31 March 2012

Accelerator Gainward GeForce GTX 680 Phantom: the original cooler and PCB, the increased frequency

Company Gainward officially announced the accelerator GeForce GTX 680 Phantom . His unusual name must map the location of the two fans at the radiator and the heat pipes.
This is the second generation of corporate cooler Phantom, in which the manufacturer has paid attention to the structure of the heat sink, improving cooling efficiency, structural strength and reducing the generated noise. The tradeoff for efficient cooling of steel overall size of card: despite the use of two mounting holes, the accelerator is 2.5 slots, in the terminology of Gainward.

However, the buyer will receive the card overclocked by the manufacturer: GPU frequency up to 1150 MHz (basic frequency of 1084 MHz), the memory runs at 6300 MHz effective frequency, its size is 2 GB. From our review, you can see how important the performance of the memory card GeForce GTX 680. According to Gainward, this allows you to overclock the new product gain of 12.6% points more in 3DMark 2011, in the real games will be an increase of 10%.

Six-phase power system with regulators DrMOS contributes to the overclocking potential of the maps, to further "tuning" you can use the proprietary utility Expertool II. The image is displayed using two ports DVI, a DisplayPort and HDMI. The price Gainward card does not say, as the timing of the appearance on the market.
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Android 4.0 on arrival in the U.S. next week on Motorola Razr and Razr Maxx

Some weeks ago the popular Motorola roadmap Journal of updates to ICS on many of the devices being marketed in several countries, preparing the start of the roll-out from April until the summer. By the dates here come the first details on the release of Android 4.0, starting with the U.S. operator Verizon getting ready with the first release.
According to a reliable source of updates about the operator Verizon will start from next week, precisely on Wednesday, April 4 unless last-minute delays through over the air and focus on the Motorola Razr and Motorola Razr Maxx in both denominations of 16 and 32GB.
If everything will be confirmed via press release from Motorola itself, may not take long before it is disseminated worldwide version also dedicated to our market.
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30 March 2012

Nokia tablet exposure: with 2048x1536 high score screen?

Not long ago, Nokia has been generous to admit, is developing R & D Tablet PC. The following came before the message of carrying S4 dual-core processor , abroad again spread its hardware configuration.

The news that the Nokia tablet is a 10-inch touch screen, resolution and the new iPad consistent that is 2048x1536 pixels, pixel density, ppi only 255 (new iPad 264ppi) are running Windows 8 system, and Metro style interface. Of course, in theory, Win8 also support this resolution.
Not long ago, was also disclosed that it will carry the Snapdragon S4, the processor of Qualcomm dual-core. In addition, Nokia, an executive measure has vowed Tablet PC, they are developing will be a direct challenge to the dominance of the Apple iPad.
There are people in the industry, the design of the Nokia tablet will last Lumia 800 style, or is a larger version of the aircraft, after all, Lumia 800 style favored by many consumers, while Nokia is also very aware of this that.
Related reading:
Confirm the positive R & D tablet: Nokia will surely defeat the iPad
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The United States again prosecution the Siri advertising false propaganda

Following last month, a New York, USA users sued Apple Siri false propaganda that the two have a U.S. iPhone 4S users this week sued Apple Siri voice assistant advertising containing a false deceptive, joint and many other users of the class action . The lawsuit pointed out that Siri function description of Apple in the U.S. broadcast the Siri television advertising in the wrong and deceptive, such as TV commercials in the Siri can help people to make an appointment to find restaurants, and even learning the guitar or rock songs, these features only need people to and Siri dialogue, in the ad can be easily achieved.

The plaintiff pointed out that the actual use of Siri's not like advertising it, Siri will listen to understand your questioning, there will be a long delay will give the wrong answer. The plaintiff said he bought the iPhone 4S in December last year, and now he and other iPhone 4S user feel hurt and look forward to seek compensation. Apple's recent iPhone 4S advertising as a selling point to Siri, a recent survey shows that 87% of iPhone 4S every month Siri is. As for the really easy to use is another thing a child, but fortunately Siri in beta, let us something to look forward.
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Sony Xperia the Play dedicated the Android 4 ROM

We are told, now Sony has a surprise for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play user. Sony announced the launch of an Android 4.0 a beta ROM for these users, so this focus on the games Sony Ericsson mobile phones can also enjoy the pleasure of ice cream sandwiches.
Sony promised upgrade to the Android operating system launched in 2011 Xepria phone. Sony Xperia Arc, s,, NeoV and Ray several phone upgrade the Android operating system.
However, Sony will not provide technical support, service or warranty for the Beta ROM, and Xepria Play mobile phone users need to unlock the bootloader in order to install this ROM.
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[NEWS] The tablet 18 years old could invalidate the patents Apple iPad!

In his in-depth analysis of the battle between Apple and Android, Bloomberg notes that in 1994 Fidler / Knight Ridder puts doubt on the authorship of the design concept of the iPad at the sight of the tablet 18 years of age.
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Plastic enclosures phones will learn to repair itself

Scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi, funded by U.S. Department of Defense, have developed a new type of plastic That can mimic the behavior of human skin. Development was presented this week at the annual meeting of the International Chemical Company.
This material is made of copolymers of water-based, so in comparison with other types of plastic, it is more environmentally friendly. When data covered by a plastic casing smartphone is damaged, the molecular bonds of the long hydrocarbon chains (bridges) are broken, and around the "wound" is formed by a red spot.

The material itself is trying to return to its original state, placed under the sunlight or other intense light source, or put the change in temperature. Unlike other products with the ability to regenerate a new plastic can repair itself an infinite number of times.
The researchers suggest that the innovative design will find wide application in many industries, but the start of its commercial use is still unknown.

Talking about these technologies, we can think of a proprietary technology from Nissan . Car cover for the group released the iPhone 4/4S, with a special coating that can eliminate the slight scratches on their own.

