15 November 2011

The problem with fast discharge iPhone 4S is not a hardware

It is known that a new generation of smartphones Apple suffers from problems with the rapid expenditure of battery power . The word "fast" refers to the catastrophic discharge of the battery at a rate 10% charge each hour in standby mode.
At this unpleasant defect complain and the owners of older models of iPhone, install the operating system iOS 5. Apple tech support on the site hundreds of users say that after installing the update to become iGadget discharged within 7-8 hours after full charge, but before they had worked several times longer.

Previously, Apple employees  contacted some owners of iPhone 4S from among those that complained about the rapid discharge of the battery, with a request to install a special application on the phone to diagnose. The official reason for the small battery of the device has not yet named.

In order to rectify the situation after three weeks after the  public version of iOS 5 , Apple has made ​​release updates iOS 5.0.1, aimed at fixing bugs and improving the latest version of iOS. In the accompanying documentation to iOS 5.0.1 states that it must improve service personal secretary Siri, fix some bugs to work with documents through iCloud and solve the problem of rapid discharge of the battery. However, it soon became clear that the update did not solve the problem - users still complain about the error.

Some experts from among the owners of iPhone 4S immediately hastened to declare that the error is caused by a hardware defect, new communicators Apple. In this case, the problem is not resolved by any software updates, and the company will have to withdraw from the sale of phones.

Experts edition ZDNet decided to check what caused the rapid discharge of the battery, picking up two identical iPhone 4S. One of the tubes suffered from rapid battery discharge, the other worked as expected. In both smartphones operating system iOS 5.0.1, they worked in the GSM-network operator AT & T.

For the experiment, the researchers decided to make backup copies of both the iPhone 4S and move the backup from one device to another. If the gadgets will continue working as before - the fact "hardware" and fix this bug does not seem possible.

The result was widely anticipated. After restoring the firmware, problem phones are reversed. The device, which has suffered from rapid discharge of the battery on the new OS has to work perfectly fine, and the second, initially painless communicator, began to discharge with a vengeance.

Thus, the testing showed that the error fast discharge of the battery iPhone 4S is not caused by structural features device, and software. As soon as Apple releases update to iOS 5.0.2 fixes the bug bad - is unknown.

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