25 November 2011

TSMC sees increased demand for 28nm, but are unable to deliver

For just a month ago started TSMC begin mass production of 28nm, and despite the unstable market environment continues orders to TSMC to lie down on high. TSMC has never seen such a high demand for a new manufacturing process and suffers from capacity problems.
TSMC is currently the only one who can ship the chips on 28nm to customers, and it's been a record number of people who stood in line to the new technology. In normal circumstances, it was AMD (ATI) and NVIDIA has been on the capacity of a new manufacturing techniques, along with few smaller companies. Among the clients who want the technology we have Altera, AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Xilinx, while Broadcom, LSI Logic and Texas Instruments are potential customers.
But according to earlier data from May so there would be 89 different circuit designs for the new manufacturing technology, a figure that exceeded the total number of designs at 40nm and we can only assume that the figure is even higher today. TSMC will also have to increase the price of the new technology because of the high demand. 28nm technology will, on this account for 2 percent of its total revenues in 2011, unlike the 1 percent previously predicted.
From the time an order entered in TSMC will take a full six months before they get their wafers delivered, this can be compared to that it often takes about two months to produce a wafer. The company currently has capacity to produce 20,000 wafers per month, but during the first quarter of next year, opens the new Fab 15th It will be the company's third plant producing 12-inch wafers and it is then expected to have a capacity of 100,000 wafers a month.
This also confirms reports that the availability of 28nm is low or nonexistent before year end. It is rumored that AMD will launch a new series of mobile graphics cards around December 9 , but it has also previously talked about it just be an announcement of things to come. In any case, it sounds like good times for TSMC and semiconductor industry, although the world economy in general do not seem to stabilize for a while yet.
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Socket 775 and 65nm continues to be shipped late in 2012

While we eagerly await the latest processors from Intel on their 22nm technology, they have no hurry to let the past die with dignity. Their old LGA 775 socket and several associated processors will ship until late in 2012, including a processor built on 65nm.

LGA 775 socket may be viewed as special for many when Intel made its transition from the not so successful NetBurst architecture, Conroe and Core 2 Duo, which put the company on the map again in both performance and power efficiency. But certain things should be allowed to die out with dignity and this is a clear example of this. Core 2 Duo was launched and was manufactured at 65nm, and since then we have seen the 45nm, 32nm and soon 22nm from the company.
LGA 1156 and LGA 1155 that houses today's Sandy Bridge processors have since been released. Ivy Bridge, which is expected to appear in March-April next year will be built on 22nm and be compatible with LGA 1155th But it has no intention to end the LGA 775th
During the fourth quarter of this year, ending the company shipping the Core 2 Duo E7600 and E7500, but other processors will be shipped well into the next year. Pentium E6800, E6700, E5800 and Celeron E3500 and E3400 will be shipped to the Q3 2012 but this date may be extended. Last out, we have Celeron 430 which are built on 65nm, and has a core clocked at 1.8 GHz with a TDP value of 35W. Although this will be shipped until Q3 2012th
As the top of that, Intel LGA 1156 alive with multiple processors. so there are many generations they stay alive, to ensure that clients and consumers have an upgrade path to climb on. But at the LGA 775, we have hard to see why they still retain, Core 2 Duo was good in its day but has now been replaced by better alternatives.
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Ivy Bridge quad-core screened and tested

Once again it is time for a taste of the latest from Intel: the Ivy Bridge. It's overclocking profile coolaler who got hold of an engineering sample with four cores and a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz, where he runs the memories of the 2134 MHz CL6.
Intel's next tick will begin at 22nm is based on their Sandy Bridge architecture, called Ivy Bridge. Ivy Bridge will come with several minor improvements to the processor, while the graphics part and the northbridge to get the biggest lift to today. Graphics chip is expected to be around 60 percent better than Sandy Bridge, and the processor will have official support for PCI Express 3.0. But what is expected of the architecture is mostly lower power consumption than before. Now coolaler got hold of an engineering sample of Ivy Bridge.
Several media have gone out with the CPU comes with a B3-stepping anything that is incorrect. The processor will be under CPU-Z with "Stepping 4" and cool yourself, believe that the processor is stepping B1. The letter B reveals that the processor has undergone a major revision since it first was printed out. It is not unlikely that the Ivy Bridge processors we'll see in the trade will be the stepping B2, when a new stepping normally takes around three months to develop and manufacture.

The processor reported in CPU-Z to come up with a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz when it shows up the turbo-frequency engineering specimen. It also reported that the processor has 65W TDP something that almost certainly will be when today's Sandy Bridge can run all four cores at 2.3 GHz with a TDP value of 45W . The results of AIDA64 appears to be slightly lower than with Sandy Bridge across the board, then probably AIDA64 and the motherboard does not have good support for Ivy Bridge. The memories run right pressure in the 2134 MHz 6-9-6-24 CR2 so we think that the results should be higher than what they do, then Ivy Bridge is a shrink of Sandy Bridge.
Sorry is not so much about processor performance than this, but hopefully more results will be published with the processor. It is still planned to Ivy Bridge will be launched in March-April, for both desktop and notebook computers, and the focus looks more like to be on power efficiency than pure performance.
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Gold MacBook Pro over 500 000 in St. Petersburg

At the grand opening of a new store iPort in St. Petersburg, trading in "apple" technique, demonstrated the gold MacBook Pro cost more than 500 000.
Like laptops, covered with 24-carat gold, the world is made of several units. One of them, which is presented in St Petersburg store, created the famous design studio Computer-Choppers specially commissioned by the retailer. iPort is an official partner of tuning studio in Russia and offers services in manufacturing of exclusive devices.

MacBook Pro with screen sizes 13 inches is made in the maximum configuration: Dual Intel Core i7 processor with 2.7 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, solid state drive SSD of 512 GB.
The mirror surface is covered with a protective layer of the computer, which prevents the gold from scratches and damage. The owners of this instance can use the device as a regular laptop, but do not keep it on the velvet of the glass as exhibits. By the way, if you create the gold MacBook Pro was carried out serious work on the modification, as in the simple case with precious metal coating ceases to operate all wireless interfaces, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
The company offers a full range of exclusive finishing iGadget. As options offered anodizing, plating, coating with gold (white, pink), platinum in matte or mirror option. At the request of the device are decorated with ornate engraving and the Apple logo is laid out with diamonds.
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Apple launches new iPod touch ad on iOS 5

Earlier this week, Apple introduced commercials, on tablets iPad . Yesterday, on the eve of "Black Friday", which begins the Christmas season sales, the company launched a new promo video for players iPod touch.
As you know, a line of iPod touch has not been updated this year. In October, Apple presented the only white player modification and announced price reductions on popular touchscreen device. In addition, moved to a new operating system iOS 5. The main focus of the new video was taken on this.