Paintwork accessory has two layers, the upper of which is very elastic, and the appearance of small scratches are not spoiled, as is the case with ordinary paint, and deformed. Some time later, under pressure from the top of the lower layer takes the old "flat" shape and it seems that a scratch, "dragged" by itself.
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Concept iPod Nano Touch with Wi-Fi module and a camera for video calls FaceTime

Apple products are remarkable because they are the clear evidence of what can be achieved in the development of electronic gadgets for the average consumer market. Of course, the iPhone and Mac computers more expensive than the average consumer goods, but it fit the definition of art for the middle class. Unfortunately, the choice of "apple" products is limited, but imagination dictates what can be (and, perhaps, and will be), for example, new models of media players under the brand Apple.
iPod nano first appeared some time ago - in September 2005, during which time several times underwent changes in form factor. And despite the release of new versions, some users want more exotic. Enrico Penell was not averse to see in the near future, iPod nano with specifications that include Wi-Fi module Wi-Fi, FaceTime camera for video calls via the Web, as well as the Weather application, Radio, Alarm Clock and other characteristic of older versions.
Conceptual model of iPod Nano Touch smartphone like the iPhone, but compressed into a few times. On the back side is the usual clip, which allows you to attach the gadget to your belt, a pocket in any other convenient location. At the bottom of the chassis is the traditional home button, it hides the antenna Wi-Fi. On the left side are buttons for volume control, and on top - to turn off the device, similar to the iPhone 4/4S.

Apple has released a set of iconic products, and an iPod certainly occupies a special place. He is in many ways has changed the very notion of what can and should be a music player in the digital age. Pictured here the concept quite successfully beats the iPhone features with the advantages of compact models of iPod.
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Marvelous iPad, a theme for iPad iOS 5! Download Now

Marvelous has already been presented on the blog but in its HD version for the iPhone theme, but since the iPad owners are often left aside level customization , I do not lack the opportunity to present Marvelous iPad , a port managed by Marvelous JackieTran iPad.
Download and Installing the Theme:
Compatible with iPad 1 & 2, iOS 5.
Download Theme Marvelous HD by JackieTran ($ 1.99)
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How fast is HTC X One? One benchmark S vs HTC, Samsung, GS II, Nexus, and Notes (VIDEO)

HTC X One has already begun to flex its muscles with the first benchmark of which we had occupied a few days ago regarding the S4 version with Qualcomm . New tests begin to trace the divide between the version of HTC X One with quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 and other dual-core smartphone which also include team-mate HTC One S. The benchmark results obviously do not always translate into a similar performance boost noticeable in real life of the device, but we must admit that if the premises are those that are going to show you, even in the daily performance of HTC X One might be very convincing and true Top of Range.
Let's start off from a challenge HTC X One plays at home, defying HTC One S , equipped with S4 Platform Qualcomm dual-core architecture. The frequency of each core is substantially similar for the two smartphones (1.5 GHz), but HTC X One has a double number of cores (4 versus 2). An impact on performance is not only the frequency of operation but also the efficiency of the architecture and from this point of view also has HTC S One of the trump cards from the manufacturing process 28nn Qualcomm S4 which makes it very efficient.
Regarding the results of the tests reported below, we clarify that the version of the software used by HTC One D is not yet definitive, the results may therefore be subject to further improvements. For testing we used the well-known benchmark AnTuTu that expresses a single synthetic value the performance of various components of the smartphone (CPU, RAM, GPU, etc). Following are the complete results:
One HTC X:
  • Total Score: 10 597
  • RAM: 2280
  • CPU Integer: 3495
  • Float-point CPUs: 2617
  • 2D Graphics: 141
  • 3D Graphics: 1194
  • Database IO: 525
  • SD Card Write: (24.1 MB / s) 150
  • SD Card Read: (35.2 MB / s) 195
  • CPU Frequency: 1500
One HTC S (software version is not final)
  • Total Score: 6458
  • RAM: 1166
  • CPU Integer: 2069
  • Float-point CPUs: 968
  • 2D Graphics: 296
  • 3D Graphics: 1248
  • Database IO: 365
  • SD Card Write: (24.1 MB / s) 150
  • SD Card Read: (35.2 MB / s) 196
  • CPU Frequency: 1512 MHz
As you can see, at least with the benchmark used, the performance gap compared to the solution of dual-core Qualcomm is consistent.

A similar scenario superiority recurs when you switch to compare the performance of HTC X One with those of three smartphone Samsung widespread, popular and powerful, or the S Galaxy II, Galaxy and Galaxy Nexus Notes . We propose the following chart with measurements made ​​by Nvidia itself:
Starting from a value of 100 which corresponds to the performance of the Nexus Galaxy, HTC X One would result in an increase in performance ranging from 111% to 186% more depending on the benchmark used. Obviously this comparison test, made by Nvidia, and not by a third entity entirely, or not be refuted by further benchmark the community and we will do when we start to use the copies of HTC X One for the usual tests. At the same time we felt it appropriate to refer you to begin to quantify the benchmark, albeit with some margin of error, which will be the performance boost provided by the solution quad-core Nvidia over existing dual-core.
We were aware that a quad core compared to last generation, to be released next week, with dual core always top range but already on the market. But this is precisely the point, given the criticism that we often face the Integra 3. If our Galaxy Nexus have more than 6000 points benchmark and HTC super X ONE is part of the 10,000 already a remarkable achievement, important, and if we hope for future enhancements directly from nvidia, HTC or community of enthusiasts, we can certainly hope that the product is durable and at the top.
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[Rumor Galaxy S3] pre-orders for more than 10 million units and launch price in line with that of the Galaxy S2

According to analysts at Citibank and JP Morgan for the new year Samsung will mark a new sales record for the Korean house with about 5.28 billion dollars already accumulated only in Q1 and large numbers expected in the coming months with the release of the much Samsung Galaxy S3 . According to Eldar Murtazin the new flagship of the Korean company will achieve pre-orders for more than 10 million units and will be used as a benchmark for smartphone platform Android (like the current short S2).
Other rumors by some phone companies resident in South Africa. The smartphone would indeed about to be presented and ready to appear on the shelves in early July to launch a price very similar to the Samsung S2 Galaxy thereby remaining in line with the competition.
Wait that is becoming true in some frantic but should last much longer given the time relatively close to a debut in stores in early summer. The competition will be fierce between April and June, but it seems that the mystery about the successor of the Galaxy i9100 is increasing the hype and there are many users who intend to change smartphones, the new top range are waiting to decide what to buy Korean.
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Tips: Category Android, how to eliminate the automatic GMail contacts

Many of you surely will have noticed that in your address book Android are unknown names and contacts that only have an email address. The reason is Gmail, or rather the automatic synchronization of address book to Gmail and Android. While perfect synchronization between phone and computer is good, the other Gmail has a default setting that allows you to store your recipients to forward your mail in a box called other contacts .

