31 January 2012

Microsoft Office 15 public beta test phase into the technology preview will be released in the summer

Microsoft Office, according to the official blog of news, today the next generation of Microsoft Office suite into the technical preview testing. Microsoft revealed that they are currently signed confidentiality agreements with a few third-party testing team cooperation. The development of next-generation Office suite, code-named Office 15, will be provided to these third-party users to test when they will release the ultimate version provide some feedback, and is expected to be released later this year.
Microsoft probably will not be so quick release Office 15 Ultimate, but will release a public beta this summer. But Microsoft did not disclose on the Office 15 features any message, so we have no way to guess the Office 15 features. "I can tell you that Office 15 is definitely the most suitable for the office of the office suite." Microsoft Office development department CVP PJ Hough says, it suggests Microsoft is preparing to make significant changes to its office suite. Microsoft plans to its cloud services, mobile phones and PC client all the updates to Office 15, but also promised to wait until the beta release this summer, will share with you when more information. Earlier we heard that Microsoft plans to release in late January this year, a preview version, then can we hope to see more on this package design, but not all Metro heap to Windows 8 release only to see. As the technology preview beginning of the test, I would like to release this summer before the public beta Microsoft will reveal some information to introduce their next-generation Office suite of functions.
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Intel Core i7 and i7-3930K 3960X-C2 stepping available in Asia

As already announced in December (you can read  the step C2 Intel prepares for LGA 2011 processors SandyBridge-E ) Intel is preparing to launch the revision C2 of the CPU Sandy Bridge-E . Currently, these processors are available only for the Japanese market, and they are models of Core i7 i7-3960X and 3930K , the new revision is to correct the bug of the function VT-d (Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I / O).
The new Intel Core i7 i7-3960X and 3930K   can be identified by checking the letters S-Spec (5-character string that identifies precisely stepping CPU) printed on 'His of the processor . In this case, the CPU can be identified by the acronym C2 SR0KF for the Core i7-3960X and SR0KY  for the Core i7-3930K .
The prices for the Japanese market have been established at 83970 yen equivalent to U.S. $ 1095 for the Core i7-3960X, while the model i7-3930K is priced at 48980 yen, the exchange rate U.S. $ 639.
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RCMix ICE v3.2.5: custom ROM with Android 4.0.3 and 3.6 for HTC Sensation Sense

The spread of new RUU leaked 3.25.401.101 started the development of a new series of custom ROMs which supplement. The already popular Android Revolution HD has been compounded in recent hours, the updated version of the ROM RCMix ICE, now at version 3.2.5 .
The ROM is always based on the double feature Sense Android 4.0.3 and 3.6, using the latest version of the leaked HTC software and add a few customizations. These are the main features (bold innovations introduced with the latest release):
  • Base: XE 3.25.401.101 Sense with Android 3.6 and 4.0.2
  • Kernel - Stock HTC at 1.2 GHz and 1.5 GHz FM Sebastian
  • Menu Advanced Power
  • IME popup animation
  • Mods adapted to the new base
  • Apk zipaligned and optimized, with zipaligned sdk16
  • Script to optimize speed
  • Support init.d
  • HTC Beats
  • SRS and equalizer in the standard version
  • Bootanimation RCMix ICE
  • Bravia Engine
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30 January 2012

Valentine's Day approaching Microsoft's Win7 theme of "Rose"

2 weeks before Valentine's Day is, except for Valentine's, Valentine's Day roses, another hero comes. Rose is a symbol of love, the lover in the eyes of the most enchanting flowers.

In order to meet the upcoming Valentine's Day, Microsoft introduced the Windows 7 official theme of "Rose." This topic contains 10 Zhang Gaoqing wallpaper, resolution of 1920X1200, show a number of varieties of roses grace.
Official download link here:
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Officially arrives on Google + Android Developers

From a few hours was officially opened GoogleProfile + Android Developers  the basis of the official community of users dedicated to the development of Android applications and the Android ecosystem in general.

So now you can add to their circles a new source of official information dedicated to the green robot. Of course you can alsofollow SizloCore.com Google + .
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Possible uses of wireless technology and NFC with Sony Xperia S and S Tablet

We have already discussed the possibility of using NFC technology in many ways that need not be connected to payments by mobile phone. Sony, with the new range of products and accessories, is pointing toward the democratization of the lot and the NFC  Xperia Smart Tags  are a concrete demonstration.
Xperia Smart Tags  are small plates with NFC technology, used to launch pre-configured and custom profiles if you put an Android smartphone with NFC. -  officialpage
At a presentation of Sony in the UK, we show an interesting video that explains how it is exploited and the NFC in general by the new wireless connectivity devices from Sony and will soon hit the market with Xperia S and others.

So the NFC is not only payments, but a god way to interact with objects, environments, situations and other smartphones in a direct and simple. A technology that we hope will soon become a reference point. We're already imagining where to put the  Xperia Smart Tags  in the home and office, and you? 
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29 January 2012

Galaxy SIII: Samsung is considering the launch date of its flagship

It's not even been announced and is already on everyone's lips. The Galaxy SIII is indeed " the next big thing "in view of Android, and rumors about its launch date will chase anything without being sure.