Promo is interesting not only because it illuminates the classical functions of iPod touch, such as video and Game Center, but also reveals new possible devices on firmware iOS 5, which put it on a par with the iPhone. Customers player Apple can send text messages and make video iMessage smartphone iPhone, Tablet iPad, Mac and other iPod touch through FaceTime. Touchscreen device costing $ 199 - a great alternative for those who are not willing to spend money to buy "apple" phone.

As you are finding creative advertisers from Cupertino?
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Microsoft Office 15 Beta can be expected in January

The first beta version of Microsoft Office 15 will be released in January. It is reported WinRumors.com site with reference to own an unnamed source. According to this information, at present, work on the latest releases prior to a full beta. It is assumed that already at CES 2012, along with the beta version of Windows 8 will be presented to release MS Office Technology Preview. Most analysts believe that the final version of Office 15 will be released with Windows 8 - roughly in the third quarter of next year.
The main feature of the new version of office suite will focus on the control of the fingers. In particular, the completely redesigned user interface in Outlook, in accordance with the concept of Metro. Among other improvements Office 15 can note the appearance of a new application Moorea, designed for quick navigation between documents and images.
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VMware Workstation 8.0.1 Build 528992 with Serial Key Free Download

VMware Workstation - known program to virtualize systems. This product is a powerful solution for software developers and system administrators who are creating and testing a full-class integrated network applications servers, operating in different environments. The unique technology of VMware MultipleWorlds isolates operating systems and applications within virtual machines, and the disposal of each virtual machine is a standard PC x86, with its own processor and memory.

With this solution you can on a single computer to conduct processes of development, testing, debugging and running multi-tier browser-based applications that exploit the new operating systems and legacy applications on one computer, install new or upgrade existing operating systems without performing partitioning operations and restart the computer.
The new platform offers enhanced capabilities for application developers, engineers, quality control, sales of technology solutions and IT-administrators. One of the most notable innovations package VMware Workstation 7 has enhanced support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. To display the status of virtual machines are now fully use functions of Flip 3D and Aero Peek, implemented in the interface of Windows 7. VMware Workstation Package 7 was the first product with full support Aero GUI in Windows 7. Enabling a single application-based technologies DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3 and OpenGL 2.1, which can be run in virtual machines Windows.

Changes in version 8.0.1 Build 528 992:

  • Graphics performance and compatibility enhancements.
  • Improvements in creating and using shared virtual machines and remote virtual machines.
  • Ubuntu 11.10 is officially supported as a guest operating system.
  • Disk and memory management issues have been addressed.
  • Many customer-reported issues have been resolved.
VMware Workstation 8.0.1 is a free update for all VMware Workstation 8 users.
Download VMware Workstation 8.0.1 Build 528992 + serial size 494.91 MB
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19 November 2011

22% of Britons regret buying iPhone 4S

A study by British scientists using analytical service GoodMobilePhones, revealed that 22% of residents of the United Kingdom, which managed to acquire brand new iPhone 4S, sorry about the purchase.
The survey involved 1694 Britons aged 18 and older. An owner of Apple’s flagship was asked how satisfied they are my new phone. 43 percent of those who are dissatisfied with your purchase stare at the other manufacturers, and one in four does not meet the battery life of your smartphone.

"Envy of the owners of other smartphones have many, but not everyone can admit it. Everyone wants to believe in his hands is the best phone on the market "- said Mark Ouven, founder GoodMobilePhones.

Among the main reasons why users of iPhone 4S regret buying:

  • Smartphones from other manufacturers (43%)
  • Back-up (25%)
  • The lack of buttons (13%)
  • Difficulties with mail (8%)
  • Lack of functional (5%) 
Many users have changed their attitude towards buying, faced with a bunch of problems iPhone 4S. Another device Apple, which debuted in October, has caused complaints from owners of the  rapid discharge of the battery .

The company has officially recognized the existence of the defect and has released an update  iOS5.0.1 , which, however, is not helped by all users. Also update  and bring new trouble : the owners of phones sold for use in CDMA-network operator Verizon, complain that they no longer recognize the contacts, and some owners updated the "quartet" boring the persistent reports of a missing device in the "Sims".

Anyway, soon will the new firmware iOS 5.0.2, which should solve all the problems iPhone 4S
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18 November 2011

Latest Top 25 Awesome iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks 2012

I have written to you here are a few tips and tricks. One or the other can sometimes even the experienced iPhone users to be new. Further down there are instructions that I recommend only the experienced users. These are not needed under normal circumstances. . At the bottom are some useful links from Apple when I was still catching the eye I complete the list - you are allowed but also like your tips and tricks on the port! SizloCore

Latest Top 25 Awesome iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks 2012