So if you receive an email from @ xx xx, it is automatically saved in the other contacts  and thus synchronized with your smartphone. If this works for many may be convenient, for others it may extend considerably the phone book with names and email that you may not be useful. To solve the problem simply:

  1. Open Gmail, go to Settings panel
  2. In the tab " General ", change the option" Create contacts for auto-completion , "choosing" Add contact them myself . "
In this way the contacts are only stored if we want and not automatically upon receipt of an email. At this point to do a "clean", so you can proceed:
  1. From the book on-line GMail, delete existing contacts in the group  other contacts
  2. Re-synchronize the contacts on the phone to delete them here
At this point you have only the phonebook contacts without real-mails from Gmail automatically saved. Before proceeding with this solution, however, we invite you to check that these particular contacts are important to you.
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Scuba Case: a case for underwater shooting with the iPhone [video]

Marine Packs come in two types: soft and hard covers clear plastic or metal cases. The company introduced a special case TAT7 for iPhone 4/4S, which refers to the second type of products from the arsenal fans of extreme pastime.
This box, made of transparent plastic, can manage only the functions of photography. To do this, there are three tightly arranged. They are arranged so that, in principle, nothing but the camera on the iPhone not included. Of course, with prolonged pressing of one of them will be called the voice assistant Siri, but the good of it under water is not much.
Accessory allows underwater shooting with the iPhone at a depth of 30 meters. In addition to underwater box can be used in mountain hikes, under conditions of strong snow cover, as well as in sandy areas.

Buy Case TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case can be priced at $ 84.95 dollars on the manufacturer's website.
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Make Blackberry reported a record loss, the company may be sold

The manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphones RIM will published financial report, which led to a sharp drop in its stock price immediately on 10%. Because of poor record-breaking results of the place will lose several top managers, including operational and technological Directors RIM.
Thorsten Hines, who in January took over as head of RIM instead of Jim Bales and Mike Lazaridis, admitted the possibility of selling the company, after reports were published about the catastrophic fall in sales. Revenue fell to the producer 25% last quarter, including the Christmas period - a time when Apple was selling millions of iPhone and iPad.

Heins has recognized that the situation with Research in Motion has deteriorated. Companies' need to learn to be a partner, "rather than assume that it can do to develop the phones and the operating system itself, he said.

"Revision of the strategy will consider measures to reduce costs, not excluded the possibility of selling the company, if there was a potential buyer," - he added.

After the news the company's shares have fallen by 10%. Revenues for the quarter ended March 3, fell from 5.6 last year to 4.2 billion dollars. Over the past year, RIM has lost almost 80%, in what analysts have accused management of the company.
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iPhoto 9.2.3 Update is available for download

Apple has released a new version of a software package for working with photos on their computers Mac - iPhoto 9.2.3. Update is aimed at improving the overall stability and solving minor problems in the program.
Features of iPhoto 9.2.3:

  • improved stability;
  • fix a bug that could lead to an unexpected application termination iPhoto on systems with multiple user accounts.
The update is available for download via Software Update. In the previous update for users of the application the opportunity to delete the photos from the photostream, and use the swipe gesture to the right and left to move between images in a larger size.

Updates Version 9.2 - 9.2.2:

  • Photos can now be removed from the photostream;
  • fixed compatibility problems with iCloud and iOS 5;
  • swipe gestures to the right and left can now be used to navigate between photos when viewed in a larger size;
  • previously imported photos are now displayed in a separate section of the window "Import";
  • topic of books and calendars, as well as the category of cards can now be selected using the pop-up menu when you view the carousel;
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect printing of some pages in the books;
  • After rebuilding the music library is now stored previously created slide shows and books.
This update is 256 MB is recommended for all users of iPhoto '11.
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29 March 2012

[Win8USB] a key to make Windows start U disk

Today we're introducing a convenient tool that allows you to more simple and easier to create Windows bootable U disk.

- Recommended to use 4GB or more U-disk.

- Must be running in administrator mode Windows 8 USB Installer Maker,

- Production duration depends on the U-disk write rate, need to be patient.

Windows 8 USB Installer Maker, operational requirements:

- 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista, Windows 7.


After downloading, expand the archive, run folder Win8USB can.
Main interface in Win8USB, we check the formatting options, it will automatically U disk formatted as NTFS format, this step must be carried out, so before the operation to confirm the data on the U disk backup or full repayment empty.
Win8USB load the ISO image
Click Create to start making, time-consuming it would be more long

Next, it will automatically be the ISO image to expand to U disk. This process would be more specific time decided by the U disk write speed. Finally, the MBR boot record is written to the U disk, bringing a to guide Win8 U disk and even create complete. The whole process but just click a few mouse.
Program will appear in the writing process "no response", which is normal
Write to complete
Successfully refresh the boot record

Download Win8USB program and make windows start u disk.
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The flexible electronic ink display from LG is ready to arrive in Europe within a month

Announced that LG flexible electronic ink displays are ready for prime time on the market, promising a revolution in the market for e-book reader.
Made from plastic and have a malleability that allows them to bend to 40 degrees, these screens will debut with the consisting of 6 inches , the same as the majority of eReader "traditional" right now on the market.
In only 0.7 mm thick and 14 grams of weight , the new LG will offer a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and having no rigid parts should ensure a unique strength for a display. From a series of tests that LG seems to fall from 1.5 meters do not give any problem at this screen.
The manufacturer wants to answer your need for a device durable and suitable for everyday use eBook Reader: nobody reads a newspaper or a magazine, taking care not to scratch it or drop it and LG wants to recreate the same user experience.
The pros of this technology does not stop there: a screen like this can reduce consumption and costs, to the benefit of the user. The first shipment of these displays will soon for China and Europe will mount the first products that will be submitted within one month.
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28 March 2012

[Samsung Galaxy S3] credible AMOLED display Super HD Plus

They keep the news about the new Samsung Galaxy S3. According to the latest rumor from Digitime, always close to Asian suppliers, the new top range Samsung will have a display of 4.6 inches AMOLED Super Plus HD with a pixel density of 319ppi . This technology is currently used only on the Galaxy Tab 7.7, the top range of Samsung Tablet that integrates exactly a display associated with the Plus HD resolution. The Galaxy Plus S2 has no display but with resolution 800 × 480 pixels.
Being the successor S2, the new model could have a more defined and suffix Plus display technology Samsung is already available at home and, if everything is confirmed, it would be the most resolute AMOLED display ever created. In fact, unlike the HD display mounted on the Galaxy Nexus, the Plus version is non-pentyl, or allows to have a greater definition thanks to the greater number of subpixels with go to make up a single pixel.
This turns into a display of the contours of images or written than the pentyl version maintaining the undoubted quality of Super AMOLED technology. A news which is quite plausible and that might be realistic.
Note: Picture for illustration purposes only, it is not the Galaxy S3.
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27 March 2012

iPhone is recognized as the most tenacious phone

The rankings are based on tests of dozens of different models Conducted by the "Technocrash" company over the past few years. The result was presented to the top 10 most reliable tubes, which "will last for many years and the owners will not bring in the most difficult situation."

