01 March 2014

Galaxy S5: up to 25% energy savings in most thanks to the technologies of Lucid

Samsung with a new Galaxy S5 tried to optimize energy consumption and in addition to the integrated power saving modes that modify radically the user interface making it black and white and facilitated with Ui (Ultra Power Saving Mode) has also introduced other measures in order to make the Galaxy S5 one of the most optimized from the point of view of consumption.

Thanks to the partnership with LucidLogix, three interesting features dedicated to energy savings have been introduced in the new top of the range NavExtend, WebExtend and GamExtend . NavExtend works to improve power during navigation when using GPS, acting on the frequencies of the GPU so that they correspond exactly to the bare minimum required by the navigation software, ensuring that the graphics travel at full load, which causes a fast overheating of the device and a faster consumption of the battery.

Similarly, WebExtend handles combine CPU and GPU in order to allow its use at lower frequencies, always in view to saving energy. Both solutions are able to provide a reduction in fuel consumption of approximately 25% and are currently compatible with most browsers and browsers available on Android. The last solution, GamExtend, it is not just a novelty as it is already being adopted by Galaxy Note 3 and is concerned with optimally manage the device when it is subjected to heavy workloads such as gaming. The combination of technologies provided by Lucid and optimizations Samsung could make record performance 2800 mAh battery of the device beyond what you might expect. Just can not obviously fail to fully test this aspect.
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FIFA 14 available for Window Phone 8 Enjoy Fifa World

FIFA 14 finally arrives in the Store of Windows Phone, after having had some success on mobile platforms competitors.


FIFA 14 also proposes the version for WP players, real teams and leagues and introduces for the first time in the mobile arena, commentary in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

The game was released as Xbox LIVE and provides the user with 20 unlockable achievements, the multiplayer game modes and 34 different stages.

The title can be downloaded free of charge and provides a system of in app purchases. FIFA 14 takes 888 MB and requires a smartphone Windows Phone 8 with 1 GB of RAM.
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Microsoft is considering a version of Windows 8.1 for Free

After the report appeared a few days ago, relative to the demands of OEMs to have a free version of Windows 8.1, more concrete news comes to us to think that Microsoft would seriously consider it. According to leaks from ZNet, the Redmond Company would currently consider two options.

The first, which is not in itself a revolution, is to offer the new update 8.1 free Windows user to Windows 7, all to facilitate the migration to the new platform and thus increase the market share of the OS. The second instead expected to provide producers with Windows 8.1 bundled with services or Bing however free for systems with low-cost under $ 250.


In short, in order to facilitate the dissemination of the new OS, and especially for (re) grab the users that are currently using the old platform (Windows XP in the first place), the software giant seems willing to give up some income.

Currently the option "Windows 8.1 with Bing "seems to be more concrete also seen some screen circulated in recent hours on the web.
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Google doubles the limit of files that can be loaded on Google Play Books up to 100MB

Good news for all users who love to read your ebook through the application of official Google Play Books . From a few hours without any update released by Play Store, home of Mountain View has doubled the space for uploading the ebook up to the new limit of 100MB.

A free service that further extends the ability for users to load even without DRM PDF or EPUB files of large sizes, both via web and Android, without really giving up any of our books digital favorites.

Download Application from Google Play Store
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Rumor | begin to leak out the specifics of Clockwork, the smartwatch Google by LG

The news of the alleged smartwatch Google are becoming more intense and interesting. After the items they want the presentation of the operating system for the month of March and the debut of the hardware during the next Google I / O in June, come new rumors about the name and the possible hardware wearable device according to Google. The news is  Artem Russakovskii , the founder of Android Police and fairly authoritative source when it comes to rumor, who announced that the device will be called Clockwork , and will be powered by a processor  Qualcomm APQ8026, one 400 Snapdragon quad-core Cortex-A7 display 1.65 "IPS LCD with a pixel density of between 240 and 275 PPI, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory and a 400 mAh battery  (the largest category), as well as Bluetooth 4.0, motion sensor 9 axis (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer), microphone and vibration function.