  • Redial : To save some time can be repeated, a manually typed phone number by pressing the keypad (up empty), the telephone handset. The last dialed number appears. So you can avoid the thinning of the call list.
  • In a list at the top or side quickly scrolling: simply click on the top taskbar (where as operators, are Clock, etc.) again.
  • Screenshots : Press the Power button and immediately after (or simultaneously), the Home key. Very pleasant to information without copy and paste to save quickly. The screenshot can be found then in the photos.
  • Save PDF documents on the iPhone : Invites you iBooks (free) from Apple AppStore. Now you have the opportunity to open PDF documents and save them there. These are also considered for synchronization.
  • Programs terminate properly (save battery!): The pressure is on the home button for iOS4 nothing really ended, but only frozen and minimized. Now presses the Home button twice and you will see a list of these programs. Press and hold on an icon enables you now to stop these programs really (print icon on the top left of each).
  • Rotation (Landscape) Block : He who does not, the landscape in its applications, or in some situations desires can wipe by double pressing the home button to the left, and sees NEBS iPod controls and a button to lock the horizontal format. An icon in the taskbar at the top right you know then points to the active lock.
  • Mail designs for quick restoration: Suppresses simply hold on the icon for "New Mail" (pencil on squared). This saves you look at the way in the mail folder to see the designs.
  • Music control, while being banned (lockscreen): Just press the home button twice.
  • Quickly save contacts : In order not to go into the contacts menu, simply typing the phone number on the keypad. Links Below you will find the + symbol. Here you can now create a new contact, etc.
  • Entered or to the clipboard down phone numbers on the keypad of the window can also be copied and pasted.
  • Voice control (especially practical uses when the headphones and the iPhone in a trouser pocket. Long press the control button d. headphones (or pressing the Home button) activates the voice control where you can operate the iPod using voice, but also for example. "reputation first name last name" ( at several numbers you can also say "Call first name last name mobile, otherwise ask the iPhone to ) say, to call that contact.
  • Apps on homescreen alphabetically Sort: Settings- General- Reset- Home Screen
  • Properly manage contacts : Less is definitely not! I made ​​myself long ago the trouble my contacts neatly with first and last name, address, where relevant, work, mail, etc. provide photo. Apple understands very well to have harmony among the programs. So one can immediately make contact addresses in Google Maps, email does not address, but only the Name of person to be entered, etc.
  • % Indicator for battery settings- general- use
  • Hidden characters on the keyboard: Many keys (not just a, o and u) for longer keystroke can pop up on the keypad overlay. including, for example. when ". com" button, which then provides various domain extensions available
  • Web sites store on your home screen as an icon : In Safari, press the plus icon, then click "Add to Home Screen"
  • Precise Scrolling in iPod (music and film): Typing on the circle in the scrollbar. Instead of staying at the same height and just move left and right, "pulls" the control circuit (imaginary) down. This allows much finer back and be gone.
  • Make camera focus : Not always is the foremost object of that which wants to be photographed. Can bypass the auto-focus camera to make the self-focus. To do this press your finger on the sharp object to alternate until the rectangle appears. Then you can make her the photograph.
  • Delete emails quickly : you must not click on "Edit" or open the mail to delete it, but can strike in the mail appears just about to delete the mail, so a delete button appears. The same thing applies in a variety of applications ...
  • Pictures from the Internet secure : Either screenshot as described above (though even then you have the taskbar and controls on it), or press and hold on the image until the popup menu pops up.
  • Soft reset / restart of the iPhone: Press and hold times when it gets stuck, then just at the same time the Home button and Power button until the phone restarts. Then release both simultaneously.
  • Immediately terminate a hung-up program : More than 6 seconds, press the Home key.
  • Quickly followed by a point blank in the sentence or insert at end: double-click the space bar (can be disabled in the settings). 

Pressures on just the microphone, then this button is pressed! Functions: During a call rings: Press once to answer the call twice to pass the call to voicemail during a call: Press once to hang up during a telephone conversation when signaling a second call: press once to hold the first call and answer the call for two seconds and release to ignore the second call : Without ongoing conversation Press once to activate iPod Press once to pause the current track , press twice to skip to the next track at any time press long to call for the voice control. Restore Mode ( for advanced players ): The "Restore Mode" is a state of repair and shows the iPhone is the symbol of USB connection and iTunes . On iTunes can be made ​​a backup. A downgrade to an earlier firmware version is not possible. first The current iPhone to connect cable to your Mac or PC, iTunes start second At the same power button (above) and home button (below) hold the third Hold (red slider appears), the iPhone turns off 4th After the appearance of the apple release the power button (above), press the Home button on fifth The iPhone shows then a iTunes plug icon with DFU Mode ( for advanced users! ): In the "DFU Mode" (download firmware update) the firmware downgrade is possible, but no backup. The iPhone has a black screen. first as described above perform steps 1-3 second release at a black screen after 4 seconds, the top button while still holding home Button (the iPhone screen remains black, no Apple logo visible!) 4th iTunes reports after 5-10 seconds, it had recognized the iPhone in the state of repair while now one "old" (Mac) or "Ctrl" (Windows) expresses, in iTunes, click on "Restore". In iTunes, opens a dialog box with the firmware (you can buy for download on the Internet) can be selected. ! Caution This operation will erase all data on the iPhone and put it back to factory default. Restore Mode force ( for advanced players ): The iPhone may be forced into restore mode, if nothing else helps. Apple describes this process here in the support documents. First Make sure that at least iTunes 7.5 or later installed. Apple recommends the most recent iTunes version. Start iTunes . 2nd Pull the USB cable from the iPhone from third Turn iPhone off 4th Connect the USB cable to the iPhone, while the home button is held down. The iPhone should now turn on again. iTunes now reports that an iPhone has been detected in the state of maintenance. Left: iPhone user manuals, product description, product information etc. Visual voicemail settings from Apple Tip: When operator demand any problems are solved very quickly! Recommendable blog of one of our Visitors.
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iPhone 4S can be unlocked without the hardware and software intervention

This unlocking allegedly allows AT & T version of the iPhone 4S in the networks of T-Mobile, and for its implementation will require a properly trimmed in size SIM card of the operator as well as a number of simple steps, including: insert the original SIM card AT & T

  • Dial number 611 support subscriber AT & T and reset the call
  • Insert mode on the plane
  • Remove the SIM card from AT & T and insert it into an analogue of T-Mobile
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi is disabled (in network settings, you can click on the item "Forget this network" so that your smartphone is not connected to it automatically)
  • Disable operation in the plane, then iPhone will look for the network.
  • You will see a notification "is required to activate"
  • Then automatically activates EDGE - in the upper left corner of the screen the letter E
  • Wait about 20-30 seconds and turn off the smartphone
  • Turn the iPhone, then re-appear on the screen warning "Requires activation"
  • After the appearance of one bar of signal level, click on the item 'Use the connection to the network "
  • Take out the SIM card, and then again get the message "Requires activation"
  • Finally, insert the SIM card from T-Mobile's back and use at your pleasure unlocked device. 
We add that this method is also applicable to iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 , but after a reboot the mobile device you will need to again go through this procedure. Apparently, the trick should work not only at T-Mobile, but it has not yet been confirmed by practical trials. Finally, we note that in this paper, we do not consider the ethical and legal aspects of the procedure unlock, and all experiments in this regard should solely at your own risk of and conscience.
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Liquid metal can power future processor for Smartphones

Long as the industry has been operating at a high heat dissipation of circuits, and to stack multiple chips on each other is becoming more or less standard for certain types of circuits. IBM shows off a new interesting technique that involves both cooling and operating these types of circuits with liquid metal.