The publication notes that the choice of crash tests were considered the most common situation where the phone could be damaged. This is primarily a fall from different heights on the carpet or tile, water immersion, squeezing, scratching, work in the cold, and others.

The absolute leader on the results of all tests was the iPhone 4 who showed resistance to the most difficult tests. And while iPhone 4S was slightly lower scores in the new stringent checks (immersion in 1 meter and throw on a tile with 240 centimeters), smartphones from Apple declared the winners.

Second place was shared cost Nokia 2330 Classic and Nokia 1616. In third place is "feminine" clamshell Alcatel OT-808, resistant to falls and dives into the water, but prone to scratches. The fourth and fifth places respectively occupied touchphones Alcatel OT-708 and Samsung GT-B5722.

Top 10 most reliable phones:

  1. iPhone 4/4S
  2. Nokia 2330 Classic and Nokia 1616
  3. Alcatel OT-808
  4. Alcatel OT-708
  5. Samsung GT-B5722
  6. Alcatel OT-606
  7. Nokia 6303i
  8. Samsung C3300K
  9. LG GX200
  10. Nokia C2-01
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26 March 2012

Top 20 Official Apple Apps for social networking, specially suggested by Apple

Today, the official press release Apple released a list of social applications for the operating system iOS, recommended the use of the owners of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
The company offers owners of devices on iOS to download free and paid customers for social networks that allow you to exchange messages, videos, photos, and listen to music and to correspond with other users.

Clients of the popular social networking sites:

Twitter - Free (iPhone, iPad). Read about what you're interested in: instant messages to your friends, experts, favorite celebrities and the latest news from around the world. Search in real time will tell about the most stunning news, and current topics will be put into place in the course of world events. Take a look at hot topics, check out the recommendations in the combined categories of interests, including fashion, entertainment, travel, or find out what others are saying about the news in the world of politics or sports with your search.
Facebook - Free (iPhone and iPad). The Facebook app lets you keep in touch and share information with friends on the go. Chat, browse photos, and new friends statuses, find the right phone numbers, upload photos in high resolution and use all services of Facebook with your iPhone or iPad.
Instagram - Free (iPhone, iPad). Instagram - free application for sharing photos, which allows users to instantly apply the newly taken photos of the various filters and frames, and distribute them via Instagram or through a host of other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr. The application works on all devices iOS and allows to take pictures of a square shape, as previously done this retro camera. In September 2011 was released the second version of the application, which has become even more incredible success of the App Store, as a result of receiving the award "for the app, the iPhone».
Find my friends - for free (iPhone, iPad). Social networking in the style of Apple's applications as "Find my friends" you can quickly determine the location of your friends and loved ones with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Install this free application on your device with iOS 5 and log in by entering your Apple ID for iCloud. Add another very simple - just send a request to see its location. Once your friend agrees to use the application "Find my friends", you can keep track of its location in a list or map. You can also choose the option that allows the company to provide your friends your location within a certain time. Use the application "Find my friends" during the holidays to trace the routes of his travel companions. Or to find out whether the children returned from school. Or to find the friends you meet at the airport.
LinkedIn - for free (iPhone). LinkedIn - a social network for business contacts, in which more than 120 million registered users from 200 countries, representing 150 industries of business. Free application for iPhone LinkedIn allows you to create a list of mobile business contacts and can easily communicate them c. Use the quick access to your group and read the latest news from the industries in which you work.
Free assistance from other users of the iPhone and iPad:

Localmind - Free (iPhone, iPad). Localmind help you decide where to go and what to do, say, in a new city, and this will help you to ordinary people, who are now in the same town or area - who, whatever they may give the best advice a visiting citizen. But there is another side to this soc. network - every time you register through the foursquare or Facebook, you become available to you to ask questions about the place where you are. Localmind automatically connects you to anyone who needs information on this site, or those who have the information you are looking for. Localmind - a true mobile encyclopedia, based on knowledge of local residents, familiar with the territory.
Mingle! - Free (iPhone). Discover new and effective way to communicate with professionals of the professional environment from around the world. Now you can make contact with the professionals you're interested not only in the framework of any events and activities, but in general, wherever you are. It is likely that you will not even guess that close to you is a person who has the necessary professional expertise to you. Mingle application for the iPhone will allow you to meet and start a dialogue with him and arrange a meeting.
Social, location-based:

Foursquare - Free (iPhone). The platform enables foursquare learn a lot about the city where you are, and even arrange a spontaneous meeting with friends. Being noted in any institution by foursquare, you will notify your friends, including through social networks Twitter and Facebook. Also, thanks to the marks, you can get a good discount from the host institution, earn badges and points, and can even be titled "mayor" of any organization or institution, if you frequently visit them.
Trover - Free (iPhone). Social network Trover can share with friends, interesting photos and links in relation to any particular place. Using Trover, you can find wonderful things, and nearby schools, talk about their discoveries, photographing the excellent camera of the iPhone, and share the joy of friends who like your recommendations.
Lovers of good food:

Foodspotting - Free (iPhone). Gourmets all over the world - unite! This will help you Foodspotting - a popular application from the App Store. Thanks to him, users can exchange information about the best food service establishments throughout the world: addresses of restaurants, food ratings, reviews and a very emotional mouthwatering photos. This is one of the top 50 applications in 2012 according to the magazine TIME.
The Eatery - Free (iPhone). The original application for those who do opt for a delicious and healthy meals. The main thing is that you do not have to write and spend time counting calories. Simply take a picture of your lunch on the iPhone and send it to specialists from The Eatery, to get a professional nutritionist comments with customized recommendations for improving the diet. In addition, you are able to see what eating gourmets around the world.
DishPal - delicious SNS - Free (iPhone). Gastronomic DishPal social network allows iPhone owners to share information about the best restaurants located nearby. With your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you'll find a better steak house, sushi bar or a pizza anywhere in the world.
Photos and video:

