has incredible features: data transfer rate up to 10 Gbit / s (in term of up to 100 Gbit / s) at a distance of 100 meters, which is comparable to the speed HDMI, two times faster than standard USB 3.0, three times faster than eSATA / SATA 300, ten times faster than Gigabit Ethernet, and more than 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and FireWire 400.
Apple's participation in the development of the standard meant that the company became the first PC manufacturers release machines with Thunderbolt. And so it happened. First introduced in Cupertino Mac with appropriate functionality, and then appeared in Thunderbolt computers from companies Lenovo, ASUS and Acer .

At the moment the market is little more than 20 peripheral devices interface with support for Thunderbolt. First of all, this external hard drives and monitors. But the projected Intel, the end of 2012 their number will grow to hundreds of titles by the end of next year's Thunderbolt-range devices will be in the thousands.
As for the peripheral gadgets, the Thunderbolt got support in the first external hard drives from manufacturers such as Matrox, Western Digital, Seagate. Apple in addition to the list released 27-inch Display Thunderbolt .

So due to what Intel hopes to increase the popularity of the interface Thunderbolt - if more than a year, demand was Thunderbolt except among users of a Mac, why should a fracture occur in the minds of the public? Hope for a brighter future is associated with CPUs and chipsets Ivy Bridge for them. The new motherboards based on this chip will support the work of the native interface Thunderbolt. Previously, to implement similar functionality producers used the extra chips. More and more systems will be able to work with the Thunderbolt.
Of course, not be forgotten, and the usual generic USB 3.0 - both technologies are wired data transmission will be cohabiting in a single system. Moreover, in the near future there will be mobile PCs with two kinds of ports, which in turn will lead to a significant increase in range of Thunderbolt-periphery.
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Wireless transmission of pictures between iOS-devices using iPhoto

During the presentation  of the third generation iPad Apple introduced a mobile photo editor  iPhoto for the iPhone and tablet iPad. Software, Ported from the desktop version for Mac OS X, designed for viewing and cataloging of photos and has advanced editing features.

iPhoto for iOS supports brushes, offers a set of qualitative effects, multisensory editing and many other features. The application can choose from a library of similar photos, capable of processing images at resolutions up to 19 megapixels, producing their automatic correction to align the horizon, and publish images to popular social networks.

Few know that the application iPhoto also allows you to wirelessly transmit images from one iOS-device to another via a common Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. In other words, if you edit a photo on your iPad, you can instantly send it directly to a full-size copy of the iPhone - or vice versa. However, if you check the check image, edit it or add a signature, all this will also be transferred.

How to share photos between iOS-devices using iPhoto:

Step 1 : Launch iPhoto on both gadgets.

Step 2 : Click the button with the gear in the lower right corner of the program and include «Wireless Beaming».

Step 3 : Take a tap on the photo or album that you want to translate to another iGadget, click the arrow at the top and select the «Beam».

Step 4 : Confirm the wireless transmission of images and click on the second device «Beam Photos».

Step 5 : Click "Yes" to the receiving device to start the broadcasts.

A prerequisite for the successful transfer of photos via iPhoto is the inclusion of geolocation services. If you are forced to shut down the operation of this service for an application Apple, go to Settings -> geolocation, and turn the dial next to iPhoto.
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The founder of Google X talked about augmented reality glasses and made them a photo

The project points augmented reality Google was announced a few weeks ago. Initially, it was not clear, the concept is either a real device While the co-founder of the Internet Corporation Sergey Brin has not appeared in public in the prototype points. He also said that the gadget is at an early stage of development and does not have full functionality, which is shown in the promotional video.
Recently, Sebastien Tran, a professor at Stanford University and founder of the Laboratory of Google X, which develops an accessory codenamed «Project Glass», was invited to American television, to be exact - on the Charlie Rose show. That would be an ordinary interview, if Tran had not come to the shooting in augmented reality glasses.