So-called 3D die-stacking, TSV (Through Silicon Via) is that you stack multiple chips on each other. This is common in today's smartphones, which have a system processor and etches the RAM on top. The advantages of this technique is faster transfer speeds, communication between the stacked chips and lower power consumption. The disadvantage is that the cooling circuits, but also to provide the upper circles of power.
IBM has developed a technology to solve both problems, while it is still in experimental stage, it sounds very interesting. IBM does a lot of artificial intelligence has taken inspiration from the human brain, using the same medium to transport heat and provide the brain (and other body) with energy.

"The human brain is 10.000 times more dense and efficient Than any computer today. That's Because it Possible Uses only one, extremely efficient, network of capillaries and Blood Vessels to transport heat and energy, all at the Same Time," IBM

It has made channels in their wafers to allow the liquid metal - in this case the element Vanadium - to flow through a circuit. When you then stack multiple chips on each other, there are channels to flow through it. In IBM's tests should I have stacked a hundred silicon-based circuits on top of each other.

Vanadium can lead to charge through the stacked chips to run them, and when it loses its charge, it can absorb heat, allowing it to act as cooling. The idea is that you have a single medium for both running and cooling the stacked chips.
3D die-stacking is the future, but the technology will be used to overcome the problems of power and heat generation?

If and when the technology is materialized in real products is not clear, and IBM has previously shown a similar technique with thermally conductive adhesive for the same use. But the potential of this technology from IBM is large, and can result in both higher frequencies and lower power consumption. Another problem can not think of when you only see all the numbers in GHz (gigahertz), is that as the transistors may work faster need faster communication between all types of circuits. Although this is 3D die-stacking is actually a solution to the problem when you place the chips on each other, creating minor delays between them.
What we can say is that TSV is the future of the semiconductor industry, and some type of technology will be required in future to overcome both power and heat generation. Could you imagine having liquid metal in the heart of your computer or smartphone?
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Tegra 3 no match for Apple A5 in the graphics tests

The still orangeade surf board Lenovo LePad K2 with what is said to be a Tegra 3 at 1.6 GHz has been performance tested by Lenovo itself in GLBenchmark 2.1. Graphics performance is well above the Tegra 2, but how does it actually stand against the competition?

We are still awaiting the first test results of the ASUS Transformer Prime, which officially is the first device with NVIDIA Tegra third But Lenovo is the first to leak the results of what may be a sequel of the Tegra 3, then according to the information will come clocked at 1.6 GHz (T33) and not 1.3 GHz (T30) as the original. Surf plate Lenovo LePad K2 should have been tested with a free version of GLBenchmark, which meant that the results were uploaded in the public database for GLBenchmark. The operating system used was not Ice Cream Sandwich, but Honeycomb 3.2 which is still the standard among the major surf plates today.
In the first test, it looks good if you look at Android devices, and NVIDIA's claim of up to 3x faster graphics performance than Tegra 2 looks to sue. Tegra 3, 2.6x higher performance than its predecessors and takes top position among Android devices. But Apple and the powerful SGX543MP2 found in their Apple A5 continues to be on top of graphics performance.
The Pro version is so Tegra 3 still on top, but the distances from Samsung Exynos 4210 and Mali-400 is significantly shorter. The performance increase is here in just 1.93x on Tegra second Apple pulls away and also secures the performance throne.
NVIDIA's focus looks more like standing at the four (five) nuclei, while the graphics had to take second priority. We were hoping for better graphics from a company that NVIDIA and the risk is that other players will go on in that regard in the near future. Samsung has their new Exynos 4212 and again in principle, the same circuit as before Exynos 4210, though it is based on 32nm instead of 45nm. Exynos comes with increased clock speed to 1.5 GHz processor component, while the Mali-400 graphics, a performance increase of 50 percent, probably by increasing frequency of 267-400 MHz.
Then there is the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with its new Krait architecture, and new Adreno graphics, which will be based on a 28nm process. While we do not know which performance S4 will get, so will their new graphics chips to be several times more powerful than what they have to offer today. But Exynos 4212 is not expected to appear in one smartphone until the end of first quarter next year, and Snapdragon S4 sometime during the second quarter.
Although the Tegra 3 gives a nice boost in graphics performance compared to today's Android platform, so we had hoped for more especially when it can not PLAY A TRUMP Apple A5 actually launched as early as in March 2011. In addition to competition in the Android Market which will arrive in the coming months, Apple has also its Apple A6 and again. What exactly Apple A6 comes equipped with is not yet clear except that it probably will be based on 28nm, but we can expect that it will be sharper than Apple A5 - and thus the NVIDIA Tegra third However, this is a circuit we probably will see on the market only in the third quarter of 2012.
NVIDIA does not keep up with the graphics performance, we see that right seriously, the smartphone and surf flat market, it is often more important than having a maximum processor performance. Just processor performance learns, however, Tegra 3 have plenty of its four Cortex-A9 cores in the 1.4 to 1.6 GHz. Exactly how to stand up against the competition here remains to be seen, but for example, Apple A5 only two Cortex-A9 cores at 1 GHz. We had probably hoped for a little laced additional graphics power of the Tegra 3, but now we are looking forward to get their hands on the platform itself in order to evaluate the details, everything from performance to power consumption and features.
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Intel introduced the Latest 50-core processor

Intel announced a new processor «Knights Corner», oriented for use in server computers. This is a  first in the world of chip, which has just 50 cores, the level of its performance more than 1 teraflops. The main competitor - AMD - boasts a processor with 16 cores in the server CPU Opteron 6200.
Knights Corner processor is manufactured on 22 nanometer technology with the use of standard "three-dimensional" transistor Tri-Gate, which allows them to be mounted vertically and horizontally. It is noteworthy that the 50-core chip from Intel is fully compatible with the most popular x86 architecture. Knights Corner with the server chip family of Xeon E5 (micro architecture Sandy Bridge) will be installed at supercomputer Stampede, which is being built for the University of Texas.

It is expected that the total computational power of this machine is 10 petaflops - a 80% performance supercomputer will meet the 50-nuclear Knights Corner, and for the other 20% - chips E5. Starting the Stampede is scheduled for 2013.

At today's most powerful supercomputer is Fujitsu K. The performance of this monster, which is located at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science Riken in Kobe, more than 10 petaflops per second. For comparison, the computational power of a chip in the iPhone 4 A4 is at 36 megaflops. At Fujitsu K used 88 000 128 chips, each of which has 8 cores.
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17 November 2011

Update to version 5.0.2 iOS should "no later than next week"

In light of the "fall" of new products from Apple, many people expressed their dissatisfaction over unrestrained "promises" from the company. One of those promises was claimed battery life of devices running a recent operating system, in particular battery life "on a single charge» iPhone 4S, also presented this fall, and not to the expected delight. After the release of iOS 5 on the official sources of public relations company "fell" letters in which he narrated about a small-time operation of the devices running the new operating system from Apple (as compared with the declared two days of continuous operation).