Disposable Hipstamatic - Free (iPhone). This spring a surprise from the studio Synthetic, application developers Hipstamatic, which has become legendary among connoisseurs of quality vintage photographs. Free Disposable application is a modification of Hipstamatic style disposable film camera, where the corresponding effects are available and registration, as well as an interesting addition - when the "film" comes to an end, photos are automatically sent to your friends that you have specified as recipients.
Photopular for Flickr - $ 0.99 (iPhone). Get the most out of the photo service Flickr, using Photopular application for the iPhone. This is the first product that allows in addition to studying other people's photographs to monitor the statistics show your work. Participate in online discussions, praise the talented photographers he liked pictures and share with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. By the way, the statistics clearly demonstrates the popularity of Flickr using iPhone as an everyday camera. For a long time the iPhone 4 holds the first place, and the new iPhone 4S is rapidly gaining popularity.
ISO500 for 500px - Free (iPhone). 500px photographic community continues to develop rapidly, attracting new users quality content and user-friendly network of social ties. With the application ISO500 you can not only view the work of talented photographers from around the world and add them to favorites, but also actively participate in discussions, correspondence with colleagues and share discoveries with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
Piictu ~ Talk with photos - Free (iPhone). Creativity, fun, chat - all in one amazing free application that offers an original way to communicate with friends and millions of iPhone users in different parts of the globe. You will be able to do together collages of photographs, using various filters and effects in real time. Really worth trying in! The application has received positive feedback from such prestigious publications as the NY Times, CNN, Mashable and TechChrunch.
Hipster - Free (iPhone). Join the virtual community of hipsters downloading the application of the same name on your iPhone. This application allows you to process images, create stylish greeting cards and send them to friends.
Vimeo - Free (iPhone, iPad). The client for the popular video sharing Vimeo. An updated version of the application for iOS is much better: a stylish interface, easy navigation and all the necessary features for fans of contemporary visual art. Vimeo users can view and edit a collection of videos and upload their own videos with unprecedented ease.
Socialcam Video Camera - Free (iPhone). Popular application for recording video on the iPhone, equipped with a set of social networking features. Your friends and family can easily view videos made ​​by you, which you can now apply filters are interesting vintage.

SoundCloud - Free (iPhone, iPad). Immerse yourself in a world of sound, using the SoundCloud platform application for the iPhone and the iPad. Record voice, music, going around and share this digitized sound information with friends via the private messaging system
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Apple fan exposure: Why I rejected to buy a new iPad?

Should I get rid of the old Apple-tablet in favor of the latest iPad? Devoted fan of Apple products have come to the conclusion that it is useless. But it's not a gadget itself, and that the tablets, in his opinion, does not belong to a class of serious things.

Publication of The Next Web publishing revelations of IT-journalist and a fan of Apple Olanofa Drew, who for various reasons decided not to buy a new iPad.
Do not worry, I'm a fan of products Apple. Even when I decided to "jump" to the iPhone and switch to Android and  Windows Phone , I could not abandon it completely. To some extent due to the nature of my work, but on the other hand, there is this  device qualities that make it amazing.

iPad I got from the first day, and to get it, I even defended the twelve-hour line at the Apple Store. And I was worried, thinking about what you can do with it. I worked in GOGII, and their application textPlus start on the first generation iPad. It was an honor to participate in its development and become a user.

It turned out that all I wanted to do with the iPad, in the end, I did not do. Absolutely. When there was the iPad 2, I thought, 'Oh, wow, finally, he has a camera ... For!'. But it was not bought. And when I came out  a new iPad, I was already quite interesting.

I just moved into a new apartment and had not yet unpacked belongings, including the iPad. It's not because I think if this gadget is not cool, it just does not really my thing. And here's why.

All day at the computer

Since I have a lot of typing every day, my main workhorse - a MacBook Air. It's so wonderful machine that, by and large, I have nothing else. I know all his weaknesses, his strengths and with the addition of several cool features through real estate developer version of the Mountain Lion, I'm doing it for almost everything.

I have the smallest Mac Book Air, he is so easy that I sometimes forget that I am it with you. When you need to do something easier, simply pull it out and start working. I very much hope that in the next update will support Air laptops mobile networks - has the pleasure to use to connect to the Internet party devices.

I do not play games

The only exception - Angry Birds. The "birds" I play to pass the time waiting for a train or plane. And coping with that calm my iPhone and Android. Except for these cases, the function iPad game for me is meaningless. The new iPad - a giant graphic, but it is all useless.

I like paper books

As many as before, I do not read, but when I get to read, it should be a paper book, not the device connected to the Internet. If an electronic device, the temptation is too great multitasking, and, ultimately, I do not read.

The iPad wonderful "book" interface, and I am inclined to think that it is superior to Kindle Amazon, but if I started to read digital books, I'd rather boring "old school» Kindle. The reason is simple - when I read, I want to read and nothing more.

I do not like to watch movies on the small screen

I love to go to the movies, watch movies, talk and write about them. I do not use the application for watching movies and TV shows, I like a lively discussion of films, and I never liked to watch movies on the small screen. Never.

I do not need an "intermediate" car

For many geeks buy iPad reason is that this "intermediate" device. When you feel like "sit" on the phone or the computer, you pick up for a relaxed use iPad. It is possible that in my elderly years I've realized that I needed a break. I really do not need a gadget to fill in the gaps when I did not use a computer or phone. Sometimes I like the lack of "noise."

Do not hate

My fellow geeks were shocked by the fact that I have not left a pre-order the new iPad. I myself was surprised. In the end, I'm a fan of Apple and all their products. But when it comes to the iPad, I can not think that the only function that they can add to make me want to buy it.

Not that I do not like and I totally can understand why him others, as well as my mom. If you do not sit in front of the screen all day long, it's a great way to relax and still be a "computer".