Today for the first time, however, a manager of the Korean giant, Mrs. Lee Younghee, has confirmed the existence of the long awaited SIII and has thus responded to a question on the planned launch date:
"We are still reviewing several options When to launch. We will let you know when it's Decided. "
Simply put Samsung at home are still considering the date and we will know as soon as a decision. It seems, however, capture the value of ' hypotheses feared a few days ago about the improbability that the launch takes place during the upcoming MWC in Barcelona. In addition, our curiosity as if it were not already sky, it's just this morning the news of the appearance of a new product code from the ranks of smartphones Samsung GT-I9300 , we can find a support site of Samsung itself. If this is your identification code dell'S3 yet we can not know, but the option seems at least plausible.
Exynos Processor 5250 (dual-core 2.0 GHz) or 4412 (quad-core 1.5 Ghz)? 12 Megapixels? HD screen? The chase rumors for months now and still have no certainty except that it is only a matter of time (hopefully soon!) before you can touch the new flagship of the Korean giant.
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New BlackBerry - BlackBerry White

The network has an image of new smartphones from Research In Motion ( RIM ), which instead of being a "blackberry» (BlackBerry), tried on a white coat. It seems that the Canadian company is preparing to market a new line of smartphones BlackBerry. As you know, more recently, mobile devices, made ​​in white, have a high popularity among the users.

“We want to update the line of primary colors smartphones Bold, Curve and Torch popular and fashionable for today Color Pure White”.

Received new color BlackBerry Torch 9810 smartphone, BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Curve 9360. And in the next quarter, "White Guard" replenish models BlackBerry Bold 9790 and BlackBerry Curve 9380. Will this innovation to increase sales volumes, we learn with you shortly.
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iPad military waterproof to 300 feet deep water, floating or inflatable

In the Macworld / iWorld show, there was a man named Grid Tablet's waterproof, can be loaded or more smaller iPad tablet device, the company packages many other military products, and Grid Tablet is designed for U.S. Navy Seals Navy Seals commando build military equipment.

The Grid Tablet waterproof unit price $ 97 in the water 300 feet (91.44 meters) to maintain the depth of the work, the normal touch can carry out the operation, or in which inflation, allowed to float. 

Also with this waterproof bag with a collapse, allowing the soldiers operating in the water when the security firm to carry, waterproof bags for this factory also want to add some new features, but not ready to disclose details.
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LG E400 Optimus L3: soon a new Android smartphones in Europe at a good price

Without special proclamations by LG arrived in Europe a new Android smartphone that comes in addition to the large family Optimus : This is the economic L3 E400 entered into these days in the price of a Swedish store that signals available from February 27, coincidentally start date of MWC in Barcelona.
LG has not yet officially leaving open the terminal information about the processor and RAM. Specifications available, we can only say that the display is a capacitive 3.2-inch QVGA (320 × 240 pixels), there is a 3MP rear chamber and the system is pre-installed Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Also available in all standard Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and FM radio in addition to the microSD slot for expanding internal memory (known at the time) up to 32GB. All this is offered in the Scandinavian country at about $198 USD, an attractive price for the low-end and could become even more so when we have more news on the rest of the hardware sector and availability for our area. by
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If Siri is a very passionate sexy big beauty

In the latest issue of the "Big Bang" in, Siri is no longer a voice application, transformed into a beauty in the passionate broadcasting, perhaps this is the desire of many people,

but the film's leading man for the Siri beauty Some over-the human, up to ask whether make love, male pig because speechless and painful, or because of disillusionment and frustration it?
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Theme Buttons: Bubble NotificationBadge iPhone Free download

To start the day, I present a mini theme very original! Bubble NotificationBadge Iphone which will be renamed BubbleBadge the repo is a mini theme that will transform our traditional red notification badge springboard in a transparent bubble very well appointed! BubbleBadge

Compatible iOS 5, 4 & 4S iPhone - iPod Touch 4.
Download the theme BubbleBadge by TinyIphone
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Jaku, the theme of the iPhone 4 Free Download

I present this theme one of the most beautiful theme HD that I have seen since I run this site!
Appointed Jaku this theme is a success at any level! What can I say except for a finish , a detail , a uniform perfect! And a style all its own with over 100 icons and perfect compatibility with HD iDevices iOS 5! An update is already available with over 150 icons!
Download the Theme:
Download the theme by Jaku Szilveszter (For only $ 2.99) 
Or theme for those not working PRESS "Optimize Themes (v1.0)" in Winterbaord!
Compatible with iPhone 4 & 4S and iPod Touch 4, iOS 5.
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28 January 2012

Meet iWatch Concept 2, now with FaceTime, camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth [photo]

The designers of the Italian studio ADR Studio - developers prototype  iPhone SJ - presented a second version of the concept called iWatch 2. His name, indeed, in the style of Apple and As you may guess, is the clock.
As well as the first option, shown in 2010, Apple iWatch 2 is a wristwatch with a touchscreen and built-in pico projector. With the latter can show pictures and video from a connected iOS-device.

Accessory enclosed in a thin aluminum casing, which has little weight and offers the highest mechanical strength. The display, which was conceived designers can display the caller's name, as well as weather forecasts, text messages and even news RSS-feed. Sold iWatch 2 in a stylish black box with a slider.
Built-in memory iWatch 2 increased to 32 gigabytes. The clock can not only communicate over wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with mobile devices to iOS, but also support technology video FaceTime. So you can chat with your friends and colleagues using the front camera iWatch 2.

