18 July 2012

Microsoft New Office Suite 2013 with Office 365 Home Premium, Office 365 Small Business Premium, Office 365 Pro Plus Download Free for Windows RT, Windows 8, and Windows 7

The head of Microsoft , Steve Ballmer presented a preliminary version (Customer Preview) of the new Microsoft Office, which is available at this link . One of the main features of the new version is an intuitive design, great functions as a control for the touch, and when using a stylus, mouse or keyboard on the new devices based on Windows, including tablets. The new Office is integrated with social networks and allows the use of advanced scripts view the documents, take notes, organize meetings and communication by United Communications. The product will be available to subscribers as a cloud service.

Office reveals its potential to Windows 8:
  • Fully touch screen. Office is working on sensory devices is as natural as using the keyboard and mouse. Use a dynamic interface to create, edit and view documents touching the screen.
  • Colorful. Use the stylus to create content, take notes, or access to new features. Write e-mails by hand and automatically convert them to text. Use the stylus instead of a laser pointer at work with presentations. Embellish documents and c easily fix the error.
  • New applications of Windows 8. OneNote and Lync - first office applications in the style of Metro for Windows 8. These applications are designed for use on touch screens and tablets. The new menu OneNote makes it easy and convenient to work with new features on the touch screen applications.
  • Included in Windows RT. Office Home and Student 2013 RT, which include new versions of applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, will be incorporated in devices based on ARM Windows 8, including Microsoft Surface.
Office in the cloud:
  • SkyDrive. Office by default saves your documents on SkyDrive. Thus, your files are always with you, and you can work with them on the tablet PC, or Smartphone. Your documents are also available in offline and sync when you connect to the network.
  • Roaming. When you log into your account your personal Office settings, including the most frequently used files, templates, and even your custom dictionary, are available on almost all of your devices. Office remembers, what did you last left off, and gives you the opportunity to return to this place in one click.
  • Office at the request of (Office on Demand). subscribing to Office, you can access it, even if you are away from your computer using the full-featured applications on any available computer you are based on Windows, having access to the Internet.
  • The new service, available by subscription. New Office is available by subscription as a cloud service. Subscribers will automatically receive all future updates, in addition to the existing cloud services such as Skype calls, or extra storage space in SkyDrive. Subscribers are able to install Office to all members of the family and for all the devices they use.
Office to contact:
  • Yammer. This is a secure and confidential social network for businesses. You can place a free subscription and begin immediately to take advantage of social networks. Yammer also offers integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Stay in touch. Watch for developments of colleagues, the status of documents and web sites on SharePoint. View and add new photos, videos and information from your Office in your own news feed to stay up to date and share with colleagues their news.
  • Business cards. at your disposal a comprehensive view of your contacts, which includes all available information about the person and is available in any application Office. In particular, the card contains information about the presence of a man online and supplemented by photos, status updates, contact information and news about recent activity on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Skype. New Office provided together with Skype. When you subscribe you will get 60 minutes each month to talk on Skype with any city in the world. Integrate your contacts from Skype in Lync, and enjoy communication without boundaries.
Office opens new scenarios:
  • Digital notes. Keep your notes handy in the cloud and move them between devices using a notebook OneNote. Apply the most convenient means for you - take notes by hand, using a stylus and keyboard, or work with all the means at the same time, easily switching between them.
  • Read and comment. Review Mode in Word offers a modern and easy to use read mode, in which the type of document automatically adapts to the big and small screens. Zoom in and out, embed videos into documents, review comments on documents and turn the pages with a single touch.
  • Meetings. new regime speaker in PowerPoint provides the speaker navigational grid where only he can see the current and next slides, as well as his speech and notes on the slides. Increase the image, take notes, and switch the slides with a single touch screen or stylus motion. Lync includes the ability to conduct video conferencing HD-quality presentations and demonstrations, public access to your notes in OneNote and a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming.
Despite the fact that the full range of offers and tariff plans will be announced in the autumn, Steve Ballmer spoke about the three new options for subscription to Office 365.When the product line will be available to users, each new subscription option will include a new version of Office 2013: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. In addition, subscribers will receive the updated versions of products, as well as the right to use the five PC or Mac and mobile devices.
Thus, the release of three new cloud service Office:
  • Office 365 Home Premium - is designed for private users and family use. This service also includes an additional 20 GB of space in SkyDrive and 60 minutes for international communication on Skype every month.
  • Office 365 Small Business Premium - designed for small businesses. This service includes e-mail business-class, shared calendars, tools for creating portal solutions, as well as the possibility of web conferencing HD-quality.
  • Office 365 ProPlus - created for corporations wishing to have advanced the business opportunities, flexibility in deploying and managing Office through the clouds. 
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