09 December 2012

Jobs death truth: you do not know the 24-year-old has been suffering from cancer

McCann Road Siegel doctors health and the medical center (Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center) newsletter website has published in November 2011, a report, the doctors and nutrition experts John McCann Road Nightingale (John McDougall,) Calculation and analysis of time and spread of cancer history and concluded said Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs).

Jobs as early as in the 20s had cancer and started to spread, the culprit is likely to be the electronics industry's toxic chemicals substances, and healthy eating habits Jobs prolong his life.

The following is the main content of the report:

Steve Jobs acquiescence I write a newsletter on medical and nutritional aspects of his life, as his authorized biographer to do a true account of. "I want my kids to know me," "sick, I recognize that other people will write some articles about me, but they do not know that after I die, they will be completely wrong, so I want to make sure was able to hear my words. "If you know that I put forward different views on his pancreatic cancer and eating habits, Steve Jobs will feel very happy, because my point of view is entirely consistent with his intuition, but also proved correct. I hope that the report can also be relieved of his family and friends after the death of Steve Jobs.

This article is not questioned Jobs' doctors and their treatment. I believe that these professionals must do their utmost. In hindsight, everything is clear. This is reported only to clarify the truth.

Jobs youth had cancer and began to shift

"In October 2003, he happened to meet had given him before seen disease urologist, she suggested that Steve Jobs once CAT check for kidney and urinary system when the check has been five years away from his last CAT new scan examination showed that his kidney problem, but a shadow on the pancreas. "When tumor mass has been great to be able to by CAT checking to see that at least 2 cm tumor. I guess when the pancreas shaded at least 1 cm in diameter, which contains one billion cells, and an increase of at least 10 years. Under normal circumstances, when the diameter of a single tumor developed to 10 cm, death will come. Jobs is suffering from pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors comply with the law of this development.

The history of the development of pancreatic cancer Steve Jobs by mathematical calculations to determine. His diagnosis to 56 years of age, died at the age of 48, to accept this middle about 8 years, October 2003 to October 2011 5 days. Can deduce from these dates, Job’s pancreatic tumor doubling every 10 months. Usually the case, many organs solid tumors every 3-9 months doubled Jobs tumor growth is not fast.

The get this increases the cycle time cancer begins Jobs. His cancer started in young age may be 24 years old. Similar calculation shows that, 20 years before the surgery on July 31, 2004, his cancer has been developed from the pancreas to the liver (and other parts of the body).

Jobs found he suffering from incurable cancer, one of the things I most regret is diagnosed nine months he refused to undergo surgery. He believes that if the surgery as soon as possible, he may be able to heal. In fact, since the 20s cancer began to spread in the body, in order to be cured by surgery October 2003 CAT scan found that the cancer is not possible.

How cancer spread

Not familiar with the spread of cancer, people might think that cancer like wildfire, overnight will be spread throughout the body, because people always look healthy, but all of a sudden will be a disease. Beginning diagnosed with cancer, people will think that this is still in the early, can be cured over time. Unfortunately, this wonderful desire is wrong.

The speed of the spread of cancer is very stable. The early diffusion invisible, because cancer is also very slight. This time the cancer cells from a split into two split from two to four, and so on. This time the tumor volume doubling is also not detect the spread of 6 years experience until the cancer tumor volume was 1 mm, contains one million cancer cells. , After 10 years, the proliferation of the tumor to 1 cm in diameter, containing 1 billion cancer cells. By this time, the tumor volume doubling very obvious one billion cell division 2000000000 next division reached 4,000,000,000. Accordingly, in the first two thirds of the cycle of the cancer, the doctor is not detected, which results in the patient's confusion.

Cancer led to Jobs over 30 years of age and over 40 years of age when in trouble

Jobs strange behavior when meeting a 1987 report, said: "His hands slightly yellowish constantly shake." Yellowish skin is a typical symptom of jaundice, pancreatic cancer usually causes bile flow is blocked, causing jaundice. At that time (1987) tumor is the cause of the blocked part and intermittent flow of bile.

Before treatment in October 2003, Steve Jobs cancer led to his abdomen and back pain for at least five years. "I was driving a Porsche car to Pixar went on to then go to Apple , then feeling had kidney stones, I immediately rushed to the hospital, the hospital gave me a meperidine, through the difficulties. "October 2003 CAT examination that is his pancreas shadow checks his kidney and there is no problem.