Guest Rose made it clear that the project has already moved his laboratory from the concept stage to create a functioning prototype stage: the touch of a housing unit he did a photo and posted it on the web a couple of nods. Tran also said that the glasses today can be used for working with e-mails, thanks to the voice commands, however, have not demonstrated their application. Glass and can read the messages to the user, which, oddly enough, is not used telepathy, and a simple headset.

According to Tran, the modern technology of augmented reality failed because of low concentration on ways to facilitate interactions between people. With Glass, for example, in his words, "other people can see what I see." The video shows that the glasses are sitting on the eyes and do not interfere with their owner to inspect the environment is not augmented reality, also got into the lens with respect to the massive power behind the ear Tran, which supposedly contains the battery.

When the offspring of Project Glass will be in retail sales - is unknown, but if the search giant will address a number of technical problems, such glasses can replace the usual smartphone us by becoming a device for everyday use.

The full version of the video can be viewed on the video below:
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The function of self-destruction iPhone after an incorrect password [video]

According to rumors, the Cupertino-based company has decided to refuse a glass case and clothe the new iPhone in the "clothes" from the "liquid metal". It is also assumed that the smartphone will receive increases of up to 5-inch screen from edge to edge.
Designers of AatmaStudio, had previously submitted a concept iPad three laser-guided , Apple engineers planted one more interesting idea. Their next generation iPhone able to bring myself inoperable. This feature is designed to make the theft of "fruit" of mobile phones an exercise in futility.

The principle of operation of this function is that if someone finds your mobile phone, locked four-digit password, the user is given three attempts to enter the secret combination. In that case, if the correct password is entered, the built-Voice Assistant Siri will report an attacker, he made a mistake and will lead the unit inoperable.

Thus, the developers of the concept believe that when the last user will get an iPhone with such a function, with the theft of smartphones, at least the production of Apple, will be eliminated.
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LG Cloud beta in the U.S. and Korea: 50 GB free, but only for the first 6 months

Tell me and I'll tell that cloud you who you are : now lacks only the gardener in the house to have its say in the increasingly tangled world of services, Cloud Storage , where the last company LG, which will be tomorrow as many as 50 GB free for all its customers and Korean Americans.
The service reminds that the recently launched by Sony , especially since it will be voted to ' connect all devices to LG brand , rather than whether Android smartphone smart TV, so that the videos uploaded on the cloud will be trans-coded on the fly to optimize the bandwidth usage and also allow streaming of 3D content.
There are already applications for Android and Windows , although it still lacks a dedicated web portal, but not long in coming. The "scam" if anything, lies in the space provided: for the first 6 months, LG users will receive 50 GB simply by installing the free app for Android, but this is made ​​possible by well-known collaboration with LG Box ,  after this period, however, the space will drop dramatically to 5 GB , and fall to 2 GB for users of devices that are not LG.
What will happen any excess data is not clear but, although the policy of " try it for free for a while 'and then pay "can adapt well to satellite TV, for example, there seems to be a very good formula for a storage service. In any case the service is (currently) reserved for the U.S. and Korea, so basically we have little to complain about. Or perhaps why should we?
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Aby Escape apk v1.2 Download Free for iPhone, iPod touc, and iPad

BulkyPix with his Spanish colleagues of Pixel Ratio study, announced the release of their game on the App Store: Aby Escape
Escape Aby, present for a few days in the app store, is a running game made entirely in 3D, which offers varied gameplay that requires you to be as fast as possible with two game modes:
slips, jumps and accelerates to dodge all the obstacles in your way. Collect items to unlock a lot of power-ups. Already reached the best result possible and complete 50 unique challenges.
STORY MODE **** ****
Advance through 30 levels passing through different universes to 3, more than any kind of obstacle and special situation: a catapult, an American Football stadium, elephants, trucks, and a cemetery, just to name a few. Aby Escape Developer:BULKYPIX Price:Free Download from App Store.
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29 April 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3, what size it is?