Looks iWatch two very impressive and, as rightly pointed out, developers, Apple should definitely announce at the conference WWDC 2012 just such a product.
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RealCalc Scientific Calculator apk v1.7.3 download for android and iPhone

Not recently published in the Android Market, today we bring  RealCalc Scientific Calculator , perhaps the best free calculator available for Android. This is a very complete program that allows you to handle virtually all types of calculations transforming the smartphone into a real scientific calculator. Excellent especially for students, academics and all those who need to complete a calculator.
Free download from Google PlayStore
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27 January 2012

Five tips for your iPhone 4S

The rumors about the launch of a new version of Apple's popular iPhone before kicking. However, it is a fact that a new operating system will be released this summer. Sizlocore.com have summarized five tips that can be used in the meantime. And who knows? Maybe they can also be transferred to iPhone OS 3.0 when it comes.

Five tips ...
Easy control of iPod
When the phone is locked, you can operate the music player by pressing twice on the home button. Then you have the option to press play / pause, track forward / back, rewind and adjust volume - directly into your 'lock screen'. The command can also be accessed from the home screen if the music plays. Players can tip on / off in Settings ->>>>>>>> General ->>>>>>>> Home Button ->>>>>>>> iPod control panel.

Two fingers gives sentence
, most iPhone users are familiar with that two press 'space' resulting in a period and a space. The same function can be achieved by tapping once with two fingers.

Stream music from your computer
using Wi-Fi and application Simplify Media lets you stream music from your own or your friends' computers through the iPhone. The program must be installed on both the iPhone and the computer, both devices must be turned on and logged in to it works. iPhone application can be downloaded from the App Store, while PC / mac / linux version download from www.simplifymedia.com. You can also read more about the setup and features.

Zoom in / out on Google Maps
Map application based on Google Maps have a special zoom function. A double-tap with one finger zooms in, while a single-tap with two fingers zooms out.

Send calls to voice mail
when you receive a call, you can send it directly to voicemail by pressing twice on 'las' button. If you simply remove the ringing tone and otherwise let the phone rings, press once on the same button.
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3 small tweaks to your iPhone

One of the joys of being a journalist in the gadget world is that you occasionally get the opportunity to convey small tips that can make the smartphone experience a little smarter for users. Sizlocore.com have summarized three little iPhone trick that hopefully can bring the joy of some of our readers. Do you have other good tips? Share them like in the comment box below.
 First Remote notification banner
With 5.0-version of the IOS operating system, it became possible to display the notifications as a small bar at the top of the screen, so your phone activities were not interrupted by a new message, email, etc. When the banner tones rather, it will in many cases displays most of the back button in the active application. However, you can easily and quickly get rid of the notification without waiting for the self disappears. There are two ways to do it: 1) Swipe across the banner from right to left or 2) pull off a little in the banner and swipe upward like a roller blind.

Second Switch between camera and images
When the camera application is open, you can access the Camera Roll by tapping the icon in the lower left corner. However, there is an alternative. Mon can also swipe your finger from left to right. From here there is access to all images in the camera roll and editing tools, forward, delete, etc. You come back to the camera application to swipe the opposite direction.

Third Shortcut to the new calendar appointment
The third trick is a shortcut to create a new calendar appointment. Instead of choosing a date and then press the plus sign in the upper right corner (or vice versa), you can simply hold your finger in the desired day. IOS will then take you directly to the entry of a new agreement. Moreover, it works both in list and month view. Good enough, only a single tap, you save, but it is nice to go straight to the point when you can.

iPad bonus: You can reopen closed tabs
When we're at it with iOS tweaks, we take just an extra with - except for the iPad. If you want to restore a recently closed tab in Safari browser, you can keep your finger down on the plus sign next to the open tabs (the button to open a new tab). A moment later come the closed tabs in a list. If you want to reopen closed tabs (or more correctly labeled pages) on an iPhone, you have to go through the bookmark icon in the bottom of Safari and then locate / select the folder 'History'.
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jkLeater LS theme for iOS 5 Free Download Now

Normally jkLeater is a complete theme, lockscreen and springboard, but I retained the lockscreen because I trial is the most successful theme! that's why I present jkLeater LS , which will totally transform your lockscreen with a superb touch of class, among black leather, sewing and sober! I love it.

Compatible iOS 5, 4 iPhone - iPod Touch 4.
Download the theme jkLeater LS by jkypow
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Official Windows 7 Theme: Fun Fruits

Although the meaning of convergence has not yet cold, but spring is exciting, Microsoft has provided a fresh and refreshing of the Windows 7 theme "fun fruits", the wallpaper in this theme and graphic designers from independent players Guo Bo , from a novel unique perspective into the complex hidden in the depths of the strange world of fruit.
This topic contains only six wallpaper, resolution of 1920X1200.
Official download:
Wallpaper Figure Tour:
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26 January 2012

Xperia X8: started porting Android 4.0.3

Again and this time the protagonist of ICS Xperia X8 , the small smartphone released last year. This is a first alpha version based on CyanogenMod 9, unofficially of course, on which were made ​​a number of improvements and developments door handle discreetly distributing the new Android.
What works
  • Touchscreen
  • GSM / Data
  • charge online / offline
  • Physical buttons
  • SD Card
  • GPS
  • 3G HSPA
  • accelerometer
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Status LEDs
  • vibration
  • overclocking
  • Dualtouch
  • Root / Superuser
  • Sony Ericsson headboard
  • installing apps from sd card
  • market
  • gallery
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • VideoShotScreen
what does not work (with custom kernel)
  • wi-fi
  • camera (it clicks)
  • radio (just open, force close)
For buyers of this small smartphone, therefore, promises an interesting future, hoping to see soon solved the problems currently present.  
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25 January 2012

Get faster online with Windows 8

With Windows 8 makes it easier to go online when you're on the go.