To resolve the problems the company has released a patch aimed at eliminating failures in iOS 5. The result was an updated version of iOS 5 - iOS 5.0.1. Apple had planned to resolve this action all the problems associated with the unstable charge the battery, but this has not happened. The new version is not allowed to remove all the limitations. "Apple" company has promised to address this issue more seriously.

According to AppleInsider , citing Macerkopf.de , Apple plans to upgrade to version 5.0.2 which should fix problems with the battery pack faster. The main goal pursued by developers, is to increase the working time iPhone 4S to 40 hours in standby mode after 10 hours of active use. According to them, "fresh" version will be released "until next week."

It is also expected major upgrade iOS 5. Version 5.1 should make a lot of changes in functions and commands a voice assistant Siri. From the same message became known, a major upgrade is expected before the end of 2011. This delay is because the work is accompanied by Siri "great financial cost."

Macerkopf.de have often acted as a source of "classified" information, for example, in April of this resource is made ​​public announcement of the upcoming iOS 5 . Now Macerkopf.de suggests that Siri will get commands such as video, photo creation, enabling or disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
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iOS 5.0.2 fixes problems with the battery, iOS 5.1 will Siri «smarter»

Similar problems with signal reception iPhone 4, discovered the new device in June last year, the latest on the iPhone 4S dual-core processor suffers from rapid discharge of the battery .However, unlike the previous generation smart phone, a feature iPhone 4S caused defects in the device software .
To fix this error, Apple last week released an update iOS 5.0.1 , which did not lead to the desired result. Now engineers are actively working on the following system updates, designed to solve the problem of storage "apple" flagship.

According to the publication Mace Kopf, now Cupertino Empire develops two separate update to the operating system iOS 5, one of which must remedy the defect, causing a rapid discharge of the battery and the second - to make "smarter" personal secretary Siri.

Citing anonymous sources in the company, the publication states that the release of the firmware iOS 5.0.2 will be held "not later than one week," and completely correct errors associated with the catastrophic decline in battery life iOS-devices.

As for the next big update for iOS, then, according to a source Mace Kopf, it aims to upgrade the intellectual assistant Siri. This is supposed to be firmware iOS 5.1, and it will not until next year, as the developments in the field of artificial intelligence Siri «require significant financial costs."

In iOS 5.1 for smartphone users iPhone 4S will advanced management phone. For example, Siri will understand commands like "take a picture," "capture video", "turn on / off Wi-Fi», «on / off Bluetooth" and many others.

«IOS 5.0.2 will be released soon and fix the errors with the battery. Firmware will most likely before the end of next week. At least Apple is working on this update. In addition, the Cupertino develop first major update to the "five» (iOS 5.1), which adds some additional features Siri. Thus, the voice assistant will perform new commands such as "photograph", "record video", "to enable or disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth» and others. "

We will notify you when updates are available on iOS 5.0.2 and iOS 5.1. Stay with us!
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Sting offers to forget about the albums and go on iOS-application

The popular British singer Sting announced that cease to produce music albums in the traditional sense because of the meaninglessness of effort in the era of mobile of applications.
The musician, recently to celebrate its 60th anniversary, said:

"People stop buying CDs. No one will sell their produce, so I'm looking for new ways to bring music to the audience, and at the moment the application [for the operating system iOS, which operate on the basis of smartphones iPhone, iPad tablet and players iPod touch] look most promising. Applications - a new model. "

This week, Sting came out the first such application for iPad " Sting 25 ", which comes with a traditional box-Seth with the same title.
The application includes, in addition to recorded music, a collection of archival photos, lyrics, interviews and live performances. By their very nature, the application can be updated, so this is not something static and unchanging, in contrast to the album in a tangible medium.

Sting is not the first musician who tries to "change format" and release music as applications for mobile devices Apple. In late 2010, a virtual music project Gorillaz, based leader of the popular music group Blur Damon Albarn, released his first album , recorded with a pen tablet iPad.
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All Apple products for 30 years on one poster

Many people think that Apple - it's only iPhone, Mac OS X or iPad. This is partly because, of course, but it is only a fraction of a great history of a great company. Apple Inc. - One of the leaders of the global IT industry - The manufacturer of computers, laptops, media players and various software.
The Corporation's Steve Jobs - one of the pioneers of the computer industry, which became a pioneer in many fields: the first truly personal computer, the first multi-color displays to a PC, the first operating system with graphical interface, the first computers with support for the mouse, the first personal music player, the first online store music and full touchscreen smartphone ... list of innovations Apple can continue for very long.

In the Pop Chart Lab decided to combine all of Apple's products on one poster, "The great story of the great companies":

In this scheme, which is the most comprehensive collection of products from Apple, shows all of the development of "apple" of the company issued over the past 30 years, starting from the original the Mac, finishing with laptops MacBoook Air. Products are sorted by type and grouped according to the form factor, which varied throughout their evolution from 1976 to the present day.

The studio produced only 500 copies of the poster size 18 x 24 inches. Posters are available for order online publication . http://popchartlab.com/
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16 November 2011

Acer loads Tablet with Tegra 3 and 1920x1200 resolution

Acer looks to be serious about its commitment to the quad-core system processor Tegra 3 from Nvidia. The company said work at least two models where the flagship - Iconia Tab A700/A701 - will get a rare high-resolution display panel with 1920 x 1200 pixels.
Acer Iconia A700 and A701 is probably the surf flat but with and without support for mobile broadband. In addition to NVIDIA's powerful Tegra 3 processor operating at a clock frequency of up to 1.4 GHz over its four Cortex-A9 is thus the greatest benefit surf plate display panel.
According to user profiles for Acer's two new models to be surfing the plates namely to come up with an outstanding resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, a resolution that is actually higher than most 24-inch screens can offer on the PC market today. Although the 16:10 format may seem awkward for a media-oriented product to a surf pad does this agree with the style that today's 10-inch models use with its 1280 x 800 pixel resolution.
There are to date no surf boards or for that matter laptops that can offer a similar resolution in such a small format - probably around 10 inches - and it's still unclear who would be behind the production of the Acer's display panel. But if the information is correct and Acer is working on a high-resolution flat surf for Android, it is possible that there is time before Apple has long been rumored to work on a high resolution model of its iPhone.
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HTC TITAN vs. Nokia Lumia 800: comparison of cells [Smartphone Video]

Less than a month ago, Microsoft and Nokia have announced two new products the Finnish manufacturer, which work on Windows Phone 7. The new flagship smartphone Nokia Lumia 800 have already compared the performance with the HTC TITAN , the current leader of the Taiwanese corporation. It's time to compare these products and the quality of video recording.