Web comes a new image of the alleged Galaxy S3 , this time with a ruler next to whom we serve is able to deduce the actual size of the device and its display. Many voices, in fact, have followed over time the size of the display of the New Galaxy : 4.65, 4.7, 4.8 inches. Whoever was right? But above all, is too large the Galaxy S3 ? We're going to assess their size.
The image you see above is highly subject to error, as a ruler and smartphones are neither straight with respect to a horizontal plane, nor aligned with one another. We, therefore, made ​​some changes to "straighten" the individual images of the ruler and the device in order to have the most reliable components available on which to base ourselves to risk of early issues. Obviously we do not know if that is the true picture in the Galaxy S3 , but there is more of a good reason to believe that he is, as it is the same device seen in photos a few days ago  and very much resembles the design from the user manual leaked , images confirm that, as in this case, the presence of the central Home key .
As you can see from the picture, the device would appear to measure height about 13.9 cm , well 4 mm more than the Galaxy Nexus , which would mean very much on a smartphone. Surely the difference is in the implementation of physical keys / soft-touch.

What has been difficult to obtain has been the size of the display, since the image was not very easy to understand where it ended the display at the right, therefore the device low. After carefully analyzing the image, we came to head the size of the display.

The display seems to measure 10.8 cm and, knowing that the resolution will definitely HD aspect ratio 16:9 , making a simple calculation can be inferred from the width, which was found to be 6 cm .Whereas the Galaxy S3 will almost borderless giving good for the image at the bottom, it can be assumed with a certain degree of approximation that the width of the entire device will be about  6.5 cm .
As for the display yet, now to assess the inch. Pythagoras taught that the sum of areas of the squares of the legs of a right triangle is equal to the area of the square of the hypotenuse. If mathematics is not an opinion, the diagonal measurement of the device trivially 12.35 cm , corresponding to 4.86 inches .
Surely we've done the calculations are not precise to the thousandth as there is still a margin of error that must be taken into account. Most likely the device will have a display of 4.8 inches and is really larger than the Galaxy Nexus . The data, therefore, serve only for a rough assessment of how it could be the smartphone.
4 more days and we will know the truth about the new Galaxy S3!  [ Via ]
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Apple's fall already written?

Life is a roller-coaster, it goes up and down! Such could be the conclusion of the analyst who predicted (not without justification) that the company Apple is going to experience a significant decline from a certain point.
This analyst is George Colony, CEO of the agency Forrester Research analyst, who after studying the evolution of Apple in recent years predicted a fall ... which should be very important! But tell me this is normal after climbing as high in the phone industry by revolutionizing our phones, then in the computer world by revolutionizing the use of notebooks with the arrival of the iPad in 2010 .

But that's not all! Main cause of this decline, the death of the charismatic Steve Jobs replaced since August 2011 by Tim Cook.

It stated:

"In organizations charismatic, magical leader must make way for another leader magical - the emotional connection between employees, the public and the mark required. "

George Colony provides that the company will switch to Apple's decline in two years the image of brands like Sony and Disney ...

So does the iPhone 6S will be the last vintage of Apple is that the Apple brand to be able to find in the depths of his bowels innovations capable of surprising us and conquer us? The future will tell ...

And you think that you have thoughts of the analyst? You join them? Or are you inclined to oppose the idea of ​​seeing Apple go quietly to hell?
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Flite Theme Download Free for iPhone 4, iPod touch, and iPad

Flite Public Beta Theme , still in its beta version, this theme is already very full with lots of icons I find is very nice with its original design, it does lack a dock can be nice? Expect the final version.  This theme is compatible with our iDevices HD iOS 5.0.1 and 5.1.
Installing the Theme:
Theme Flite by  dansaDisco + Wallpaper
Install the theme manually.
Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, and iOS 5.
Download Flite Public Beta Theme
Download Flite Public Beta Wallpaper
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We present 3D-card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690, the expected price - $ 999