Microsoft promises that it will be easier to connect to mobile broadband and wireless networks with the upcoming Windows 8 According to Building Windows 8-blog . In the future you no longer need to install special drivers or other software to connect to mobile broadband. Today, typically a special program from its telecom operator to connect to 3G networks. It will be different with Windows 8, which Microsoft has developed a hardware specification and a common driver together with the industry. This driver should work with virtually all 3G modems and kept constantly updated through Windows Update. Microsoft uses the so-called Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM), developed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). If you have a 3G modem without binding to a single operator, one can also freely choose their provider and data packet directly to Windows 8, then the settings sent directly to the modem. It's all managed through the control panel in Windows 8, where you can both manage connections to wireless networks and mobile network . You can also enable and disable each radio chips such as WLAN, Bluetooth and 3G, or switch them all over in flight mode. It recalls the features known from smartphones. The properties of the individual compounds can also see how much data traffic is sent over each connection. It can be handy if you pay a certain amount of traffic. Windows 8 also sees to automatically switch between different networks. Basically preferred WLAN over mobile networks. If Windows 8 will find a wireless network, the connection to the mobile network and the modem is switched off to save power. Users can even create a list of preferred networks. Moreover, the new operating system be able to create a WLAN connection significantly faster than its predecessor. According to Microsoft, it takes about 11 seconds to restore a wireless network connection when Windows 7 wakes from sleep mode while Windows 8 can do it in just one second. Typically, Windows 8 online even before the screen is on. Windows Update now distinguish between the different connection types and only downloads updates if you are using a connection without traffic limitation. It does not apply to critical security updates. Here the user can also change the settings at any time. 
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BlackBerry Playbook 2 Ready to debut in May and June?

The next generation of RIM's Playbook tablet will, confirmation comes from the same CEO Thorsten Heins after several speculations about the past few days. According to a roadmap unveiled by BGR boys of the processor will be faster (this is called a dual-core 1.5 Ghz) and will have an NFC chip to provide integrated on-board transactions in short-range mobility and connectivity.
Thorsten Heins has also confirmed that Playbook is already in construction sites, yet adopting a diagonal within 7 inches, mount the new system for BlackBerry OS 2.0 playbook and may already debut in stores in May and June.

In recent months, RIM has unfortunately had to resort to price cuts particularly important not to find themselves with excess inventory in the first generation of STORAGE Playbook and the company hopes that with the introduction of the new model will see an improvement in sales and return to competition in the area of the tablet.
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24 January 2012

Windows 8 Beta will be called the "Consumer Preview"

Microsoft at CES and did not give us a Beta version of Windows 8, but in February, shortly after we will see a new beta version of Windows, its name will be changed before Beta, RC's name, and was "Consumer Preview" and "Enterprise (or Business) Preview" replaced by a screenshot from the official Beta version also proved this point:

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Skydroid launcher style Windows 8 coming soon on Android

Android is a system with a thousand resources and those who were fascinated by the world Windows Phone and wanted to try a faithful reproduction of the interface presented with their new system of Microsoft CES last we'll see both on smartphones and PCs, is another Skydroid proposal for alternate launcher for Android than that already seen in the market shows a deep integration with the system, very similar to the competitor Rendola MS.
Skydroid comes as a complete suite of applications in a Windows-style launcher fully adopting the interface 8 Metro UI .
  • Dialer
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • People with IM and Social
  • Calculator
  • Player
  • Gallery
  • Room
  • Browser
  • Notes
  • Stock + Currency Converter
  • Weather
  • Alarm
  • News
  • File manager
  • Settings
  • Launcher
Almost a renewal of the system so that Skydroid will propose at the next spring, with the release of the application at a price yet to be determined with a deep integration that will involve as we can see most of the functionality of the system.
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Mozilla Firefox 13 some of the new features

Firefox 10 will soon release the official version, Firefox 11 new features have been identified. Now Firefox 13 will have any new features.
1, Download Manager
Once said that 12 updates in Firefox download manager panel is now changed to 13 in the Firefox update .
Now been identified, formally introduced in Firefox 13 silent update feature. This means that you will be asked to reboot after updating Firefox (no download, download silent as before).
3, update grace period
Silent update has led to too large to discuss, because Firefox has entered the era of rapid updating, although expansion has been done to optimize compatibility mechanism, but there will still be part of the expansion because the author did not update not compatible. To solve this problem, Mozilla exit this function. When a silent update that is not compatible with extended pauses updated version of Firefox, grace 7 days, until the expansion of the author fix the problem. Grace period ends, the Firefox update will pop up a prompt.
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iDesk: computer desk next to Mac and iPhone

Might look like a computer desk next to be used by owners of Macs and iPhone in 20 years that way?
Imagine that you just put your iPhone or iPad on the table and starts to sync iTunes content. Its surface is entirely sensory and performs in the role of the keyboard or the "magic" trackpad Apple. At any time you can bring to it the information from your computer, such as applications or widgets.

Designer Adam Benton developed the concept of this table, which he called iDesk. Operating Environment makovoda future includes all the above features.

The artist describes the iDesk:

"The whole of its surface is a touch screen, which can run several applications simultaneously, including a calendar, phone, and notes. As such, they completely replace their physical counterparts. Lists, video chatters, design tools Adobe, and countless widgets such as calculator and weather forecasts, located directly on the surface iDesk ».

