09 December 2012

iPhone 5 perfect jailbreak is expected to release on 22 December?

We reported a lot of news about the iPhone 5 perfect jailbreak process. Previously, all reported of iPhone 5 perfect jailbreak are still half-way, unfortunately, the situation remains the same now. Jailbreak team Chronic Dev Team is still focused on the iOS 6 break work perfect escape seems remains elusive, but that is not the case, according to Auto-o-mobile news, jailbreak team Dream JB has announced: iPhone 5 perfect jailbreak release date for 22 December.

The Dream JB team is not affiliated with the Chronic Dev Team, they have their own Web site, and often released some information about the jailbreak recently, a member of the team said: iPhone 5 perfect jailbreak released in sight. Overseas media Auto-o- Mobile reported: “Dream JB team an anonymous member said, 'In addition to the Chronic Dev Team, no one can provide the perfect escape iPhone 5' this statement is a joke to them. Addition, he also confidently expressed perfect jailbreak will be released on 22 December.” do not know whether your Friends of care which team the perfect escape from If, as the Dream JB team members said, they will be released on 22 December perfect jailbreak iPhone 5, not know that you will act?

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