As expected , in the event GEFORCE LAN / NVIDIA Game Festival 2012 in Shanghai, which brought together about 6,000 Chinese gamers, NVIDIA introduced its new product. According to the manufacturer, GeForce GTX 690 is the "world's fastest consumer graphics card" .
Among the special features of the skeleton of the manufacturer notes, "covered with aluminum trivalent chromium" and the fan shroud cast magnesium alloy.
The design of the cooling system includes two evaporation chamber and plated radiator with a fan in the center.
At the heart of the video card - two 28-nanometer GPU, built on the architecture of Kepler. In the configuration of the GTX 690 is a total of 3072 nuclei CUDA. The base frequency is 915 MHz, higher - 1019 MHz. The total volume of GDDR5 memory is 4 GB. Each GPU is connected with his half of 256-bit bus.
Supply Chain products, collected on a 10-layer PCB, based on a 10-phase scheme. The additional power is supplied by two Octal sockets. The declared value of TDP - 300W.
On the mounting bracket slots are DL-DVI (three pieces) and the mini-DisplayPort 1.2.
The card supports PCI Express 3.0 and takes two in the PC expansion slot.
In limited quantities NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 will be available starting on May 3, and more widely - from 7 May. According to NVIDIA, GeForce GTX 690 will deliver the company's ASUS, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit and Zotac. The expected price of 3D-card - $ 999.
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Which smartphone has the best battery?

Giving objective advice is never easy, because, as goals may be, there will always be someone who will dispute the general validity, but one thing right now, we are sure: no one can compete with the Razr Maxx when it comes to autonomy .If so it is obvious that the smartphone is in front of Motorola, who I am, however, his more immediate followers?
In analyzing the ' HTC Titan II (which, in case you were wondering, is a Windows Phone ) colleagues GSMArena  have made ​​an interesting comparison on the autonomy that involves models from various manufacturers with the three major mobile OS in the world (of course, Android, iPhone OS and the aforementioned system of Redmond). What emerges is a clear victory for you Razr Maxx, but not always as pronounced as you might think, and also the rear reserve some surprises, but we see in detail the results obtained, which for obvious reasons do not have many models available from we, as the exclusive U.S. territory.
Calling time
The first test is pretty self-explanatory, and if the Razr Maxx wins hands down is curious to note that the international version of the Galaxy notes you place chips in the second , albeit with less than 8 hours to the summit, but the Galaxy is well-LTE Notes 18 ° , with more than 4 hours of detachment between the two. The fault seems to be clear of the LTE radio, but of course this difference is worthy of a first study of placing too much responsibility only to the latter, which of course we can not do for lack of such a network in our country.
Web Browsing
The tests on web browsing, which was conducted under the Wi-Fi, reserves many surprises: first, the victory of the Razr Maxx is not as clear as you might think , indeed barely able to contain the HTC Radar , which in previous test was less than 25 °, but the ' iPhone 4S passes deftly from the nineteenth to the third position. Honorable Mention for the ' HTC V One , who took fourth place for the duration of the call that browsing. Even the Galaxy will not stop Note : this time is version LTE to win the round with 5h and 24min against 3h and 35min of the international model, and the fact that the test was conducted with Wi-Fi makes these results even more strange, and worthy of further investigation.
Play Video
In this field the model of Motorola back to set the pace , clearly separating the runner and reaffirming its leadership. International Notes The Galaxy back to overcome its LTE counterpart , while the HTC V One loses for the first time positions.
Bottom line: the range is one of the major problems for users, it certainly is not from companies that, with the exception of the one model of Motorola, have so far done nothing to surprise us in that sense. The results of the Razr Maxx are great because compared to the general mediocrity , but especially on the web browsing test shows that even in his case there would be so much more to do optimization . If the competition would shift a bit 'more in this field, rather than in the run up to n-th core, we would not mind it at all, otherwise the battery may become the classic thing that everyone complains about but no one strives to change.
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ApplenBerry withdraws maps Gevey Ultra 5.1 because of problems with Unlocking the iPhone 4