Of course, everyone has their own idea about what should be a computer desk of the future. Some believe that this should be a high-tech monster, similar to the control panel spacecraft, while others believe that the classics will always be relevant. One thing is clear: the workplace will be developed after the computers and infinitely like sooner or later become available to the owner of technology Apple.
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Updated 10 reasons not to buy iPad 3

Presentation of the iPad 3 is expected in February, and the output device on the market - in March this year. Publication eWeeks found 10 reasons why potential buyers should postpone buying a tablet.
According to the resource, in 2012, is expected to "the emergence of truly innovative products" that can overshadow a new gadget Apple. Read on and you'll learn why you should not buy iPad 3 at the start of sales.

1. This may be insignificant update.
"Every year before the release of the next iPhone or iPad there were rumors about the serious innovation in the new model. But last year, Apple instead proposed minor changes and the letter S next to the numeral 4. Therefore, there is a strong chance that the iPad 3 will not be a major step forward. "

The author of this list has no idea what the iPad iPhone 3 or 5, or any other as yet unannounced device from Apple, and in a hurry to give advice on the purchase. His assumption he bases on the fact that the device shown in Apple in 2011, - iPad 2 and iPhone 4S - were "minor updates", forgetting that this is a normal cycle for a product Apple: between iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 was 3GS, which was so "minor", that is relevant to this day.

2. It is possible that the iPad 2 will be available at a lower price.
"It is assumed that Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2 after the release of iPad 3.As is the case with the iPhone 4 iPhone 4S, a company can do for a substantial discount obsolescent tablet, releasing iPad 3 on the standard price of 499 dollars. Why not save a few bucks and buy a model last year, instead of new? "
A strange assumption. Why not wait at least three iPad announcement and then see what happens in reality? Even if the iPad 2 will indeed be available at a discounted price (at least on the secondary market for such devices for "cheap" is just full of "), then it will not stop someone who wants to buy an iPad 3, especially if it turns out that the update will be a worthy All the rumors that have long circulated about him.

3. Wait a tablet based on Android.
"Let the ardent fans of Apple is not even an option, but some consumers may want to hold it in the hands of the plates under Android, which will appear this year, before they decide to buy an iPad 3."

Yes, this is exactly what consumers expect. Not only does good tablet with Android is already there, so if you need a gadget to the OS, you can not wait for the announcement of iPad 3.But in general, even Google acknowledges the fact that most of the Android-tablet market is worse, and promised in the future Tablet "highest quality". Let's really nothing to buy, but just wait until Google will fulfill his promise.

4. Prospects with Windows 8.
"The Windows operating system has not yet been able to capture a meaningful share of the market tablets. But by the end of this year, Microsoft plans to unveil Windows 8, and tablets running the operating system will be very interesting. Will they be better apple counterparts? While no one knows. But they should wait to buy an iPad 3. "
This is exactly what is coming: the plates with the fans and the confusion of compatibility x86 and ARM architectures and platforms that they generate with Windows 8. Especially considering the anticipated release date towards the end of 2012. Even the author writes about things that nobody knows what will turn a tablet on Windows 8, but it's better to wait. Wise advice.

5. Or, better ultrabook?
"Tablet PC - a good thing, and there is no doubt that the iPad 3 will appeal to consumers. But there are other form factors, which are available to clients who want to be mobile. Chief among them is ultrabook. These light and thin device is ideal for mobile users and have a full physical keyboard. In addition, their prices are expected to fall this year, making ultrabook more accessible. "
"Or maybe a cow, but too well," was sung in the famous cartoon about a crow plasticine. Of course, there are other form factors of mobile devices - laptops, smartphones - which to some extent a substitute for a tablet, just like their positive aspects of the tablet can replace other devices. We just do not forget that the cost of the most ultrabook not from Apple in two to three times higher than the same iPad.

6. Assume first that will fix the problem.
"Being one of the first buyers of fun for those who are not experienced with hardware and software problems with the new iOS-devices. The right decision with any product (not just Apple) to wait a month or two and see what users would complain. If no problems - you can go to the store. "
Similarly, just need to wait for 3-5% with the new device forums on the random or imagined problems, creating the impression that the problem is massive and involves no less than 146% of all users of the device. And then, of course, an entirely new product, not the third generation of the most popular tablet - of course, there will be continuous problems.

7. You can buy an iPad 3 at work.
"Everybody who has decided to buy an iPad 3 to think about: what if the device will be so good that you have in your company will give it to work. In fact, many corporate customers are planning to introduce Apple-tablet in their working environment. "
And if you write a letter to Santa Claus? Or, at least, ask your parents? After all, we can not wait until your company goes on the iPad instead ultrabook or what we have today actually. Why do I need to wait for that magical moment when the company will take a decision if it is possible to solve the problem yourself if you want to?

8. Please wait while Amazon shows that there they have.
"If the iPad is a serious competitor in the tablet market, it's Amazon Kindle Fire.This year is expected a new version of the device with 7-inch screen for $ 199.Probably, Amazon will release a large model with a display of 10 inches. "
Indeed, when will the iPad 3 would be the time to wait a certain mythical product from Amazon, which may come or may not be released in 2012. Perhaps it will improve the 7-inch version of the Kindle Fire, and, perhaps, will appear in the 10 inch version, but in any case, it may be better, but maybe not better than the iPad 3. See how all the obvious?
9. It is best to spend money now.
"There are many potential buyers of tablets that, when he heard about the iPad 3, refuse to buy the current model. This is a bad idea. iPad 2 - a great device as Kindle Fire. Spend the money now and see what Apple has prepared the iPad 3 - the best solution for any customer. "
At the end of the list went very strange reason, just to make it to the magic number 10. Of course, why put off something and plan to spend a penny all that is, without delay for a second - tomorrow will be too late!