I'm more worried about the future line of "apple" laptops than iPad, though it sounds crazy, because we are in an era of "post-PC", according to Apple. But while I'm working where I work, for me, the iPad will be no more than a toy, not a device, which I really need.
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Netherlands lead the HTC Quad-Core One X available in early

In 2012, most countries will be the time to market of HTC's quad-core flagship One X scheduled for early next month and day, but there will always be in advance sneak operators. Recently, HTC Dutch company official announced on Facebook that will take the lead ahead of April 1 launch quad-core strong machine .
In addition to the One, the Netherlands, HTC X will be listed in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, but the time point to April 5 .
In addition, the HTC One, the other three models will also be on sale the same day, customized version of AT & T 4G LTE Dual-Core One, X (One XL) will be the month release, on sale in May with TD-SCDMA version of the One X - on sale in the domestic market .
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24 March 2012

[Map] Acer Kepler alone significantly super pole this stage the Timeline the Ultra

Recently jointly launched by Microsoft, NVIDIA and Acer tripartite the Ultrabook computer of a model for the Aspire Timeline Ultra. This is the first using the the Ultrabook product of the NVIDIA 600M discrete graphics. According to reports, the Aspire Timeline Ultra is based on the "Kepler" architecture in NVIDIA's latest GeForce GT640M discrete graphics, the maximum operating frequency of 625MHz, with 384 CUDA cores.
With other similar products, the launch of AspireTimeline the Ultra has a 15-inch form factor and also has a built-in DVD drive . The longest life on a single charge for 8 hours .
Other hardware, the Aspire Timeline Ultra compared to other similar products, and no more highlights. Including a full HD LCD screen, intelligent Intel processor, solid state hard drive, high-quality speakers and a variety of multimedia ports.
Sumit Agnihotry, Acer vice president of product marketing of the Americas: the Aspire the Timeline Ultra will be the Ultrabook products coveted by all users, it has excellent multitasking capabilities, coupled with NVIDIA's latest 600 series discrete graphics mobile version to help out, making. The product can easily cope with high-definition video and has a brilliant screen of the game works. in the next 9-12 months we will formally meet with the user so that this excellent product . "
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The GTX 680 just left the dual-core GTX 690 on exposure?

The words of long ago, an unknown mystery who broke the news experts sent later to a very small picture, after the OBR to enlarge this picture found it was Kepler dual-core models GTX 690 PCB photos.
Why he is the GTX, 690 rather than the HD 7990? Issued photo mysterious person said, this thing has dual 8pin power supply interface, dual-phase power supply, each core is equipped with eight memory (back) There are a lot of The CUDA core TDP is adjustable (NV engage in innovation?) to provide an SLI bridge Goldfinger.

This is not true? Time to tell us the answer.
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The new Samsung Exynos 5 will support the standard USB 3.0 and potential record-breaking

Although it is certain the arrival of the architecture quad core for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 , According to some sources, the new dual core that will come with the new chipset will offer unprecedented performance. Based on the chipset ARM Cortex A15 and GPU Mali T-604 , the frequency reached by the processor will vary between 1.7 and 2.0 GHz with performance capable of processing more than 14,000 DMIPS.
Also among the information obtained on the new processor as well as potential exceeding a Cortex A9 Quad Core, will be also implemented natively support the standard USB 3.0which will result in the smartphone and tablet passage large amounts of data in much less restricted.
A must also support the LTE connectivity, resolutions up to WQXGA (2560 × 1600) and finally, to close the whole with some rumors, it seems that the tablet Samsung 11.6-inch  star of various rumors and speculation in recent weeks , could be the first device with just this chipset even if it is not said that we can arrive soon.
So much waiting and many irons in the fire for the next month signed Samsung Exynos 5
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2560x1600 pixels 2GHz A15 - dual-core Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 appeared

December last year, Samsung officially released the first 2GHz Cortex-A15 - architecture dual-core processor Exynos5250. Followed by the outside world has been reported that Samsung will show a 11.6-inch Android 4.0 Tablet PC used Exynos5250 dual-core processors in MWC2012. But in MWC2012 on, the Samsung did not show this product.

2048 * 1536 pixels, this 11.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 will allegedly using high-resolution Super AMOLED HD screen with a resolution up to 2560x1600 pixels, although the resolution is better than Apple's The new the iPad is much higher , but due to the increase in the size of the screen, in fact, the pixel density of the two the same 260ppi. Recently, the product page on Samsung official website Exynos dual-core processors suspected the Galaxy Tab 11.6 dual-core photos of the Tablet PC. Although this product from the appearance point of view like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 N, but the Galaxy the Tab 10.1 N using the NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, instead of Samsung's Cortex-A15 the architecture Exynos5 series processors.
There is no doubt that this is a new Samsung flat panel. Also look at the details from the photo, the size of the tablet seems bigger, larger and longer part of the design of the speaker, so this product is likely Samsung will soon launch of the 11.6 inches Exynos5250 dual-core Tablet PC - Samsung the Galaxy Tab 11.6. A 2560x1600 pixel Super AMOLED high-definition screen, 2GHz Cortex-A15 - the architecture Exynos5250 dual-core processor Android 4.0 Tablet PC. This is perhaps a lot of people want the tablet. However, its 11.6-inch size is indeed a little.
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23 March 2012

Apple is developing a tangible touchscreen for the iPhone and the iPad

Apple integrates next-generation iPhone and iPad tablet new sensor technology that will literally feel the interface elements on the display. This publication reports Cnet, with reference to a patent application filed by the engineers in Cupertino Corporation Office of Patents and trademarks of the United States.
The document describes in detail the implementation of tactile feedback in touch-screens iPhone, iPad and trackpad Mac. This is the placement of piezoelectric actuators near the capacitive sensors, so that users can feel the vibration of only a single point on the screen.

The new technology will allow users to receive i-gadgets small impact when you click on links or icons. The developers of Apple also describe the use of force sensors that can determine how much users click on the display.

In parallel, Apple decides to include feedback for the virtual keyboard buttons iOS-devices. The company planned to solve this problem long before the presentation of tablets iPad. The patent, dated the year 2009, refers to the fact that by "articulating a basis" the surface of the screen to create similar physical keyboard tabs, or point, which  is supposed to use the programmable magnets with alternating polarity and liquid Ferro-magnets that can change shape under the influence of a magnetic field .

If you find the moment of contact of a finger and touch screen, this mechanism moves the liquid Ferro-magnets under the finger, resulting in some of the surface takes a convex shape. When the user is typing, the screen becomes smooth again.
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iPhone 5 can get a fully glass enclosure

Apple is developing a new type of housing for smartphones iOS, made entirely of glass. According to the designers from Cupertino, glass body are more comfortable and aesthetically attractive.
Today in the United States Patent and Trademark Office U.S. Apple filed a new application, which describes a portable device with a housing made entirely of glass. According to this document, this shell is made of "a hollow glass tube," or from two pieces of glass bonded together. It is noted that the device is completely sealed.