Kidney stones are usually caused by excessive consumption of animal protein. As a serious vegetarian, Jobs could not have kidney stones. I did not get his medical report, but I firmly believe that these events will certainly lead to the misdiagnosis and wrong treatment based pain due to kidney stones. In fact, Jobs are enduring posed by the proliferation of pancreatic cancer pain.

At least 10 years prior to the July 31, 2004 to undergo surgery, the cancer already exists, the evidence also revealed surgery. "Unfortunately, the cancer has spread. During surgery, doctors discovered three secondary liver tumors. Doctor can see with the naked eye tumors of the liver surface, each cancer tumors reached at least 1 cm in diameter. As I explained above, these transfers began more than 20 years ago, when Steve Jobs 20s. In liver tumor means that the cancer has spread to other organs of the body many years ago.

Jobs that he is an intuitive and very accurate, he was convinced that a gut feel. Some intuition, he may know to accept the 20 years before the check had been sick. 1983, "Steve Jobs is very trust John Sculley (John Sculley, when any of Apple CEO), he felt may died in the prime of life." When he made a prophecy, only 28 years old.

Lead and other computer carcinogen Jobs cancer culprit

Jobs speculation that his cancer began in 1997 that difficult period, he was at the same time manage Apple and Pixar. He speculated that "may be at this time of cancer started to spread, because at that time my immune system is very fragile." However, according to reliable calculations, his cancer may start as early as 10 years, when he was young, that is, without adequate safety precautions when, with hands, the manufacture of computers and other electronic products.

California Los Bito (Los Altos) Homestead High School freshman graduation that summer, Jobs gave Bill Hewlett of Hewlett-Packard (Bill Hewlett) call, "he talk to me for about 20 minutes, and gave me provides a chance to work in the frequency calculator factory. "In this place, he was exposed to toxic chemicals inside; these substances may lead to pancreatic cancer. Another example: early development in Apple, Steve Jobs was welding circuit board. This component typically contains the lead, tin, and other metals. Lead is regarded as one of the carcinogens, may directly damage DNA, leading to cancer. The lead may also be pathogenic elements, one of Jobs' pancreatic cancer.

The electronics industry is facing a high risk of exposure to carcinogens environment due to professional reasons, Jobs may be the most well-known example. The PC contains a metal material, including aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, gallium, gold, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, palladium, platinum, selenium, silver, and zinc.

Steve Jobs cancer is really an unfortunate event, like being struck by lightning or hit by a car. Carcinogenic substances into his body, but also due to genetic reasons, the "bad luck", or other unknowable and uncontrollable factors, his body is very susceptible to infection. Jobs cancer is not due to his vegetarian, in fact, his healthy eating habits may slow down the speed of spread of the tumor, to postpone the time of his diagnosis, thereby extending the useful life.

Jobs regret unfounded, he thought he accelerated death

Jobs and his wife to spend the last eight years, nine months after the initial cancer diagnosis, no surgery and heart full of regret, guilt and remorse, he thinks to honestly explained to the doctor, he do not have to bear these burden. The fact is this: "Mr. Jobs, in October 2003, before the biopsies for a long time, has been all over the cancer cells in your body." Obviously, his doctors, no one told him no controversy about the fact that pancreatic surgery for his 2004 Jeffrey Norton (Jeffrey Norton), and his liver transplant in 2009, James the Essen (James Eason).

In October 2003, in recognition of pancreatic tumors, one of his doctors "advised him to make proper arrangements should ensure that their own thing, which is euphemistically told his life only a few months time. Evening, they were living tissue biopsy, endoscopes hand in the intestines, needle inserted in his pancreas, for some tumor cells was diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. "

Jobs beginning to reject the treatment of cancer through surgery. "I really do not want surgery to their own body, so I want to try something else." Nine months later, in July 2004 the CAT examination showed the tumor has increased and may spread, Jobs in 2004 Saturday, 31 underwent surgery at Stanford Medical Center. When he accepted that the modified Whipple Surgical Treatment, cut off a part of the pancreas. Surgery the next day, his e-mail to Apple employees, he obtained the disease accounting for about a year of pancreatic cancer found 1%, if caught early enough (I is the case) can be cured by surgery. "Hindsight The situation is clearly not the case.

Unfortunately, in the remaining days of life, Jobs firmly believe, if you do not postpone the nine months, he can be cured. "According to Job’s biographer Walter Isaacson (Walter Isaacson) said, the Apple guru ultimately decided a few years ago, regret, when he refused surgery may have saved his life, choosing instead to other treatment. Such as acupuncture, therapeutic his earlier refused surgeries clearly do not understand by his wife and friends, they constantly urged him to surgery. "Isaacson said:" We discussed this issue many times, and he wants to discuss, express their regret. Think he might think they should be early surgery. "Shortly after the death of Steve Jobs, Isaacson in an interview, he referred to this misconception Jobs.