One of the most prominent developers of hardware solutions for unlocking smartphones Apple - ApplenBerry - recall turbosim card  Gevey Ultra 1.5 , designed to unlock the iPhone 4 on firmware iOS 5.1
A few days ago, Chinese developers have released a new toolfor SAM , which has made ​​possible the iPhone unlock any model with any version of firmware your modem. By the end of the week Apple has closed thevulnerability , and is currently the method unlocking is no longer valid.

Simultaneously with the announcement of machinery SAM, the company announced the creation ApplenBerry turbosim card Gevey Ultra 5.1, which are compatible with iOS 5.1, and can unlock iPhone 4 baseband 1.59.00, 2.10.04, 3.10.01, 4.10.1, 4.11.08 and 12/4/01.  GEVEY Ultra is a custom map produced by GEVEY, activating force on iOS smartphone through a set of emergency numbers 112 or in a  detached mode .

As it turned out, after Apple closed the vulnerability to SAM-unlock, Gevey SIM Ultra 5.1 no longer perform its function, since they operate at the same ICCID-vulnerability. The company sold the card for $ 50.

"Unfortunately, GEVEY ™ Ultra 5.1 for the GSM iPhone 4 is no longer able to unlock your iPhone 4. Unlocking mechanism used in this model is based on the mechanism of SAM, which used a logic error on the servers of Apple. April 27 Apple has closed the vulnerability.

If you ordered Gevey SIM Ultra 5.1, and you can not unlock the iPhone, you can get your money back in touch with us. "

We add that the owners of smartphones iPhone, tied to the U.S. operator AT & T, can still unlock the contract unit  official way . For details you can see, passing  on this link .
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28 April 2012

Official UEFA EURO 2012 apk v1.0 Download Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

A little more than 2 months from the highly anticipated European Football Championship, UEFA has taken steps to release UEFA EURO 2012, the 'official app directly from your iDevice to follow the entire event in soccer.
Official UEFA EURO 2012 app is free available on App store, and will include the stream of news about teams, games, videos and interviews with direct textual comments of various matches.
Name: Official UEFA EURO 2012 app Download from App Store.
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How to restore the SAM-unlocked iPhone from backup [user]

As we learned from posts on Twitter, Apple held a series of manipulations with their servers for activation of smartphones iPhone, resulting in  the method of SAM-unlock completely stopped working .
Members iPhone, which does not have time to activate their devices for this technology, no longer able to do so. The good news is that by making a backup copy of the records of activation (User backup using Redsn0w is available  here ), you can always restore the unlock. How do we explain below.

Note : assumes that you saved a backup copy of the folder Lockdown to your account at Dropbox. Implement a backup can be any other way, but Dropbox offers one of the easiest and fastest option.

How to restore the SAM-unlocked iPhone from a backup:

Step 1 : Plug in the iPhone unofficial SIM-card for which you have kept records of activation.

Step 2 : Start iFile and go to the folder / var / root / Library. Click Edit in the upper right corner and select the folder Lockdown, and then click to create a ZIP backup. Scroll down the screen to make sure that the archive is in place. Click Finish. Now delete the original folder Lockdown.

Step 3 : Open the Dropbox and locate the saved file on the second step of activation records Lockdown. Unzip the zip-file using iFile. By default, files will be in the folder Documents.

Step 4 : Click Edit in the upper right corner, select and copy the folder LockDown to the clipboard. Click Finish.

Step 5 : Go into the folder / var / root / Library, click Edit in the upper right corner and make a paste from the clipboard.

Step 6 : If you have a tweak SAMPrefs, go to the folder / User / Library / Preferences and locate the SAM. Delete the file com.bingner.sam.plist, if any. So you can avoid possible conflicts in the system.