10. It is better to wait for iPad 4.
"Users iPad 2, or any good tablet should wait for iPad 4. This device certainly get all the necessary functions. iPad 3 may be a good product, but if you wait a year, the iPad 4 will satisfy all needs. The last thing a buyer needs to do - buy yourself a new iPad every year. "
Of course, it is better to wait for 5 or even iPad iPad 6, so they for sure will not deceive your expectations. Or deceived - this also tells eWeek.
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CyanogenMod 9 alpha 2 for LG P500 Optimus only One (VIDEO)

Let's go back to take care of 'interesting project dedicated to LG P500 Optimus One aims to make available the latest version of the operating system Android , or Ice Cream Sandwich . Recently it has been widespread version of the alpha 2 9 CyanogenMod custom ROM . Let's find out what were the most recent progress made ​​by the community.
Recall that we are dealing ROM is not officially developed by the team CyanogenMod, nevertheless represents an interesting opportunity to try the latest release of Android with the LG Optimus One. Progress since the last alpha 1 are consistent. With the alpha 2 are correct, in fact, major bugs of the previous version, such as those relating to the touchscreen, audio and GSM module.
More specifically:
Functional features:
  • Full hardware acceleration
  • Bluetooth
  • 3D
  • Sensors (accelerometer tried)
  • Electron Beam OFF
  • Audio
  • GPS (???)
  • GSM
  • JIT
  • Reload offline
  • USB (switch on the unit of mass storage to be corrected)
  • Touchscreen
  • Ability to capture screenshots
  • The system is much more responsive due to JIT
Feature not working:
  • Camera
  • Wi-Fi (semi-correct: it is able to search for networks but not connect)
  • other features not specified
For more information on ROM, please consult the official topic . Here you can view the operation of the ROM in action, thanks to the interesting video that shows her in action.Enjoy:
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23 January 2012

Available images of Android 4.0, one for drivers and Nvidia Tegra 2 directly from

Good news for all developers and advanced users who want to try in the development of Roma and customization of Android 4.0 Tegra device 2. After the speed with which it was issued for ICS Prime Transformer  , NVIDIA is pleased to announce the first public release of images for Ice Cream Sandwich NVIDIA Tegra DevKits.
For the first time ever, images are available on OSX and Windows operating system and Linux. The package consists in the release of the binary code, drivers developed on our reference platforms and all the necessary patches to ensure the stability and performance with ICS and our development tools.Visit the  Tegra Resorce  for development tools that support ICS as  ES PerfHUD  .
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Full support for PerfHUD ES 1.9.5, the Open GL ES frame debugging and analysis tools for Tegra.
  • Full support for OProfile and PERF, CPU profiling tools.
  • The default value for Timeout is Set To Screen 30 minutes.
  • Permissions for all internet applications are enabled by default.
  • Native to Java JNI calls have checks disabled HAD to mimic production units.
  • EMEIA ID support
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Sony updates the VAIO line of notebook

Sony announces an update of the family of VAIO Z Series Notebook PC, D, E and C. The Vaio Z series will be priced starting at $ 1949.99, 13.1-inch display, Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors, hard drives in RAID 0 SSD and a carbon fiber body.

The series will be characterized by S instead of 13 and 15 inch models, processors Core i5 or i7, AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics card (512 MB ​​VRAM) or Radeon HD 6630M (1 GB VRAM). The 13-inch model starts at $ 799.99, while his brother, 15-inch, boasting a Full HD IPS, will be priced starting at $ 979.99. Both models will be available from February 1.
As for the E series, models 14-inch and 15.5-inch, will have the same Sandy Bridge processors, while the C series will have a pink or black design.
For more information on Sony VAIO laptops we recommend a visit to thisaddress .
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RIM changes the direction of trying to keep up with Apple and Google

Manufacturer RIM BlackBerry phones completely changed the Canadian leadership: their positions lost Mike Lazaridis Founder Jim Balsillie and dividing the Acting Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. RIM will have an executive director - Thorsten Heins, who joined the company in 2007 from Siemens, where he worked for 20 years.
"This is a new era for RIM. Path a bit thorny, we did everything we could - quoted Lazaridis Bloomberg. - Thorsten - the perfect choice, he has all the necessary skills at the right time. "

According to Haynes, with him RIM «should remain in the top three wireless" and strengthen its position in the corporate segment. The company will release a new model of the tablet version of the Playbook and 10 BlackBerry OS, the new leader promised.

The market value of RIM in the past year fell by 77% to 6.8 billion, primarily because of competition from smartphones "new wave" on iOS from Apple and Android from Google. The main competitive advantage of BlackBerry - secure mobile corporate email - eroded in recent years also due to some fault in the company's servers, and in October 2011, customers were deprived of access for a few days. As an additional anti-crisis measures executive and CEO of Research in Motion even reduced his salary to $ 1 a year. Prior to that, the annual salary of each year was 1.2 million.