We remind that the main camera and HTC TITAN Nokia Lumia 800 has a resolution of 8 megapixels and can record 720p-video. The video resolution is limited in this case, only the power of the processors. Both smartphones installed Qualcomm MSM8255, however, the maximum frequency of the processor is 1.5 GHz TITAN, Nokia is at least 100 MHz. But put aside these differences, it does not affect video capture.
Advance is to say that Nokia's products have always been considered the best in the parameter "shooting videos and photos." So the expectations of the camera module for Nokia Lumia 800 of the public are very high. HTC, until recently lagged seriously. But from the Taiwanese manufacturer TITAN was to equip their smartphones medium to high priced new modules cameras from Sony and Samsung, as well as took up the revision of the software. The results are visible to the naked eye.
Video cameras on the quality of both is not bad. We can say that Nokia HTC wins in brightness and color saturation, though the difference is not very noticeable. But it is also possible to say that the video taken with HTC TITAN more natural color correct. But when shooting indoors HTC TITAN clearly outperforms the Nokia Lumia 800. The camera on the Taiwanese smartphone is much more responsive to changes in light of this it takes less than a second. Lumia chamber 800 to the same adjustment to the lighting necessary to spend a few seconds.
These test results seem a little bewildering. From the first Nokia product to Windows Phone 7 expected more, because he is important as a symbol of revival.
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Exclusive: Monster Phone from HTC with quad-core 2.5 GHz CPU

HTC has something big going on if we are to believe the most recent information that has reached the editorial staff. According to sources in the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is preparing a new model with a quad-core APQ8064 processor at 2.5 GHz and a 4.5-inch 720p display.
It was during the days turned up pictures and information about a future smartphone model from HTC called Zeta. During the day we dug further information about HTC's next super phone that confirms most of the specifications, but also brings some news.
HTC should therefore invest in a quad-core Qualcomm processor named APQ8064 to reach a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. This is using the new 28nm technology and Qualcomm's new Snapdragon Krait architecture. The phone will also get 1GB of RAM and a 4.5-inch screen with 720 x 1280 pixel resolution. 32GB of integrated storage memory, support for microSD card and an 8MP camera with support for 1080p resolution at 60 fps. The battery should be at 1900 mAh and the weight should be on the unexpectedly low 139 grams.

  • 2.5 GHz Snapdragon APQ8064 with four cores
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 32GB of integrated memory
  • 4.5 inch LCD screen, 720 x 1280 pixels
  • MicroSD reader
  • 8 megapixel camera with 1080p 60 fps recording
  • Dual LED flash
  • 2 megapixel camera chat
  • 1900 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Beats Audio
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense
  • 139 grams 
The operating system will be Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC's own Sense interface. Perhaps the most interesting was that our source who has seen an early prototype of the phone said that the images during the day appeared on the internet by HTC Zeta was not correct. The phone should rather be an intersection of the newly leaked images of the Zeta and the HTC Titan, which we recently reviewed here on the site.
Information to the NHW says that HTC's monster phone becomes an intersection of the unit above and the HTC Titan.
The launch of HTC's new super phone is said to be in place by the end of the first quarter of 2012 but we would not be surprised if this is delayed further as it probably depends on Qualcomm's efforts Krait architecture and their new processor chips.
We were also informed that HTC is planning a sibling with a similar design rather than to have a dual core processor at 1.5 GHz and generally somewhat dimmed specifications.
We hope to come back with pictures of HTC's new creations. All anecdotal evidence should normally be taken with a grain of salt, but more and more evidence indicates that HTC really have something really powerful in development.
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Motorola RAZR - the thinnest yet staying power in the battery test

Motorola RAZR is currently undergoing a major duel in the test lab and during last night it was time for the first real battery tests. Despite a super-slim profile at low as 7.1 mm was the first RAZR phone in our tests to get around 10 hours of video.

Motorola has focused hard on the physical design of the RAZR and to reach its record-thin profile, the manufacturer has used the material Kevlar and had to lock the battery into the phone body. With a rather large and high resolution screen of 4.3 inches and a dual core processor at 1.2 GHz, we were a little worried that the energy would run away, something that could become a problem without being able to replace the battery.

But Motorola managed to push a battery of 1780 mAh which is fully competitive in the class, which together with the 4.3-inch display with Super AMOLED Advanced panel provides most impressive battery life at light loads.
Our video playback test, we have previously seen how AMOLED technology with its penchant for dark images done very well and with a more energy efficient - albeit less sharp - PenTile matrix in Super AMOLED Advanced makes it even clearer that the display panel is now the key to long battery life.
Motorola RAZR is the first Android smartphone we've tested where we can play a video in over 10 hours before the battery runs out of power. An impressive feat considering the phone's extremely slim profile and overall powerful hardware.
How Motorola RAZR stands up in general, we ask to come back with, but certainly we can add one of our fears aside. Battery life of the RAZR looks very promising and we have not begun to talk about the phone's Smart Actions to improve this further in everyday use.

Stay tuned for a complete review of the Motorola RAZR which we peering closely at everything from the new screen into its slim form.
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Intel introduced the latest powerful processor Xeon E5

Intel chose the SC11 conference as a platform for pre-release of a new generation of chips Xeon E5, which are designed for workstations and servers. Immediately after the presentation of the processor chips led the top ten running on supercomputers (according to Top 500), ahead of its competitors in performance more than doubled. In addition, the chip will be the first of a series of Xeon, equipped with a standard serial bus support for PCI Express 3.0, which doubles the throughput compared to the previous version (also PCI Express 3.0 has a high bandwidth when connecting to the Internet, and clusters of computers to local peripherals such as video cards).

Although the chips are already used to create a supercomputer, but, as stated by Intel, referring to the time required for the establishment of small workstations and servers, widespread Xeon E5 will be received in the first half of 2012. Also at the conference was represented by trial version of the processor Knights Corner, which may have more than 50 cores and provide record levels - more than one teraflop. Intel said that the finished version of the chip will be produced on 22 nm technology. While we do not know where to begin deliveries of Knights Corner, however, judging by the use of 22nm technology, large-scale output can be assigned to the year 2012.