Early 2008, Steve Jobs and his doctors have been significantly recognized his cancer began to spread. In April 2009, he received a liver transplant. "His doctors open liver, abdominal wall a little substance. Tumor, liver covered which means that the cancer has spread to other organs." However, in July 2011, his cancer has spread to the bones and other parts of the body. "Almost all admit defeat. October 5, 2011, Jobs cancer spread to the whole body dies, the cancer started in the youth he began to work in Silicon Valley.

Refused to undergo surgery in October 2003, almost everyone agrees that Jobs selfish, stupid and irresponsible. However, according to the development of his cancer, Steve Jobs is not the case. Prior to treatment, the cancer has spread to many years was irresistible.

Jobs vegetarian habits to extend his life

The first year of school in Portland, Oregon, Reed College (Reed College), Steve Jobs has become a vegetarian; he sometimes will eat the fruit, and consider themselves an advocate is a fruit. Job’s life are strict vegetarians do not eat animal food, only a few accidents. Jobs often because the meals did not prepare his habit discomfort. When the restaurant staff to provide him with sour cream spices, he would feel sick. One day, he found that what they eat contain butter, he once soup a vomit out.

Life most of the time, he was seen as a "picky vegetarian. Called him look like a boxer, aggressive but acts elegant, or like the only jungle cat ready to prey. "However, the majority of family members, friends and colleagues do not understand or do not agree with Jobs vegetarian practices.

He's eating habits and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) distinct The latter favorite food is typical American pizza and hamburger. The body fat Wozniak 4-year-old older still alive. As a result of these very different results, many people began to question the importance of a healthy vegetarian.

After the detection of cancer, Jobs had recalled the benefits of a low-protein diet on cancer. I think Jobs is right, healthy low-fat vegetarian diet helps slow down the speed of the spread of cancer to extend a patient's life. However, animal fat, animal protein, vegetable oil and made segregation soy protein, vegetarian can accelerate the spread of cancer. Steve Jobs often eat in the restaurant; his vegetarian may contain too much vegetable oil, meat and cheese "artificial" (containing too much the segregation soy protein food).

Eventually forced to eat animal food

"One of the side effects of surgery for Jobs trouble, because he too picky eating and fasting habits from childhood. Pancreas stomach to digest food, absorb the nutrition required for enzyme organ, therefore cutting part pancreas makes getting enough protein difficult. "It was suggested that he eat meat and food. For Jobs, the lack of food protein is not a problem, but family, friends, nutrition scholars and health doctors questioned his extreme adhere to a bland diet. Jobs weight loss of 40-50 pounds, resulting in weight loss causes include surgical removal of part of the pancreas, the use of morphine to control pain, chemotherapy, liver transplant surgery, as well as taking drugs to suppress organ reaction. Until his death, the doctor advised him to eat some protein-rich foods. Clearly, animal food does not give his health a substantial impact because these recommendations are not correct.

"Powell (Jobs wife) when they were married a vegetarian, but in husbands after surgery, she began to diversify family recipes, fish and other protein." Jobs eventually succumb to these constant requests to start eating some seafood and eggs. In order to achieve the desire to the animal foods help to improve the health of error, he was forced to abandon the concept of health has always insisted his religious beliefs, as well as animal and environmental concerns.

However, the outside world still believes that Steve Jobs's the vegetarian philosophy is selfish, stupid and irresponsible. However, in the case of people with pancreatic cancer, he lived for 30 years. (His medical treatment almost did not play any role in prolonging life, but led him to pay a huge price.)


Jobs vegetarian habits, initially refused surgery, can not be attributed to the act of a madman. On the contrary, these two decisions are reflected Steve Jobs to insist that the right things rational, talent, intuition and inner strength. Perhaps the truth will be relieved of his family and friends. There are those Jobs cancer link with the vegetarian people; they can now accept a healthy diet. To understand and announced his cause cancer, should pay more attention to the serious injury of the electronic industry chemicals.

Even Steve Jobs a most power, the most wealth will have this misfortune. No cost, no harm, honest advice can greatly improve the physical, mental and emotional status of Jobs, especially in the last eight years of his life with his wife; he gave us up to eight years. I have two MacBook Pro computers, an iPhone, an iPad 2, daily use iTunes, and my grandson like Pixar movies. Thank you, Steve Jobs, I used the report did you express gratitude.

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