17 July 2012

European operators nano-SIM stock up in anticipation of the iPhone 5

In June this year, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), finally agreed to standardize  the format nano-SIM. Ultra-compact version of the "simok» 4FF provides further reduce the size of SIM-card in order to maximize the interior space of mobile devices.
According to the Financial Times, European mobile operators have already bought the party nano-SIM on the eve of release of the new iPhone. Thus, the newspaper notes, this confirms the fact that the sixth-generation Apple smartphone will apply the standard maps and nano-SIM users with "apple" devices again will move to a more compact version of the "simok," as it was after the release of the iPhone 4 slot micro-SIM.

Apparently, Apple has developed a new phone, using it own version of the nano-SIM before ETSI approved format 4FF. It also means that the organization is referred to the standard version Cupertino without any changes. Otherwise, the new iPhone would be a "pariah" among mobile gadgets with maps of the specimen Nokia, RIM and Motorola.

Exit the sixth version of the Apple-smartphone is expected this fall. It is assumed that the device will be markedly different from previous models: the device will receive a new design, increased in size and the display will support the network LTE.

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