It was rumored even that RIM sold: a number of media wrote about interest in a Canadian company by the alliance of Nokia and Microsoft. In January, BGR reported, citing an unnamed source, like Jim Balsillie RIM director met with several bidders for the company or its software licenses and the best chance at Samsung. Samsung officially denied not only the fact of negotiations with RIM, but even the interest in this company.
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After Megaupload many other sharing sites close or change the type of service! FileSonic the first!

It is unclear whether what is happening at this time is only an effect caused by the closure of the last few days that Megaupload has "scared" to many sites that offer similar services, but it is a fact that many spaces are closing filehosting or by changing their "strategy".

The first was FileSonic , famous and widespread file sharing system that has virtually shut down preventing uploads of files (still access to personal files like) as shown in the image above.

While we see a close other, the remaining sites, or at least most of them, have changed the terms and conditions of use indicating that those responsible for the uploads are the users themselves. Moreover, in many cases, have been eliminated movies, music and content copyright their shared servers.

We are seeing a real domino file sharing and file hosting sites on the web. What should we expect? 
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22 January 2012

Why Apple's production line in China? Secret behind the iPhone in 2007

The New York Times today published a very worthy people to think of commentary, almost all of Apple's product lines are built in China, but like a few U.S. companies like Apple, Chinese labor is cheap, but only money cause? In fact, it can be said that China's cheap labor is one reason, but even excluded this factor, a company like Apple is not possible to establish factories in the U.S. processed products, and give a simple example, in accordance with the policy a few years ago, our government that one day it will recruit 3,000 employees of the plant, or within two weeks to recruit 8,700 people to give the plant a very favorable government subsidies. This means that a factory in China within two weeks to recruit 8,700 people, while in the United States, this time to complete nine months. Now many parts of electronic products, but most are concentrated in several areas of production, global production is impossible in any case moved to the United States, the United States can not afford.
The following story began: In 2007, the first generation iPhone on sale in the previous month (this time has been mass production of the iPhone), Jobs hands of the public call to the office. Jobs in recent weeks have been personally using the iPhone prototype, Steve Jobs has this iPhone prototype pocket. Jobs raised some angry iPhone, and to tilt the screen so everyone can see the screen above, many of the scratches, then he has the keys from his pocket, said: "People would phone in your pocket, people will be the key in your pocket. Our products are not allowed to be so easily scratched! "Jobs said these words, and even some excitement. For this problem, the solution is only for use against the glass, Jobs said: "I want the glass screen, I want to six weeks to make it perfect." in which the participants of an Apple executive, immediately after the meetings booked a flight to Shenzhen, China. He knew that if within six weeks in order to achieve the perfect addition to Shenzhen, he had no elsewhere to go. Occurred after the "China miracle" stunned enough to allow all foreigners: the new screen arrived at midnight on the factory, the factory foreman in the night quarters set up 8,000 emergency workers, each worker made ​​a cup of tea and some snacks , 8000, after half an hour all the posts in place, 12 hours a class started for the iPhone for the glass screen, this process lasted 96 hours, every 24 hours of iPhone production of 10,000 units. In fact, these two years, this plant has been responsible for a code-named Purple 2 production tasks, in order to redefine the telephone, for design and a variety of considerations, or an idea just because Steve Jobs, the factory will receive some of the "urgent task" for a limited time to produce a certain product or process. Want to ensure that this efficiency, and will not let the cost of the deficit, then the only factory in China can do it. Purple 2, is the legendary symbol of the first generation iPhone, although Apple has never been tested.
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Windows 8 Beta from further exposure of the latest version of the 8188

Yesterday, we announced Windows8 latest version 8187 , 8188 also will be exposed today. According to the current news, Windows 8 beta version will be locked in 8200, then from the beta version now really far away.
Lunar New Year's Eve in our day, Windows 8 Build 8188 came before us, the full version number is 8188.0.winmain.120119-1835 ( version click for more>>> ), compiled on January 19. If nothing else, then, in the end of this month early February Win8 beta version will be completed, according to Microsoft's plans will be published in late February beta version. So before that in the end there is no leakage possible? Please also continue to focus on sheep cafe, the first time we will send you the latest news about Win8!
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Zahra Theme of the iPhone 4 Free Download Now

iPhaze is a very good theme creator, I am presenting today its magnificent creation, named Zahra this new theme is super colorful, bright, detailed above! Compatible with all HD iDevices including  iPhone 4S in iOS 5 +!
Installing the Theme:

Theme for those not working PRESS "Optimize Themes (v1.0)" in Winterboard!
Compatible with iPhone 4 & 4S and iPod Touch 4, iOS 4 and iOS 5.
Download the theme Zahra by iPhaze
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How to install on iBooks Author Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard

