07 July 2012

The futuristic concept of the iPhone 5, worn on the hand [photos]

At the end of last year there were rumors that Apple wants to release a smartphone, touchscreen which gets curved glass. According to insiders, the company does product development leads to such displays. It is argued that Apple  has purchased several hundred grinding machines  for handling and cutting glass.
Italian designer Federico Kikkares has created an interactive model of the iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen, introduced a new highly unusual concept "apple" smartphone with a curved glass, which is in the form of a spider with five legs.
"It's time to forget everything you knew about the" smart clock ", there is nothing wiser than the iPhone 5 New. "Spider" form factor ensures easy carry and use the device. You do not need to get smart phone from his pocket to call or use the GPS, because the iPhone New 5 can be worn as a wristwatch, "- says the designer.
The device has a curved screen and attaches directly to the hand of man. It is said Federico, to realize such an unusual concept of Apple will be able through their development in the field of glass and the "liquid metal".

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We hope that this concept can be implemented in the next iPhone. Nice pics!


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