Step 7 : Turn off your iPhone.

Step 8 : Turn on the phone and wait a minute after loading the home screen. The top row shows the name of your service - congratulations, you did unlock your iPhone!

How to restore the SAM-unlocked iPhone from backup [video]

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Galaxy S3: late May with TIM to 699 € 32GB version

The rumors that up to now circulate around the Galaxy S3 are slowly advancing and among the latest images, and render official confirmation, the new top range Samsung is taking shape. What is missing is, in addition to the finalization of the device, the price and release date. Thanks to some sources we are told in the inclusion list by Tim Galaxy S3 32GB version priced at € 699 .
A price which is obviously not yet available and that the new Samsung player will see the end of May. If everything was officially confirmed (at the moment we can not give you this information as absolutely certain, for obvious reasons), the Galaxy S3 could reach the market sooner than expected and very few weeks after the official presentation of next May 3.

Not only that but also confirmed that the 32GB version will be also included in the list TIM All Inclusive to 12 euros per month for 30 months. The details of the offer will surely be announced in the coming weeks, but it is a further confirmation of the price already suggested in previous articles.
Hopefully in a 16GB version perhaps to 599 € although it is difficult or unlikely, however, to launch. TIM, however, expect the convention to be held May 6 for any official confirmation.
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Galaxy Note ICS in May and Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy S2 coming?

Great news for all owners of devices Samsung . If the arrival of the update of the Galaxy Note ICS in May is not a real news since early times in our comments and responses from sammobile get additional information that would confirm the arrival of the much-awaited version 4.0 for Android next month. Times and methods are not known but by the end of May is the date that we have for some time and it still has not found official confirmation but little clues like this.
At the same time, always sammobile, anticipate a further update to Galaxy S2 . This would be the software version of Android 4.0.4 , minor release of ICS, which still seems to have improved the management system, consumption and quality of the web browser. So a good "starting" ICS for Samsung although it was the first to upgrade the quality of the update released recently Journal of S2 is very good. Below we represent to this connection, the video review:
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27 April 2012

Samsung denies having anything to do with the protest against Apple in Australia

Certainly remember the ranks of people who dressed in black yesterday to cry Awake!  have chanted against an Apple Store in Sydney : the finger was immediately pointed at all of Samsung, including after the video where users of the apple were combined with a herd of sheep (or should we say iSheep ), but the company has firmly denied.
Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the campaign 'Wake-Up'.
Short answer and lapidary, but still does not explain the relationship between the flash-mob and the date of May 3 at which point the countdown on thehomonymous site .
 Among other things, wanting to read the statement in a mischievous, denied the involvement of Samsung Australia, this does not imply that there may be involved, for example, Samsung New Zealand , for one thing.
In short, the question is clear: we must believe it or not?
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Apple will build a cafe, protected from competitors stealing secrets

After a series of incidents involving leaks of confidential data, Apple has taken unprecedented security measures in respect of their secret projects. Now the company is famous not only for its products and fabulous income, but also the most stringent measures to protect trade secrets.

Leaks of information that are reliable, are very rare, and Apple is going to minimize the probability of their occurrence.

According to Thenextweb, for that Apple plans to build the first of its kind "antispyware" cafeteria. Facility will be located near the headquarters and will occupy an area of ​​2000 square meters. Coffee shops will be able to attend only Apple employees on weekdays for breakfast and lunch.
The company is committed to providing the highest level of security in the building that could serve in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss new developments, projects, etc., without fear that they might be listening.

"We want to provide this level of security so that employees can comfortably discuss their work, any project and research, listen to without fear of competition," - said the representative of Apple, is responsible for corporate real estate.