If confirmed, will show the specifications of all respect, offering one of the most powerful smartwatch in circulation. However, there will still be time to talk about wearable Google and it will read the names of rumor and surely many others before the actual presentation.
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07 February 2014

Nokia Software Recovery Tool: a useful tool to unlock the smartphone Lumia

Nokia Software Recovery Tool is available online, but his arrival has gone a bit 'over in silence. Talk about a useful tool to remedy the major problems that can occur in the smartphone software and, in severe cases, can lead to complete blockage of the device - with the consequent need to obtain service of technical assistance.

Nokia Software Recovery Tool can come to the rescue of users who, after the installation of firmware that is not distributed over the air, after an official update or during normal use of the device need to restore your smartphone's software - eg as a result of a "brick." The tool seems to be in all respects version "consumer" Nokia Care Suite, the use of which is reserved for Nokia contact centers - although it’s spread in the network is, for some time, a constant.

The program is compatible with Windows PC (Windows 7 and later releases), was distributed via the official Nokia Care contact centers and can be downloaded by connecting to this address, which contains the basic information that you need to follow to use the tool. Given that it is an official tool Nokia, try to use it in case of blocks more or less serious smartphone is an operation that costs nothing and could avoid the need for assistance.

Note: Compatibility with smartphones Lumia is not exclusive. Nokia Software Recovery Tool may also work with Nokia terminals based on different operating systems from Windows Phone .

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04 January 2014

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo unveiled a first image: display 5” and CPU MediaTek

The news has not been confirmed yet, but it seems that Samsung is going to release another device after the Galaxy Grand 2 that will be placed just below the band of belonging to the latter. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo should mount a quad processor MediaTek A7-core 1.2 GHz, 5-inch WVGA display and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to affect the operating system.

Missing by the time the remaining technical information, nevertheless considering that it is a device belonging to the same family as the Galaxy Grand 2, the specifications should not differ too much and fall within the budget end of the next smartphone Korean manufacturer's remember that already provided with the arrival of the model Galaxy Grand Lite.
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Samsung Galaxy F filed with the Galaxy S5: new smartphone with metal (Rumor)

New Year banner of more than one top of the range smartphones arriving in the coming months and although all the attention is pointed on the next Samsung Galaxy S5 that every year takes us through speculation and leaks, this year Samsung could double choices. According to new data from Korean sources, Samsung Galaxy F could accompany the release of the next S5 and adopt an all metal.

According to the report, the prototype has been developed in Europe and then moved to the production plant in Vietnam, ready to launch a parallel with the Galaxy S5. Yet little is known about this new device, Samsung Galaxy F should belong to the manufacturer's premium line of smartphones, even talking about features in some cases higher than the same S5.

The model number should be MS-G900F, traded in the past weeks with the same first Galaxy S5 and suggested a few days ago as the first hybrid along the lines of the Samsung Series PadFone. Currently it is not clear if the only difference may be in the type of material used, or take the form of a completely new line of smartphones. The only thing certain is that when it comes to rumor and speculation unconfirmed.
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17 December 2013

Apple has updated prices for options Mac Pro

Apple updated prices for options when configuring a new Mac Pro. All prices refer to the base top configuration for $ 3999. If you want to get more advanced (in the database so worth 3.5GHz 6-core Intel Xeon E5), it will have to pay $ 1,500 for a 3.0GHz 8-core or $ 3000 for 12-core 2.7GHz Intel Xeon. More advanced graphics (in base Dual AMD FirePro D500 3GB GDDR5) will cost you $ 600 - Dual AMD FirePro D700 6GB GDDR5.

