08 July 2012

iOS 6 new features for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad [Multi Update]

Apple recently released a new version of mobile operating systems - IOS6 . Regardless of the users or developers have come to some new features, but in fact the Apple routine update. ios 6 may be an unfinished "beta" version, and its expansion this fall, probably in the next generation iPhone and iPod touch release.
Although Apple no doubt will support ios-6 , but the IOS 6 supported by Apple's mobile products: the iPad2 / 3, iPhone3GS/4/4S and the iPod touch4. Support of right iPad1 and iPod touch3, is the first drop, and some new features exclusive custom IOS devices which

Apple has redesigned rely on Google's map application, and every year after a small adjustment. The IOS 6 version of the map contains the following new features:

Apple-designed map and 3D perspective view, Apple map default is 2D perspective presented, with a carrying new, clean fonts (Note: Google arial font gives the left a deep impression), more organic illustrations, and vector-based details the rise and fall freely give the left a deep impression.
These results are completed jointly by Apple, TomTom, and other partners, not including Google. Traffic alerts, anonymously, some features are also integrated into the app.

With Yelp (the largest U.S. review site), data import, the availability of the map is more powerful. Google Street lopsided.
The biggest feature in the map turn-by-turn directions and a brand new 3D presents it so that the user can see the cities, as well as building taken by satellite, by multilateral and three-dimensional performance. These models are independent, turn-by-turn with the shadow filmed by an automated 3D camera, but also by the manual camera to control the texture polygon. Apple with a very clear way to mark the two turn and Siri can say these two locations, users can help, such as the nearest gas station near the Siri will get help from the map. iPhone4S, iPad2 / 3 can use these features, unfortunately, not be in the old IOS devices.
Apple still can add data and polygon map to improve the city, as shown above.


IOS 6 increase in iPad3 Siri, and improve cross-device functionality, and supports a lot of language in many countries.
Includes a powerful restaurant search function, thanks to Yelp's help. Siri can now track sports scores, player information, and know the game start time. Basketball, football, and so on. Siri can also find movie showtimes, locations and crew members, a good rating and Rotten Tomatoes are included.

IPhone and iPod touch UI to do minor adjustments, in the bottom of the toolbar from light gray into black, on the contrary the original dark color still / video icon shallower.

Google Wallet (Google Wallet) is very similar to the Passbook is a new integration of an application in the IOS, in order to be able to store a variety of digital version of the tickets and coupons, such as aircraft boarding pass. movie tickets, food vouchers, etc., by other handheld devices scan. The Passbook requirements of the partners signed an agreement with Apple to make their documents can be stored inside.

The iPhone has been re-painting a bit, and improves the phone application. Light gray keys instead of black and blue-based keyboard. The integrated lock screen, users can not refuse to answer the phone and distress, can be directly Decline (Cancel answer) calls, cancellation can also choose to send messages to each other, and remind ourselves that in a particular time or place or call.

The message can be easier to insert attachments, pictures, and video. Also increased the VIP E-mail tag, important customers can be dealt with separately.

Safari can now iCloud sync bookmarks on the iPhone to see half of the pages, you can then look on the iPad or Mac.
Guided Access

Guided Access adds some new features to help people with disabilities to use the IOS device may encounter problems. You can disable some of the firmware can also prevent other people close the program. Of course, these functions can also be used in other places, such as not allowing children to play the game, not ordering the waiter Internet.
Summary: The IOS release brought some new changes, software releases and functionality can be seen that Apple is currently the main strategy to secure their dominance in this field, but the lack of ten make the hope that The new generation of iPhone came out when a surprise to the fruit powder.
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