As reported in Cupertino highly developed industrial espionage. "The Wire - a really big problem, because in our city in one area are working with Apple, many companies," - he added.
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Insanely Simple: Book of Secrets Apple is available for ordering

The well-known journalist Ken Segal, after two decades of research and analysis written a book "Mad simplicity: an obsession that led to the success of Apple ' («Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success»), which were published previously unknown facts about the Cupertino empire and its founder Steve Jobs.
Today there will be about another interesting fact from a new edition. In particular, the fact that Steve Jobs in 1999 planned to release a free version of Mac OS 9, which would be supported by built-in advertising.
In his book, Ken Segal says that Apple even managed to get a patent on a free advertising platform for computers, with the main applicant of the patent itself was Jobs. The document describes the ways in which the operating system gets up and running with advertisements. This fact is particularly noteworthy, given that it was in 1999 when there was no Google, no PPC or mobile advertising. As planned by Apple, this technology was to make a self-supporting operating system.
The proposed system included both graphical and video ads. The book is written that then the usual Mac OS has cost just under $ 200 per distribution or $ 99 for an upgrade, so the idea of ​​an OS for almost 15 years ago seemed reasonable. At the same time itself the idea of ​​advertising "OSes" had two objectives: on the one hand, Apple could make money on advertising, but what was more important, whatever that may be ways to make a few Mac-users to update. Many of them even for $ 99 dollars did not purchase an upgrade and the idea of ​​a free OS in the company seemed to be justified.
In the end, a free Mac OS 9, with advertising and has not appeared. Give a definite answer about what caused the failure of the ideas that now it is hardly possible, but that Apple managed to make the most of the ideas, it's a great experience working with online advertising, which in the future has paid off with interest at the time of the explosion of the current popularity of the Internet services and mobile companies.
A new book about the secrets of Apple is available from several sources:
Download «Insanely Simple» in the iBooks Store for $ 12.99 Download «Insanely Simple» in the Kindle Store for $ 14.99 Download «Insanely Simple» at Amazon for $ 16.95
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iPhone users: Here are the Joeybra, a bra to hide her iPhone!

Here is a project kickstarter  ... particularly surprising. Assuming that the girls wear clothes that are often not well designed to accommodate an iPhone (have seen the depth of the front pockets of jeans for girl?), The project contractors JoeyBra had the idea to propose a bra for the ladies to "hide" in a safe place their smartphone or their credit card (the elasticity of the material allows it).
The bra "malignant" is proposed at $ 30. Note that the project will have to find $ 4,000 investment, and to see the day that by the time of this writing, the JoeyBra received $ 800 support. Still, always ask her phone against her breast is perhaps not the best idea ... health issue.
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How to Watch free TV on your iPhone or iPad with Safari

The talk is of him for a few hours! I am of course referring site iOSLiveTV which makes watching live TV on your iPhone. Its originality is that it is a website! Just tapper address in the Mobile Safari browser, and presto, you're done!
The site offers direct access to major European and American chains, including many channels. SD or HD quality is proposed and the whole is both fluid and fun to use (although encased in pubs). No doubt the service will not last long due to the pressures of large groups ...
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Apple is trying to patent the shape of the notebook

Apple has filed a patent application, which wants to secure the rights to the shape of the notebook, thinning to one of the edges.
In the application described in "wedge-shaped body" (obviously, it is a form of cross-section), to which is fastened with hinges cover. Wedge shape affects the perception of a laptop user, giving the impression of a thin and light device. It is a form of the notebook Apple MacBook Air, shown in the second illustration. According to preliminary data, the form will inherit the MacBook Air laptop Apple MacBook Pro a new generation.
Wedge shape can be found in laptops from other manufacturers, such as ultrabook ASUS Zenbook UX31, shown in the third illustration.
We can assume that patenting wedge-shaped, Apple expects to protect their products from imitation on the part of manufacturers ultrabook.
Another interesting patent, which expects to Apple, describes the technology changes the brightness of the display such as OLED. While none of Apple device displays of this type are not used, but they are considered a leading candidate to replace liquid crystal displays and already fairly widespread in mobile devices. Virtually the exclusive manufacturer AMOLED displays is digging Samsung.
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Top Five tips for iOS Mail app

Mail remove access screen
Since iOS 5.0 is the message center by default on every iPhone , iPhone or iPod Touch. This keeps all messages stored in a handy list that is easily accessed by a swipe motion from the top of the screen down.
If you have many e-mail one day it may happen that the mail notification in the access screen of your iDevice the upper hand. Turn on Notification Settings >>>In Mail screen access the option. This option prevents mail notification not access the screen is visible, but still in the message center.