Additional memory (in the database is installed: 16GB 1866MHz DDR3 ECC - 4 strips of 4GB) will cost:
32GB (4 strips of 8GB) + $ 400
64GB (4 strips of 16GB): $ 1,600 +
Well, additional disk space (in base: 256GB PCIe-based) will cost you:
512GB + $ 300

1TB: $ 800 +
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06 December 2013

Unofficial for Galaxy Nexus, CyanogenMod 11 & Android 4.4 KitKat

Here comes the first stable ROM (its development began some time ago but now it's pretty much "ready") and almost working perfectly for the forgotten third-generation Google Phone. It is an 11 CyanogenMod unofficial but realized with an optimization already very good and usable considerable daily. There are still some small bugs that relate to animation but nothing that affects the real use.

In particular, the issues raised are:

  • Graphic glitches (screenshot during animation, image taken is fine though!)
  • Some apps not jiving with kitkat

If you want to try it, of course you have to have a modified recovery. In anticipation of the official CyanogenMod 11, we leave the threadat XDA.

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16 November 2013

Windows XP is still used by various Banking Institutions and Governmental

Here we are talking about Windows XP to report the last appeal of Microsoft addressed this time to all the institutions scattered around the world who continue "stubbornly" to use the old OS. If it is also well established that many users "domestic" are not going to be upgraded, in that 30% of PCs worldwide that run on this platform obsolete there are many government institutions and banks.

Only a few days ago in fact, Microsoft had emphasized above all in emerging countries like India, 40% of the banks still works with Windows XP, thus endangering the entire system-level security. The Redmond Company obviously recommends that you upgrade to Windows 8/8.1, not only clearly due to the sale, but also and especially for security issues and technical support which itself is a different development team.

You will feel confident knowing that your bank using Windows XP?

Rhetoric aside, as we all know XP's days are numbered, April 8, 2014, getting closer and at that point the various institutions, businesses and individuals who need assistance continues, must necessarily make a decision.
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11 November 2013

HTC One: the first available custom ROM CyanogenMod 11 (unofficial)

The Cyanogen team announced a few days ago that he had begun work to make it available to more than seventy Android devices the popular CyanogenMod custom ROM based for new kitkat Android 4.4 .

Pending the release of CyanogenMod 11 official HTC One , you can consider an interesting project "unofficial" which offers a custom ROM CyanogenMod updated to the latest release of the operating system Android.


A project that, despite not having the official character, has already cut important results. More specifically, the functional features include:

  • The camera (front and rear)
  • The video recording
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • The sensors
  • The data connectivity
  • The audio and video playback
  • WiFi connectivity
  • The management of headphones
  • Google Now

It does not appear when running the IR interface. Positive results, however, considered that the ROM is still in an alpha state of development.  For more information on the project is sufficient to connect to this address.
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Flatastico IconPack: an interesting theme icons for Android

If you are looking for a new Icons theme for your Android launcher, today we propose  Flatastico, an Icon Pack with more than 560 high-resolution icons and a variety of backgrounds. The UI and the design is inspired by the style Flat for iOS and Android 4.4 and offers very soft colors but at the same time enjoyable.

Relatively low cost,  Flatastico  is constantly updated with new icons and programs supported. Of course, to apply it serves as an alternative launcher Nova, Apex and many more.

Name: Flatastico Developer: Samer Zayer Price: $1.49 Ready to install
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30 October 2013

Tim Cook: new categories of products coming in 2014

The last two months have been very challenging for Apple, considering that the company has updated a number of its devices, including iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. Missing now for a completely new product, the good news is that next year could be incorporated unpublished categories of devices on the market by Apple.
Tim Cook Thinking Products for 2014

Cook's answer to an analyst, interested to know if 2014 will see the introduction of novel products and innovative:

In terms of new product categories, in particular, if you look at the skills that Apple has the hardware / software and services, and the incredible ecosystem of applications, it is clear that n o one has a set of skills of this kind. We obviously believe we can use our skills to build other major categories of products within the areas where we are not present today.  We're pretty sure of that.