So far, on a Mac Pro from Apple, as well as on workstations based on Xeon (which are mainly used in the corporate sector and in professional fields that require large computing power), in some cases used chips that did not get updated in 2010. Partly because of this kind of "stupor" from Intel, there were rumors about the production end Mac Pro and switch Apple on home PCs, such as the iMac .
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Nokia will release a more Powerful Windows Smartphone Lumia 900 and a tablet on Windows 8

The head of the French branch of Nokia Amsel Paul in an interview with French newspaper LesEchos either accidentally let it slip, or has committed a planned leak, but in any case, we now know two things: 1) Nokia is preparing a more powerful Windows-smartphone, and this so pretty good Lumia 800, 2) in the summer of next year will be released tablet on Windows 8 .

Amsel compared Lumia 800 BMW 5-series: "This is the equivalent BMW 5 Series, and soon we will have a full range, including the Series 7 and 3."

If the BMW 5 - Lumia is 800, BMW 3 - Lumia 710, a BMW 7 is a powerful, truly the flagship unit. Perhaps they will Lumia 900, also known as Ace, which so far known only by hearsay. According to them, it will have a 4.3-inch AMOLED, 1,4-GHz single-core processor, 8-megapixel rear camera, 16 / 32 GB of flash memory. He is expected in the first quarter of next year.

Amsel also confirmed that in June of next year, Nokia will release a tablet on Windows 8. Nokia said earlier about Tablet plans very carefully and without any kind were promised. Called the term is curious for another reason: many are waiting for Windows 8 in the autumn. Perhaps, Nokia has inside information about the new OS from Microsoft will be available sooner than people think.
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15 November 2011

Android 2.3.5 available for Samsung i9003 Galaxy S SCL

Comes to us from our forum news that will surely please the owners of the Galaxy S SCL (i9003): the arrival of the update today via Kies for Android 2.3.5.

The variation of the LCD screen superclear Galaxy S thus passes to one of the latest versions of Gingerbread, waiting for the jump (hoped) to Ice Cream Sandwich. So open your copy of Kies (or Odin , if you prefer manual update) and let us know how you are with this new update.
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CyanogenMod 9: The countdown begins for Ice Cream Sandwich

As promised, the team Cyanogen is already working on the development of its new version of one of the most famous and popular firmware (unofficial) for (many) Android smartphone on the market: the next release of CyanogenMod will be based on the new version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
The announcement by the team posted on a popular social network is clear and unequivocal: 9 CyanogenMod embrace Ice Cream Sandwich within two months from today and will be available for more than 68 devices supported Android (many of which are completely abandoned by their manufacturers and by mobile operators!).
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The problem with fast discharge iPhone 4S is not a hardware

It is known that a new generation of smartphones Apple suffers from problems with the rapid expenditure of battery power . The word "fast" refers to the catastrophic discharge of the battery at a rate 10% charge each hour in standby mode.
At this unpleasant defect complain and the owners of older models of iPhone, install the operating system iOS 5. Apple tech support on the site hundreds of users say that after installing the update to become iGadget discharged within 7-8 hours after full charge, but before they had worked several times longer.

Previously, Apple employees  contacted some owners of iPhone 4S from among those that complained about the rapid discharge of the battery, with a request to install a special application on the phone to diagnose. The official reason for the small battery of the device has not yet named.

In order to rectify the situation after three weeks after the  public version of iOS 5 , Apple has made ​​release updates iOS 5.0.1, aimed at fixing bugs and improving the latest version of iOS. In the accompanying documentation to iOS 5.0.1 states that it must improve service personal secretary Siri, fix some bugs to work with documents through iCloud and solve the problem of rapid discharge of the battery. However, it soon became clear that the update did not solve the problem - users still complain about the error.

Some experts from among the owners of iPhone 4S immediately hastened to declare that the error is caused by a hardware defect, new communicators Apple. In this case, the problem is not resolved by any software updates, and the company will have to withdraw from the sale of phones.

Experts edition ZDNet decided to check what caused the rapid discharge of the battery, picking up two identical iPhone 4S. One of the tubes suffered from rapid battery discharge, the other worked as expected. In both smartphones operating system iOS 5.0.1, they worked in the GSM-network operator AT & T.

For the experiment, the researchers decided to make backup copies of both the iPhone 4S and move the backup from one device to another. If the gadgets will continue working as before - the fact "hardware" and fix this bug does not seem possible.

The result was widely anticipated. After restoring the firmware, problem phones are reversed. The device, which has suffered from rapid discharge of the battery on the new OS has to work perfectly fine, and the second, initially painless communicator, began to discharge with a vengeance.

Thus, the testing showed that the error fast discharge of the battery iPhone 4S is not caused by structural features device, and software. As soon as Apple releases update to iOS 5.0.2 fixes the bug bad - is unknown.
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Top-manager of Nokia: Lumia 800 convenient iPhone

Last week, Nokia  officially announced in Russia Lumia 800 - its first phone running Windows Phone. The Finnish company has high hopes for the new operating system and plans to regain leadership in the segment of smartphones.
Like other WP-smartphones, the new Nokia's technical characteristics inferior to the iPhone and the latest smartphones to Android. Apparatus for Windows Phone are still using single core processors, while the top-end phones from other manufacturers are used throughout a productive dual-core solutions.

Jo Harlow, executive vice president, Nokia believes that Lumia 800 best iPhone. Asked by reporters about the advantages of the Finnish flagship device before Apple, senior manager said:

Imagine that you are in a sort of home. When you use your phone on a platform of Apple, then you go in the house, and then into the living room. But you go to the bathroom, you have to go out, and then you get to the bathroom. If you go into any application, you have to go back ten times to do something else. In the case of Windows Phone are a little different. I've got the tape I can read the messages of my friends, wherever they may be written (Facebook, E-mail, SMS).

For example, I can send a message to all group members with one click. The iPhone I would have used six different applications to do so. I do not have to go back and forth. It is very convenient. To work on Windows Phone in many cases it is easier and faster than the iPhone. If you still do not believe me, try he borrowed the Nokia e-mail - this is the best app for that!