Author iBooks - this is free software, Apple, which allows professional authors and writers, fans effortlessly make interactive books. All that to do this - a computer running Mac. The program is compatible with files from the office suites of Apple and Microsoft, and supports widgets in JavaScript and HTML5.
By default, iBooks Author only works in OS X Lion, which makes it impossible to create colorful, interactive iPad-books on Apple operating system, the previous generation. Nevertheless, there is a way to force the run iBooks Author in the software environment Sn0w Leopard. Launched in 10.6.8 application can only be used to create books, for publication in the iBooks Store will still use the Lion.
How to install iBooks Author of Snow Leopard (10.6.8)
Step 1 : On the desktop, Mac OS X, press Command + Shift + G and enter / System / Library / CoreServices /.
Step 2 : Locate the file SystemVersion.plist and make a copy on your desktop.
Step 3 : Launch the Terminal and run:
sudo nano / System / Library / CoreServices / SystemVersion.plist
Step 4 : Find the clues ProductUserVisibleVersion and ProductVersion, and change the line from 10.6.8 to 10.7.2.
Step 5 : Press Control + O, to save the file.
Step 6 : Run the Mac App Store and download the iBooks Author.
Step 7 : After the download does not start the program. Find iBooks Author in Programs folder, right click and choose "Show Package Contents."
Step 8 : Go to the folder Contents and find the file Info.plist. Open it with any text editor.
Step 9 : Locate and modify LSMinimumSystemVersion the relevant line from 10.7.2 to 10.6.8 and save the file.
Step 10 : Now go back to SystemVersion.plist, to do this in Terminal:
sudo nano / System / Library / CoreServices / SystemVersion.plist
Step 11 : Find the clues and ProductUserVisibleVersion ProductVersion and return values ​​from 10.7.2 to 10.6.8.
Step 12 : Save SystemVersion.plist.
Step 13 : That's all. Start iBooks Author. To synchronize with iPad books you might want to iTunes 10.5.3 .
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21 January 2012

Transmission: Download files directly. Torrent from your iPhone.

This application was already on the Mac, here's happening now on the iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. This one is available as a package console and is not really an application as you see most often.

With Transmission which is freely available, you can download files . torrent directly from your iPhone. Developed the basis for Apple TV, this one installs and runs perfectly well on our beloved iDevices.
Transmission fits and is available from MobileSafari . You just enter the address of its interface, which is http://iphone:9091/ . For an iPad or an Apple TV, change the address in the "iphone" by the device on which you are.
Here's how to use it in a nutshell:
  • Open Mobile Safari.
  • Do a search on Google to find the file. Torrent of interest.
  • Copy the file link.
  • Then open a second page and enter the following address:
(You can add it as a bookmark to avoid retyping the address.)

  • Once the interface, click "Open", enter the address copied above and submit.
  • Transmission will check the address and the download will begin automatically.
Obviously the more sources "Peers", the download is over quickly.
  • Once the download is complete, you will find (s) file (s) in the folder:
var / mobile / downloads
(You can change at will where the file will be downloaded from the interface and settings)

Since the setup icon in the bottom, it also provides almost all settings normally available on the software of this kind. As the ability to manage the download speed limits, setting the port, etc ...
It is quite possible to leave running MobileSafari with multitasking, which allows itself to be as you wish while the (s) download (s) to complete. It is also possible to pause downloads and resume later.
Compatible with:
  • iPhone 3G, 3G, 4 and 4S
  • iPad 1 and 2
  • Apple TV
  • 2.41
Download Transmission for free on the BigBoss source (original in Cydia)
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MegaUpload closes? Here are 14 options for uploading files

MegaUpload has been closed a few days ago and there seems no possibility of return at the time for one of the world's most popular platforms. But the file-sharing is not done, there are at least 14 alternative sites that can meet your needs.

MegaUpload boasted 50 million users per day and accounted for 5% of all Internet traffic . Many are looking for a way to store and share files. Here is a short list of 14 sites that will fill the hole left by the sudden break down of remembering MegaUpload multiupload.com according to as the best for uploading to multiple sites.
RapidShare: MegaUpload like, allows users to upload files of unlimited size. There are also storage limits, but the files are automatically deleted after a certain period of time. Users who wish to use RapidShare as cloud storage can subscribe to RapidPro for about € 29.9 (RapidShare is based in Switzerland, so there should be no problem) for 150 days.
MediaFire : an abridged version of RapidShare, MediaFire allows free users to upload any file type, with a maximum of 2 GB and upload the files will be deleted after a certain period of time. Users can upgrade to a Pro account for $ 9 a month.
Dropbox : a popular, robust cloud storage service. Dropbox provides users with 2 GB of free storage, and lets you share files with anyone using a public folder. Users can upgrade to 50GB for $ 10 per month, or 100GB for $ 20 a month.
Box like Dropbox, Box is primarily a cloud storage service. Users have 5 GB available but can only upload files of 25 MB or smaller.
YouSendIt:   offers 2GB of free storage. The files can then be shared by e-mail, but only five per month for the free version.
Minus : one of the easiest ever. Allows users who sign up to release files up to 2GB and offers users up to 50 GB of free storage.
Amazon CloudDrive :   offers 5GB of free storage, and can be upgraded to 20GB at a cost of about $ 1 per gigabyte per year (making it by far one of the least expensive). The maximum file size is 2 GB. The biggest drawback? It does not allow file sharing (unless it is given the password Amazon, of course).
MicrosoftSkyDrive : Completely free, SkyDrive offers users 25 GB of free storage, and the ability to share files with others via e-mail. It 'must have a Hotmail (MSN or other).
There are other lesser known but equally valid solutions. Here is a brief list:
Deposit Files
Well, one thing is certain: MegaUpload will remain forever in the hearts of fans of file-sharing and take his place will be a tall order. I wonder if these 14 sites will undergo the same treatment or MU will benefit ...
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[Multi Image] Microsoft released Windows Store Experience details

Microsoft's official blog announced today the official store of the Windows Customer Experience details, although it is only a search and download the program directory, but it can help users more easily find the programs and applications on Windows and ready to achieve the upgrade. Windows shops will include a Metro UI-style main interface:
It can search by category and other methods to help users find the application, each application will have an introductory page with screenshots, descriptions and user reviews to find a satisfactory product can be purchased only need to click download, free of charge and can be installed trial program.
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