Among the obvious advantages of such solutions, the glass is completely iPhone will also have a number of shortcomings. For example, despite the fact that this material is quite strong, especially in the case of Gorilla Glass 2 , it can be damaged during the fall. In addition, the phone is a lot of sensors, some of which may not work inside a transparent glass case. However, in his application Apple engineers considered the possibility of this problem, noting that some parts may be opaque.
In the patent application, Apple describes the new development:

"One of the reasons that lead to prefer glass to other materials, is that it is strong, tough, transparent, and transmits radio signals, so it is suitable material for the housing of an electronic device designed for wireless communication.

Glass shell will also provide a portable gadget unique, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Seamless casing provides additional benefits in the form of fewer places for dirt and moisture. "

Such housing can equip the next generation iPhone. In this version of the iPhone 4 and 4S is not so far from this concept - their body is composed of two glass panels and steel frames.
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Case for iPhone-style 2.5-inch hard drive

I have the feeling that the producers of covers for the iPhone just a conspiracy. I think at some point they decided to make fun of iGadget gullible users. Remember the only case in the form of circles , a case with the 4G modem and  built with a fork or a very extreme - in the form of a huge beetle , and  delicious eggs . Some of these innovations may seem fun, but most of them are absolutely useless. However, to solve all the same to you.
The next bizarre case for the iPhone 4 will provide you any company geeks. The plastic protective cover for the back of the smartphone from Apple made in the style of computer hard disk drive and includes a sample label manufacturer, forged bolts, and even power connectors and SATA.

Of course, the appearance is nothing more than a label, but the case does provide additional protection against damage. At the same time the design is exactly the same appearance of 2.5-inch hard drive, forgery issue only a small hole for the camera.

The result of this new clothes might be twofold. If you meet the same Nerd like you, it certainly appreciate your finding. Well, ordinary people are likely to think that with your "iPhone" fell off the back cover.

If you want to buy yourself a bag, then this would be difficult. The British company Thumbs-Up World does not sell them online. Find these things can be in retail stores, at least in the UK.
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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta [Download Free]

Adobe offers a free download to anyone who wants to try the latest version of its Photoshop image-editing software in beta. The announcement was made Wednesday by Adobe that, with immediate effect has been made available a free beta version of its flagship application Photoshop CS6. The product is available for both Mac OS and Windows.
Anyone interested is invited to download the beta version, to try and - more importantly for the development of Adobe - have feedback on its performance.
A statement from Adobe Systems said that the final version, once completed, the version stability should be available by June this year. And 'the first major upgrade of the powerful image editing software in two years.
The San Jose-based company also claims that Photoshop CS6 will feature "performance speed "," almost instant results "when you change with special tools, as well as an interface" Fine, clean, elegant and "user-friendly.
"Photoshop CS6 will be a release that pushes the boundaries of innovation imaging with incredible speed and performance," Adobe Winston Hendrickson said in the statement.
The final product will be available in two versions: the standard Photoshop CS6 and the more expensive Extended edition with its extra features. The free beta version gives users the full experience of Photoshop.
Photoshop launched about 22 years ago and has since gone on to become an image editing tool of choice for artists, photographers and designers from around the world.
If you are interested in try the latest version, you can download it from Adobe Labs here.
Photoshop CS6 Download Link: http://adobe.ly/GECkqW
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21 March 2012

[Galaxy Ace 2] picture and first impression

After officially presented in Barcelona, ​​Galaxy Ace 2 is shown in the picture. A mid-range smartphone that offers an improvement over the previous version while maintaining the general characteristics quite similar. The look was revised and the phone is light and fairly small size.
These detailed specifications:
  • 14.4Mbps HSDPA 900/2100, EDGE / GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
  • Processor:   Dual-Core 800MHz
  • Display : 3.8 "WVGA (480 × 800) PLS  TFT
  • Operating System:  Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Camera : 5 Megapixel Rear Auto Focus with Flash, Front camera: VGA
  • Video Codec :  MPEG4 , H.263, H.264 playback / recording: 720p
  • Audio Codec : MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WMA, FLAC, Vorbis, Music Player with SoundAlive
  • Ear 3.5mm Headset Jack, Stereo FM Radio with RDS
  • Additional features and services  TouchWiz Samsung / Samsung L! ve Panel UX, Samsung Apps, Kies Samsung / Samsung Kies Air, Samsung Hub, Social Hub, Integrated Messaging (Email, SNS), Contact, Calendar Sync, Music Hub, Game Hub Service Samsung mobile communication Chaton, Polaris
  • Connectivity  Bluetooth ® v. 3.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi b / g / n Wi-Fi Direct
  • Sensor  accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, NFC (optional)
  • Memory  4GB Internal Memory + 768MB (RAM), microSD (up to 32GB)
  • Dimensions  119.9 x 63.2 x 10.5 mm, 122g
  • Battery : Li-ion 1,500 mAh
The system is custom interface with Touch Wiz and is very similar to the range Android Samsung with same customization. The processor although not very powerful device allows you to manage well and we have no great delays. Obviously not a top range, but the update of ram can handle many processes without difficulty.
The materials are plastic but the back cover has a very simple line with a tactile finish that surrounds the camera and flash. In the next day tests and videos.
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20 March 2012

Apple's official response to the new iPad overheating problem: the Apple Reduo indicators

Being in the past few days, has been reported that the new iPad than the iPad heat a lot. First, on the Apple support forums to talk about his own experience, and later the use of infrared testing to prove the new iPad than the iPad 2 heat 5 degrees.
Tuesday, Apple finally official response to the new iPad overheating problem.
An Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller, told The Loop website: "new iPad with an excellent display of the Retina, equipped A5X processor, support 4G LTE network, the use of time remains 10 hours, the operation is perfect, and in line with our heat indicators. users that the new iPad, you should contact the AppleCare. " Finally, The Loop website Jim Dalrymple said they have to use the new iPad nearly two weeks and did not find any overheating problems.
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Apple will rule on 'warm' temperatures reached by the new iPad

It almost seems to have unleashed a new cloud of dust that we could define Temperature gate after the launch of the new third generation iPad. We find similar terminology going back a few months and remember Antenna gate and / or Battery gate? This time the alleged problem seems to lie in an excessive heating (according to some users) in the lower left of the device .
After numerous reports by the end consumers, on the official forum Apple, the Cupertino company has decided to come forward and comment on the issue. He did so by Trudy Miller, his spokesperson, who has announced that the new iPad works correctly within predetermined specifications.

The new iPad retina offers a fantastic display, a chip A5, 4G LTE network support and over 10 hours of battery life, while respecting our thermal specifications. If our customers have any issues or concerns may contact our AppleCare.