Add events from Mail
When you receive an email with a suggestion in there for an appointment, you can add from the Mail application on your agenda without needing to open the calendar application. Open the email and tap on the blue underlined date or time that is indicated. Select the option "Create activity. Enter any additional information and select the option 'ready'. Be automatically added to your appointment calendar and synchronized with icloud.

Add image to current call
You can send a picture via the photo application on your iDevice to select the desired image and then using the "more" button to send via email. When you are in an existing call to add a photo and using the above way forward you automatically start a new conversation. However you can also add an image to a message.
Reply to the message from the sender, make any desired text. To add an image to the current message, open the image in the camera application, tap on the image for a few moments until the message "Copy" appears. Tap "copy" and return to your e-mail message, double-tap on the spot where the image should be placed, then tap on 'paste' the image to place in the message.

Text Resize
It is possible to change the text size of your messages to adjust so they are easier to read in certain rebellious today or if you have a visual disability. The text size can be adjusted via: Settings > E-mail, contacts, calendars > Min. text size . Select small, medium, large, extra large or huge as text size. By default, the text size 'Normal'.

Sound notification adjust
If you have a new e-mail notification sound you hear as the standard "ping" sound, this may in some cases disturbing and very dominating. However, you can select a different sound for a new e-mail.
This option is not it back in the Mail Setup. To select a different sound notification to set go to: Settings >> Sounds New e-mail . Select the desired tone, this new tone is immediately active.
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Nokia makes the iPhone more than on their smartphones

As it became known, Nokia gets more revenue from Apple issuing licenses for its patented technology rather than from sales of smartphones series Lumia, managed Windows Phone. The Finnish manufacturer has recognized their losses in the first quarter of disastrous, but it is still hoped that he could extricate himself from a difficult financial situation.
How does Nokia is going to do it, even if the iPhone is earning more than their WP-communicators?

According to official figures, in the first quarter 2012 Nokia net loss amounted to 590 million euros, operating - 1.3 billion, while sales of smartphones have been halved, and in all markets at once. Also today it was reported that the Finnish manufacturer has ceased to be known as the largest mobile company in the world, and leadership caught the Korean Samsung.

Against the background of news reports that Apple's licensing of Nokia brings more money than the realization of its own smartphone, it just seems shocking. It turns out that the sale of licenses, "fruit" of the empire Nokia recently earned $ 600 million. These patents are used in the manufacture of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S.

If Nokia can not get on the profitability of the trade WP-smart phones, the company is likely to transform your  business mobile manufacturer in a patent licensor or even sell the patent portfolio, for example, Microsoft.
By the way, as well as Nokia, Internet, Google earns far more on the iOS-platform than its' OSes »Android.
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Sony Xperia Play at working on a dual-keyboard?

This item comes directly from the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) has published a patent filed by Sony in 2010 on a smartphone with a mechanism to double slider , that maybe one day we'll see on a device the Xperia series.
The hypothetical smartphone in question will then be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard and is the gamepad typical of the Xperia Play, all in addition to a touchscreen of course. When the first mechanism is actuated, then you can also turn on the second (the first slider will be at the keyboard), but when they both were shifted, then it will be possible to include the first to have only the gamepad, or vice versa.
It is not known if this concept will become a reality that we touch in our stores or when they arrive in the meantime, what do you think? Would you buy a similar device?
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