Words of this kind immediately recall two devices, iWatch and the TV by Apple. The latest rumors talk about a team consisting of 100 engineers currently working on the development of smartwatch made ​​in Cupertino, while as regards the entries of a hypothetical full-sized TV, the latest speculation affirmed their intention to sell two models from 4K 55 and 65 inches during 2014.
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The Tablet in school is not very successful in the USA

The United States is one step to us from the technological point of view, it is not a surprise, but that does not always translate into a disadvantage. Our programs of digitization of information must take into account the fact that resulting unsatisfactory in the USA, pilot projects that do not lead to the desired results and predictable unexpected device as soon as they end up in the hands of children unwary.

Among the examples we have cited the " Amplify ", which provides 73,000 Android tablet for the educational use of the same name, directed to children under 12 years (by a company of Rupert Murdoch). Much went inevitably damaged after a short time and the supply has been suspended, it does not take a genius to realize that at that age are necessary rugged-zed models, resistant to everything! Different speech instead for the program " iAchieve "carried out in Texas, 70,000 students provided the iPad have not reached the expected level of knowledge through the use of this digital program, now discontinued as ineffective.

A tile for the administration of Los Angeles that I put to spent $ 30 million for the purchase of iPad with Retina Display intended to 300,000 students around the district, a budget issue that has already created quite a few problems since it was paid $ 700. The next problem is called security , because among this student population will not be hard to find the most capable and able to bypass firewall restrictions from, coming to unblock Facebook, YouTube and portals possibly even more inappropriate.

Not all schools will then support this crazy shopping, we think of Windows tablet much more economical at this time, even more functional in some cases. There are also positives in this whole affair, the idea of ​​one-to-one tablet makes it possible for students to take home the job, tasks to be accomplished using software dedicated to that theme, but at what price?
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18 October 2013

Full and finally an official release of Windows 8.1 users of Windows 8 will receive a free upgrade their system to Windows 8.1

Full and finally an official release of Windows 8.1. Now users of Windows 8 will receive a free upgrade their system to Windows 8.1 . The corresponding update will be available in the download centre Windows (after installing Windows 8.1 update will appear in the Windows Store). The rest of the possibility of purchasing the new operating system Microsoft, and the first PCs with pre-installed, you will see tomorrow.
Full Official Windows 8.1

Recall that the "base" Windows 8.1 will cost $ 120, Windows 8.1 Pro - $ 200. In addition, the holders of copies of the basic Windows 8.1 will be able to buy a package of updates to Pro-version for $ 100.

Upgrade to Windows 8.1 in the usual way (for money) will only owners of Windows 7. Owners of computers with Windows XP and Vista to upgrade to the new Windows will not be able, even though the year before they had the chance (Although with some reservations). The transition to the new owners of Windows PC with Windows 7 and will not be smooth - they will need to reinstall all programs, as well as MS Office.
Along with the update to the "classic" interface of the OS back button "Start", but it does not have the habit of past versions of Windows functionality, and allows you to go to the tiled screen "Start" and get access to some of the menu (for example, the control panel).
In addition, Windows 8.1 has received a new browser Internet Explorer 11 with a mode of reading, pre client Skype, in as better support for SkyDrive, direct-saving information in the "cloud" service. The search is now made not only on the local disks, but at the same time in SkyDrive, the Internet, etc.

Improved personalization. You can choose the home screen by default (tiles or classic), users can also personalize the screen more seriously "Start", organized work easier with the "tiles".
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10 October 2013

Microsoft Remote Desktop arriving on the App Store

Like what was stated in a version optimized for Office iPad, also Remote Desktop is released in version iOS and Android as long as the other party is ready by not Touch Window 8.

Remote Desktop Windows 8 soon will be App Store

Remote Desktop connects two computers on your network or during the Internet. Formerly the link is recognized, you can see the desktop of the remote computer and access to all the files and programs as if they were physically in front of noi.Come Engadget has discovered, the news has been buried in a press release on the Microsoft cloud solutions business.