Nokia tried to convince reporters that Lumia 800 better than the iPhone. To be honest, it did not happen.
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13 November 2011

One in five Chinese dreams of Mac

According to a survey Morgan Stanley, more than 20% of Chinese users are willing to exchange your old PC to a Mac. By the degree of "desire" to overtake Apple Soup in China all the other brands. At the same time the share of China accounted for 16% of sales in Apple last reported quarter, representing a monetary value of about $ 4.5 billion. The Chinese market is the second largest market for "apple" of the empire after the United States.

To date, there is a local leader of the vendor - the company Lenovo. Computers of this brand uses 31% of respondents. Second place at HP - 11%. South Korea's Samsung became the supplier of PCs for 10% of people in China, and 9% - for Asus, the remaining 39% divided by other manufacturers, including Apple c 5%. The latter could easily increase the share if it were not for one thing: most of the Mac are much more of the $ 600 that consumers are willing to pay for the computer. The study confirmed that at current prices, quite a few respondents actually buy a Mac. However, if all participated in the survey Morgan Stanley switched to Chinese Apple-PC, the American manufacturer Lenovo was second supplier in the country.

Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook, in an interview with Bloomberg said that he had never seen a country with such a large middle class, whose members so love to buy products Apple. "In China, the limit of development may only sky" - says Cook.

Some experts believe that if Apple paid more attention to China, it could make it even more impressive results.
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The next year, AMD will introduce chipsets 1090FX and 1070 processors in the performance of AM3 +

Despite the fact that the chipset 990FX and 970, on which are based motherboards for processors in the performance of AM3 +, not even half a year , AMD is already working on their successors. So, next year at their 990FX and 970 chipsets will come 1090FX and 1070 respectively, the first details of which have become known recently.

The most interesting feature of the AMD 1090FX, in comparison with its predecessor, will support USB 3.0 natively, rather than through third-party controllers. Unfortunately, the number of ports, USB 3.0, implemented by means of the chipset, not reported, but given that the A75 provides four such connectors, it is hoped that AMD 1090FX provide work at least as a smaller number of ports.

Another interesting feature of AMD 1090FX - Support for up to eight ports SATA 6 Gb / sec. For comparison, the Intel X79 chipset provides the only two ports SATA revision 3.0. Finally, the new chipset will support AMD 32 lines of interface PCI Express, which will be divided equally between the two slots for video cards. Supporting AMD CrossFireX technology and Nvidia's SLI, of course, also be present.
As for the chipset 1070, he, unfortunately, will not support the technology to USB 3.0, and more PCI Express lanes will be curtailed, but the promised support of the same eight-port SATA 6 Gb / sec. It is also reported that neither AMD 1090FX, or AMD 1070 will not support an interface PCI Express 3.0.
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Samsung stains smartphone Galaxy S II in pink and released a special edition of the tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung has dared to depart from the standard design mobile families Galaxy.
At the top picture shows a version of the smartphone Galaxy S II , running OS Android. As you can guess, the color of the device selected in the hope to win over the beautiful half of humanity.
Strong half is destined for another novelty - a special edition of the tablet Galaxy Tab 10/01 . This product is designed to play on the sentiments of baseball fans and the team celebrate the victory in the championship Lions in South Korea. In addition to the tablet, set in Galaxy Tab 10.1 Lions Special Edition includes ball and T-shirt autographed by the team.
Specifications smartphone and tablet not changed. Both products are represented on the South Korean market. However, if the kit with baseball souvenirs from understandable reasons, hardly leaves the local market, to foreclose the prospect of supply of pink smartphone in other countries are not worth it. At least in those where the sale of Galaxy S II is not allowed .
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Olympus has updated its flagship compact looks Olympus XZ-1

Olympus has announced a small but nice update. Model Olympus XZ-1 , presented at CES 2011 and has received this year, one of the most prestigious awards in the Red Dot design and won the title of "Best compact camera for professionals," according to TIPA, acquired a new body color and lens cap. Now the camera is represented also in silver casing and is equipped with a lens cover that opens and closes automatically when you turn on / off camera.
In addition to traditional black and white version of the case, now XZ-1 is available in silver. Of course, the new silver version has retained all the characteristics of the XZ-1: fast lens Olympus 1:1,8-2,5 with 4x optical zoom, a large high-sensitivity 10 MP sensor size 1 / 1, 63 "and a powerful processor that provides high quality images even in low light.

Pictures can be viewed on a large OLED display with a diagonal of 3 inches. The control ring on the lens allows you to quickly configure all important settings. Also available with the camera a lot of creative features, including multi-exposure and six Art Filters, which can be used even when shooting HD video. Black lens cap LC-63A automatically opens and closes with power on / off camera.
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Another record for AMD Bulldozer: DDR3 memory overclocked to 3311 MHz

Leading positions Zambezi processors with incredible ease taken in the discipline of CPU-Z, thus wresting the leadership from making Intel. Overclockers opened another discipline in which the Bulldozer can podsidet competitor - «Memory Clock DDR3». The name speaks for itself: to the maximum overclock of DDR3 memory and register the result obtained on the site Hwbot.org. For a long time in this discipline was dominated by the LGA 1156 platform with a processor-based architecture Lynnfield. The maximum result was obtained with the use of frozen storage and Kingston HyperX 1646 MHz was good.
Socket AM3 + platform has registered in the first place «Memory Clock DDR3» overclocker efforts _mat_ , who managed to overclock the memory ADATA Gaming 2.0 Hynix chips to the frequency of 1655.6 MHz (DDR3-3311).
The test stand consisted of a motherboard Asus Crosshair V Formula, and processor FX-8150. Extremely only cooled CPU, memory and fall to a "nitrogen breathing."
Bulldozer processors place prize in the two disciplines of overclocking is very good, but it does not improve their quality of consumer. I'd like to believe that the AMD FX chips will not play the role of a wedding sort of general who invited "on stage" only in exceptional cases.
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Siegecraft THD: coming to an enhanced version Tegra 3

Siegecraft THD is one of the titles expected this month in view of the Tegra 2 games. A very interesting title that fans of the genre will certainly appreciate. The software company is to know that although the game can also be used on the Tegra platform 3, will also developed an enhanced version of the same title suited to harness the power offered by the new quad cores coming from the end of the year and 2012 .
The Tegra 3 version will have a richer graphics and more detailed scenarios convergent with frame-rate and a better gaming experience exciting ..
The game features in addition to providing support for Tegra processors:

  • 3 types of players available: Knights, Vikings and Samurai
  • Console with graphics similar to real-time reflections of water and particle effects
  • 6 campaigns for 27 different levels
Do not just have to wait out the market and in Zone Tegra.
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