Specifics regarding the operating temperature of the new apple tablet are clear: everything must operate between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. And the new iPad third generation, in some cases, reaches a temperature equal to 92.5 degrees, so perfectly in line with the specifications of Cupertino. So you say, everything under control!
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[Seagate] Hard drive next-generation up to 60 terabytes

Seagate has announced it has reached the storage density of 1 terabit per square inch, a major achievement that promises to double the storage capacity of current hard disk . The company states that fail to produce a 3.5-inch hard disk with a capacity of 60 terabytes, all within the next 10 years. To achieve this record, the company has used the technology of recording next-gen heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), which plans to replace the current Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), introduced in 2006.
The current units are 3.5 inch can handle 620 gigabits per square inch while discs from 2.5 it can handle 500. The first generation of HAMR drives should already doubled this capability, we hope that everything will be able to improve the market situation is not that hard disk is still the best.
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Create your Android 3D card!

If you are a fan of Android and want at all costs to create your own mini Android collector, you can try to have fun building it at home. Thanks to the image you see in the opening article, you can create a nice Android paper, cardboard or other material with ease.
The image provides a set of guidelines to fold and cut your Android model. It will then be your imagination and creativity the player to customize the colors created with action figures, accessories or special designs.
If you want to insert comments in the pictures of your creations could be a nice starting point for other users. Following the download of the original PDF:
Download Android Action Figure Card from Play Store.
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19 March 2012

[New iPad] several users complain about excessive heat

As often happens, the days following the launch of a new model of smartphone or tablet is characterized by users' reports about suspected defects of youth, or, in severe cases, to real design errors. The iPad is not immune to this practice and, in fact, just three days gone by since, there have been reports of probable defects of the first tablet. Among the most relevant, given the robust topic already active at the official Apple support forum, the figure on the ' over-production of heat that would make the use in some cases not very comfortable , with no result in a real warming that affect proper operation.
Many users have reported an excess heat found in the vicinity of the bottom-left of the screen of the tablet . Possible causes include the presence of the new Chip A5X with quad-core GPU. The conditions in which heat production occurs would be different: some users have noticed the overheating during a game session with a title like Real Racing 2 makes particular use of the GPU, while synchronizing with other icloud, others have accused the heat produced on the brightness of the screen.

Variables are the opinions as regards the perception of heat produced during operation from iPad : iPad for some users become a bit 'hotter than we would expect, for others the heat is likely to produce some discomfort while using . In any case, the evidence presented do not refer to the activation of the safety mechanism that normally acts to prevent damage resulting from excessive heat . It is therefore not correct to talk of overheating, as a heat that would make it unpleasant to use.

Waiting to collect further evidence on this, we refer to thistopic at the official Apple support forum . As always properly report the information described above, without at the same time create unnecessary alarm. The audience is lucky to be able to rely on a user community that is already testing the tablet after placing on the market, community, whose impressions of use may be useful to evaluate the purchase on day one.
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Nvidia Tegra 3 Vs New iPad A5X: comparisons and performance comparison (video)

During the announcement of the new iPad was a slide shown by Phil Schiller on the chip used by Apple iPad for the third generation, able to get four times more performance than the competing Nvidia Tegra 3 . The guys at Laptop Mag have thus made ​​a video with the new iPad paired up with a Asus Prime Transformer to try to confirm as reported by Apple during the conference.
Using some benchmark software available for both platforms, the results have not confirmed Quantro reported by Schiller. Overall the new iPad seems to offer better performance in the field of 3D but nothing particularly striking, while analyzing graphics performance tests OpenGL 3D  chip A5X emerged victorious from the Tegra 3 on the benchmark 2.1 GLBenchmark getting about twice as many frames and four times the number of texture (texture pixels ).

In contrast, however, Tegra 3 is out head-on in bringing to fruition in the shortest time possible floating point calculations during some sessions, read and write thanks to an optimal memory usage and management of the operating system. Returning to the pure gaming performance, however, in tests conducted with Shadowgun and Riptide GP both platforms were aligned and performance offered only in the presence of optimization due to hardware differences are real sights, but not as sharp as had been reported from the slide Apple. You will still have to wait even more advanced games and optimized in order to determine more accurately the true performance of the new tablet.
Below is the video comparing the two platforms.
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Android and Linux Kernel 3.3 in the last meeting

The announced version 3.3 of the Linux kernel has become reality. The news comes from the same Linus Torvalds, who presented it to the world has also described the news and also the platform implementations on Android , finally reunited in the mainline kernel after 2 years of 'exile':

Several features of Android and subsystems have already been built, and more will follow in the future. This will make things easier for everyone, including the independent Android developer community , or who want to support Linux distributions Android programs .

What's more, with version 3.3 of the kernel has also come support the new architecture of Texas Instruments C6x , and has been completely redesigned and balanced the possibility of having different profiles more evenly RAID in Btrfs.

Over Android has been added, even in the mainstream software Open vswitch , a useful program for the management of advanced networking that supports virtualization of more complex scenarios of 'old' Bridge Linux kernel used in the past. Regarding the management of the network will instead provide the  Network priority control group , an interface that allows the administrator to dynamically set the priority of network traffic produced by different applications.

We report also some improvement in support Exynos chipset and Ivy Bridge , in addition to the Nouveau driver used by Nvidia , all of which will be further integrated in the Linux 3.4 kernel on which several teams are already at work.
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Samsung Galaxy S3: Exynos Quad Core Processor now certain

If there were any doubts about using Exynos Quad Core processor on the new top range Samsung, get new confirmations by anonymous Korean Samsung executives. Although there had already said that the processor would almost certainly have been the model 4412 with a 32nm production process, now comes further confirmation that the damage for sure.
So a heart Cortex A9 with 4 processors with clock including a 1.2 and 1.5GHz helped by Android 4.0.3 and plenty of RAM memory and can handle all applications without problems.
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17 March 2012

When Windows 8 the Metro Office15 Metro fill ...

Office15 recently launched is still in technology preview of the testing phase , but we are not boot in Windows8, the interface to see how it is easy operations to improve efficiency, the contrary, once installed, you do Crazy Office15 file prepared? We are not for everyone to see the full functionality of all applications on the list of upcoming configuration. Once installed, Office15 would heap nearly 20 boot interface in your Windows8 .
Others I do not know, my practice is to adjust my boot interface must be re-installed Office15. As the WinSupersite asked Microsoft will these people crazy file to clean out what? We hope they can do.

The public preview version of Office15 will be launched this summer, and in the end of 2012, the Ultimate Edition.
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