In particular, the statement that with Windows Server 2012 R2, customers will be able to download the application from Microsoft Remote Desktop app store "later this month"  .  As well the versions of Windows, Windows RT, the application will be available for iOS, OS X and Android. The iOS version will require an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 6 or higher, while his counterpart will run on Android smartphones and tablets running Gingerbread OS and higher.

The App Store offers some pleasant desktop applications for remote access to Windows, such as Splashtop and LogMeIn Ignition. The software giant has also appeased business customers, announcing that a new version of Windows Intune will be available October 18. Windows Intune is combined with System Center Configuration Manager, enabling IT managers to give employees secure access to applications and data on Android devices Windows devices as well as iOS devices .
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Call of Duty: Strike Team optimized for iPhone 5S apk v1.1.0 Download for iPhones

Call of Duty: Strike Team is the game based on the Call of Duty franchise in mobile visual optics in first and third person, created from the ground up for mobile devices and tablets. The title has been updated to take advantage of the features of the iPhone 5s also have been unlocked maps of the survival mode for all players.
Latest Call of Duty Strike Team for iPhones-001

These are the new update to version 1.1.0

What's New in Version 1.1.0
  • Improvements for iPhone 5S to harness the power of the new device.
  • Touch and iPod (fifth generation).
  • We have reduced the size of the app, the updates require less space on the device. 
Call Of Duty: Strike Team is available for purchase from the App Store for $6.99.

Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5s,  iPad as well as iPod touch. This app is best for iPhone 5.

Call of Duty: Strike Team

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F1 Challenge apk v1.0.1 Download for iPhone and iPad as well as iPod touch

Codemasters has brought a version of iOS optimized for mobile gaming F1 Challenge , complete with licenses like the console counterpart. The only drawback for the championship, in fact the title is based on the 2012 world.

The title uses a style of game with top-down view reminiscent of retro games like Micro Machines or most recent Reckless Racing.

Latest Features

Approximately 90 of above races and remember the mainly exciting moments of the 2012 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ™ in F1 Challenge: an official video game of FORMULA 1 ™.

Face, in the shoes of the best drivers, challenges last gas inspired by the crucial moments of the 2012 season, complete with time trials, races, challenges brief GRAND PRIX ™ with 12 cars on the road, as well as a lot of many features!

Tap to steer or to activate the power of KERS Simple controls for right and left-handed players and a view from above optimized guarantee maximum enjoyment signed FORMULA 1.

Take famous drivers like Fernando Alonso of Scuderia Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing, Jenson Button of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and Kimi Raikkonen's Lotus F1 Team in the shoes of drivers and teams of the 2012 season.

Harness the trail to hunt down your opponents, defend or attack with the KERS and join the victory on the racing line circuits FORMULA ONE.

Unlock and get access to a collection of events and information of FORMULA ONE on cars, teams, circuits, drivers and much more!

From Codemasters, the publisher of video games FORMULA 1 multiplayer and with millions of copies sold, F1 Challenge is distributed officially licensed Formula One World Championship Limited.

F1 Challenge can be purchased from the App Store for $2.99. Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

F1 Challenge ™

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02 October 2013

The British designer anticipated the concept of round iPhone [Photos]

Many people perceive the smart phones as fashion accessories. The new concept of self-expression is called iPhone Pi. Author of the British Chike Newman confident that Apple phones will become even more stylish if the company refuses to rectangular. Moreover, the features and functionality of the iPhone will not be relegated to second place.

iPhone Pi looks like a large watch, has already outdated the "Home" without a fingerprint reader and a spacious screen with icons on the edges. Lockscreen appears on audio player with control buttons and album covers from the library. iPhone Pi because of its shape is really more like a music player than a smartphone, though there is no doubt that the resolution of its screen comes at the Retina.

The device is equipped with main and front cameras and running the new operating system iOS. Of course, there are questions whether it will be convenient to carry round the iPhone in your pocket or hold his hand because of the unusual shape.

It is believed that the next smartphone Apple - iPhone 6 - will fundamentally new device with a new design. However, it is highly unlikely that the company decides to create something similar.
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