04 April 2012

[Black HTC One X Black] picture and first impression

After a while 'waiting has finally got the new HTC X One Black color . This is the top range of the series One that surely by now you have learned. Compared to the test done during the MWC 2012, the impact is even more enjoyable. Complicit in the lack of competition still existing and the few significant innovations commercialized, HTC X One is definitely a smartphone which is hard to resist. The black color is certainly less impact than the white, but more because we like the most elegant and goes very well with the colors of the display of the logo and Beats Audio.
The materials are excellent and the building is really valuable. It really has the feeling of holding a top range and expensive item. As there are plastic and there being no opening for the battery, not being replaced, the robustness is guaranteed and sensitive issues are virtually absent.
The surface is smooth to the touch, pleasant and at the same time soft and slightly rubberized grip and to help with the hand grip. The dimensions are certainly generous but still not too excessive. The screen is large and obviously not in front of a device has a 3.5 inch diagonal.
Just the display is a significant step forward in the experience HTC. Just as we wrote from Barcelona, ​​is the HD resolution that the bright colors and glass processing with glossy effect, offer a truly exceptional visual pleasure. There is an AMOLED, and how blacks can be good, blacks are not all the way and the difference with competitors is known. Across the whites are better balanced and altogether one of the best displays we've seen before on smartphones to date.

The customized HTC Sense is renewed, beautiful, much more usable in previous years, unfortunately or fortunately, hides the Android system. Basically Android 4.0 with HTC Sense takes a back seat completely. We have all the advantages of the Play Store and all the customizations made by HTC carefully truly exceptional. ICS, however, remains little if anything in terms of UI. Obviously it is well known and the purchaser of One knows what HTC and choose One click also and above all for the great customization of the producer.

Speaking of performance is still early to tell. But we can say that, Tegra 3 or less, the Web experience is really good and has a speed of rendering pages, scroll and pinch to zoom in very high levels and higher than the current competition Tegra. HTC certainly knows also optimize the software.
Note in closing very important: the Wi-Fi seems to work very well with a range that exceeds that of many other devices. For example, we can surf the internet in a room where other devices do not see our wireless network.
Appointment in the coming hours for further information, videos and other items of X.

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